Updates are usually meant to fix things and improve on things, but in some cases sometimes things go wrong. In the case of Sony’s PS4, the latest update to version 4.72 has left some players unable to appear online, as evidenced in various internet forums such as NeoGAF and Reddit (via PlayStation Lifestyle).

One user writes, “When I last slept my PS4 I was appearing offline, now no matter what I change my status to, Online or Appear Offline, I remain to appear logged off. Restart, turn off and back on, nothing changed it. I just turned the PS4 on and my online status is checked as Online but my profile still has my appearing offline. I click Appear Offline and it goes to the ‘Please wait…’ screen and comes back and Online is still checked. Yet, like I said, I’m appearing offline still.”

This isn’t just about appearing online to friends, but in some cases it even affects gameplay as some gamers have been unable to play their games as a result of this issue. There have been some workarounds offered, such as a full system restart, but whether or not these methods work for you remains to be seen as users are reporting mixed results.

Sony seems to be aware of this issue and are sending DMs to users on Twitter who are inquiring about it, so if you are experiencing this issue for yourself, perhaps you’ll want to reach out to the Ask PlayStation Twitter account for some help.

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