Many of us tend to take our internet speeds and reliability for granted, and whenever our internet experiences a slight hiccup, we lose our minds. Unfortunately there are millions of people around the world who do not have access to stable internet, let alone fast internet, but that’s a problem Google is looking into.


No, we’re not talking about Project Loon that is meant to bring internet to far-flung places. Instead we’re talking about Google’s efforts at creating an app for search that is meant to be aimed at users who live in markets where internet is slow, bandwidth is little, and the connection is spotty. This comes in the form of an app called Search Lite.

It seems that users in Indonesia spotted Google advertising the app on Facebook, and clicking on the ad saw them being invited to take the app for a spin. It performs Google searches like normal, but like we said it is meant to be aimed at users who have little bandwidth or slow connections.

There’s no word on when the app will be released, but Google is definitely not the first to create such an app. In the past we have seen companies such as Facebook launch Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite.

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