The idea of T-Mobile and Sprint merging has been tossed around before several years ago, but nothing came to fruition. However in recent times, the possibility of SoftBank snapping up T-Mobile has surfaced again and to add fuel to the fire, T-Mobile’s CFO Braxton Carter is saying that such a deal makes logical sense.

Speaking at an investor’s conference, Carter explained why Sprint makes a logical partner for T-Mobile. “Sprint has a treasure trove of 2.5 spectrum. Granted, not all of it’s the same; part of it has a little bit of hair on it. But that is still a treasure trove that you could do amazing things with. And the synergy comes from putting these two networks together, and having the densification necessary to ubiquitously deploy that 2.5. Sprint’s doing that city by city now. And that will take them a decade with that type of strategy.”

In fact without coming right out and confirming it, Carter suggested that talks will indeed happen. “It’s not a question of will talks happen; of course they’ll happen.” Like we said, reports of a T-Mobile and Sprint deal have surfaced again in recent times, with the latest report suggesting that informal talks have already begun.

Sprint’s parent company SoftBank has also expressed their willingness to discuss such a deal. However the question is whether or not the FCC will approve such a deal remains to be seen.

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