The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for a while now, but it seems that there are still some software problems plaguing the console. According to quite a few user reports (via Nintendo Everything), it seems that the console has been taking screenshots on its own without any input from the user.

One user wrote, “I have noticed over the past few days that my switch is taking screen shots without me pressing the capture button. I’m not sure if it is on an interval but I have noticed it only happening when in handheld mode or when using the joycons not the pro controller.” Some are speculating that this could be somehow tied with Minecraft because the problem only manifested itself after they installed the game.

A report from Kotaku UK also seems to confirm this theory, with the article’s author Matt Wales experiencing a similar issue himself after installing the game. Wales also claims that the console is waking itself up to take screenshots despite it being docked. No word on how to fix the issue but some say that restarting their console has resolved it.

In the meantime Nintendo has recently issued a new update for the console. While we cant guarantee that the update will fix the problem, you could always try that if restarting the console doesn’t work.

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