Netflix makes dozens of original series every year but only a few win global acclaim. Narcos happens to be one of those original series from Netflix. Based on true events concerning the life of the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, the previous two seasons of the show have been a smash hit. Netflix has now confirmed the Narcos season 3 release date.

Fans of the series will be interested to see which direction the show takes now following the major developments in the previous season. Don’t worry, this post is not going to spoil the last two seasons for you if you’ve yet to start Narcos.

However, the teaser trailer that Netflix has released for Narcos season 3 does contain spoilers so be warned, if you’ve been meaning to start watching the show, best start it now before you read something somewhere that takes away all the mystery.

Season 3 of Narcos is going to deal with the rise of the Cali cartel which went on to become the biggest cocaine cartel in the world. There’s going to be equal parts murder and mystery in the new show, ingredients which have helped make Narcos such a success.

Netflix is going to release all episodes of Narcos season 3 on September 1st.

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