Last week thanks to a tweet by Samsung’s Exynos account, the company might have accidentally revealed the design of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. It’s hard to tell if the phone in question is the Note 8 or maybe an angled Galaxy S8, but it seems that skin maker dbrand might have hinted at the Note 8’s design themselves.

For those unfamiliar, dbrand is a company that specializes in creating skins for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, offering users a way to protect their devices from scratches with minimal covering, making it a sleeker alternative to bulky cases and covers. The company has recently shared its own Note 8 customization page where a rendering of a phone has led some to speculate that it could be the design of the phone.

However dbrand is quick to note on its website that they do not have insider information regarding the Note 8 (although they cheekily add “maybe”). They also state that the preview is not necessarily an accurate preview of the actual device, but they seem to think that there’s a chance that it could be, but regardless they do not think that their preview is considered a leak per se.

Accessory manufacturers are typically quick to pull the trigger when it comes to creating accessories for upcoming phones, because being the first on the market to offer accompanying products for a brand new device will let them get a headstart. We’ve seen this happen many times before, so take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys make of this design? Is this a Note 8 design you could get behind on?

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