YouTube Is Now Letting Anyone Live Stream From Mobile [Update]


Update – It seems that YouTube mobile live streaming isn’t available to everyone yet. In a statement provided to Ubergizmo by a YouTube spokesperson, “We’ve been experimenting and expanding mobile live streaming for almost a year now. However, it is still only available to a relatively small subset of users”.

Earlier this year, YouTube reduced the subscriber requirement for users when it came to streaming from mobile. Prior to this YouTube had required channels to have at least 10,000 subscribers before they were allowed to live stream via the mobile app, but this number was then reduced to 1,000.

However it seems that YouTube has decided to get rid of subscriber requirements entirely. According to a report from Android Police, YouTube will now allow users to live stream from the mobile app regardless of how many subscribers they have, although we guess if you have little to none then really, what’s the point, right?

However there is a catch and that is the channel needs to be verified and that there have not been any live stream restrictions placed on them in the last 90 days, such as any potential violations that might have resulted in a temporary ban or restriction, but if none of these are an issue, then you can go ahead and stream right away.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you will be able to find the live stream button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, that is assuming that you meet the bare minimum requirements set by YouTube.

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