When it comes to this generation’s consoles, most people see the fight as mostly being between Microsoft and Sony. This is namely because Microsoft and Sony’s consoles are close to each other in terms of power, which means that games released on one console can typically be found on the other except when it comes to exclusives.

However things could be changing because in a recent survey conducted, it has been reported that more gamers are interested in the Nintendo Switch compared to the likes of the PS4 Pro or the upcoming Project Scorpio from Microsoft. According to the numbers in the Nielsen Games 360 Report, 16% of gamers aged 13 and up said that they would probably buy the Switch.

This is versus the 15% for the PS4 Pro and 13% for Project Scorpio, although in all fairness Project Scorpio has yet to be revealed in full. This trend continues with the general population as well, with 12% expressing interest in the Switch, versus 11% for the PS4 Pro and 9% for Project Scorpio.

There is some debate as to whether or not this is a fair or accurate survey, and as some comments have pointed out, it was not taken into account whether or not the gamers already had a PS4 or Xbox One to begin with. After all since the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio are supposed to play the same games as their predecessors, not all gamers might see the need to upgrade and could be interested in a different platform instead.

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