The ability to block calls and messages from contacts you don’t want to hear from seems like a pretty basic feature that most communication devices and services offer. However oddly enough such a feature was missing from the Amazon Echo, at least until recently where in a report from The Verge, an update to the Alexa app on iOS has brought the feature to the table.


For those unfamiliar, last month Amazon introduced the ability to call and message using Alexa and was designed for use with devices like the Echo speakers. However it seems that the company neglected to include call and message blocking features, meaning that as long as the other person had your number and the Alexa app, they would be able to call you and text you via Alexa-enabled devices and you couldn’t do anything about it.

However like we said, Amazon recently introduced the feature to its iOS app via an update, so just update Alexa for for iOS device and you should be good to go. As The Verge points out, it seems that this feature hasn’t made it onto the Android version of Alexa yet, but presumably it should find its way soon enough, so Android users will want to keep an eye out for it.

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