If you purchased the G6 from LG or are planning on doing so, the company wants you to know that it’s got your back. LG today announced that it’s extending the G6’s warranty by one full year. The program is called LG G6 Second Year Promise and it’s free for all existing and future LG G6 customers. The company previously provided a one year warranty for the handset as is the norm with mobile devices.


Chang Ma, president of LG MobileComm USA, confirmed today that LG is extending the G6 warranty for customers in the United States by one full year. He did point out that this isn’t an insurance program for the device and won’t act as one.

The LG G6 was not protected against accidental damage in the one year warranty that it originally came with and it’s not going to be protected against accidental damage in this extension as well. So don’t call on the company to fix your phone if the screen gets cracked when you drop the phone.

What this program does is simply extend LG’s warranty against defects from 12 months to 24 months. Ma says that LG is doing this because it recognizes that people are now using their phones for longer and are not upgrading as frequently as they did before.

Since this is being offered for free, LG G6 owners don’t have to worry about paying for the extended warranty. All they have to do is register their device on LG’s website within 90 days of purchase, or if they own the phone already, within 90 days of this program being announced.

The first 12 months of warranty will be handled by carriers while months 13 to 24 will be handled by LG directly.

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