When we think of Bluetooth headsets, we picture those tiny little earpieces that are typically worn on one side of your head. However it seems that Hong Kong startup Origami Labs has decided that maybe the Bluetooth headset could do with a bit of revamping, and have since launched the ORII smart ring.

Now you’re probably thinking what does a smart ring have to do with a Bluetooth headset? Turns out that instead of creating a standard Bluetooth headset, Origami Labs has decided that the ring will act as the receiver, and through the use of bone conduction, will transmit sound from the ring to your ear. The only “downside” is that you’ll have to hold your finger to your ear the entire time you’re using it.

Is there a point to using this method compared to more traditional methods? We guess the advantage here is that you won’t have an earpiece stuck in your ear the entire time. Also given that it is a ring, it doubles as a fashion accessory and if you already wear rings, then you can just swap out one of your rings for the ORII, meaning that there’s one less gadget you have to bring with you on the go.

However given that you have to hold your finger to your ear, it isn’t quite as hands-free as other Bluetooth headsets, but it does come with support for Siri and Google Assistant if that’s any consolation. The ORII is currently on Kickstarter where it seems to have been successfully funded, but with 22 hours to go there’s still some time left for you to place your pre-order.

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