Messaging apps are in vogue these days. Some of the most popular cross-platform messaging apps on the market today are from behemoths like Facebook, Google, and Apple. There are countless other companies that have carved niches for themselves in the mobile messaging arena. It appears that another behemoth is looking forward to making it in this market. According to a new report, Amazon is working on its very own cross-platform messaging app.

According to the report, Amazon is working on an app called Anytime that it’s going to release for Android, iOS, and desktop users. It’s going to be a cross-platform messaging app. How will Anytime set itself from the competition?

The report says that it will offer encryption, voice and video call functionality, sticks, easier group chats, and more. Then again, it’s not like most popular messaging apps on the market right now don’t offer similar features.

We can be sure that Amazon will try to integrate its core business with the app in one way or the other. Apparently, the app will enable users to chat with businesses for customer service and even for shopping.

Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa may also be integrated in some shape or form. None of this has been officially confirmed by Amazon at this point in time. However, it’s not at all surprising to hear that the company might be making a messaging app of its own.

Its Echo devices have already received calling functionality so it makes all the sense in the world for Amazon to dive into the world of text messaging as well.

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