When you create photo albums, you might be creating a photo album for a holiday where once you’re back and uploaded the photos, you’re done. However there are albums that are constantly updated, like some might have a photo album for all their food photos, or an album with family photos, or photos of their kids growing up.


These are dynamic albums and usually grow in size and content over the years, but unfortunately it seems that using services like Google Photos has some limitations, and that is each album you create is only limited to 2,000 photos. However if a post on Reddit is any accurate (via 9to5Google), it seems that Google might have removed the limit.

According to the post’s author, it seems that they are able to upload more than 2,000 photos into a single album, 3,300 to be exact. However the only way they were able to do this is by going into the album itself and uploading the photos there. This is as opposed to uploading photos into Google Photos in general, and then trying to move the photos, in which the 2,000 photo limit is still in place.

If anything it actually sounds like a bug, or maybe it’s just a feature/workaround that not many people know of, but if you are a bit annoyed with the limitations, then go ahead and try this method out for yourself and let us know if it works.

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