Our emails can sometimes contain some pretty sensitive information, or at least information that we would prefer to keep private, such as photos received from friends and family members, letters to loved ones, business ideas, pricing, and so on, which is why whenever an email is hacked it can be rather troublesome and inconvenient, and in some cases damaging.


Now the good news is that if you’re a Gmail user, Google has announced on its blog that they will be making some security updates to their email service. In this update, it seems that Google will be applying the use of machine learning to help Gmail learn how to block attempts at phishing. Phishing detection has been in Gmail for a while now, so basically what Google has done here is to improve on it.

The update to Gmail is also aimed at enterprise users, where employees of an organization will now receive warning notifications whenever they reply emails to users outside of the company. This is because sometimes a typo might send an email to someone else rather than your intended recipient, and this warning will make sure that users are aware of that before they hit that send button.

Google has also made a bunch of more technical updates such as hosted S/MIME to help encrypt emails in transit, data loss prevention, and alerts when TLS encryption between mailboxes aren’t supported.

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