If there is one thing that veteran World of Warcraft players love to complain about, it would be how easy Blizzard is making the game these days, especially for newbies who are playing it for the first time. However can you really blame Blizzard? After all with subscribers on the decline, they’re trying to make it as accessible as possible.


This has since led to fans who decided that maybe they’ll create their own legacy servers that featured the original World of Warcraft. Unfortunately as some of you might have heard, that got shut down pretty fast. However it seems that despite that, fans are still forging ahead anyway because it looks like the Burning Crusade expansion now has a legacy server of its own.

It seems that the open beta of the server has gone line and will feature two realms, one for Alliance, and one for Horde, and both are of the PvP nature. Interestingly enough the launch video for the open beta has since been taken down from YouTube and we’re not sure why, although if we had to guess, maybe it ran afoul of Blizzard’s legal team.

Blizzard had originally planned to talk with the developers of the legacy World of Warcraft server, but it seems that ultimately those talks did not result in anything being done, suggesting that Blizzard might not be as interested as gamers would hope.

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