The design of gaming controllers has evolved over time due to additional research, feedback, and the needs of gamers. Now if you have grown up during the time of the original Xbox console, you might recall how Microsoft had launched it with a fairly huge and chunky gaming controller that was sort of iconic.

That was about 16 years ago and if you’re hankering for a bit of nostalgia, then you might be interested to learn that during E3, accessory maker Hyperkin announced that they would be recreating the controller which they will be calling The Duke. This is essentially a perfect replica of the original Xbox controller that was launched back in the day, but there will be a main difference and that is the center of the controller where the Xbox logo is placed.

Instead of showing a static Xbox image, The Duke controller will be replacing that with an LCD display that will show off an animated logo instead. We’re not sure if it will be able to display any other information other than an animated logo, which does seem like a waste, so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

The folks at Hyperkin are also billing The Duke as a limited edition release, meaning that depending on whether or not gamers will want to relive the good old days of hand cramps, it could be hard to find. Unfortunately there is still no word on official pricing or availability just yet.

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