Apple’s HomePod speaker is a bit of an enigma. The device was officially announced at WWDC 2017 back in June, but unfortunately not much details were shared save for the fact that it is expected to be made available later this year. However thanks to developer Avery Magnotti, some additional details have been revealed in the form of audio files.

According to Magnotti, he managed to extract the audio files from audioOS which was accidentally posted by Apple via their public update server earlier than expected. From this he managed to extract several audio files that will be used for different audio cues on the speaker, which we guess gives us a little taste of what to expect.

Based on the files, we are looking at audio files such as alarm1.wav, Lighthouse.wav, SessionInactive-b238.wav, SetupFinal-b238.m4a, SetupStepSource-b238.m4a, SetupStepTarget-b238.m4a, Timer1.wav, TwoShot-b238.wav, and WOCAudioPasscodeTone.wav. The names itself should be a giveaway in some cases, like “alarm” or “Setup”.

So far we have to say that they sound pretty good and rather “rich” and bass-y. Apple has promised that the HomePod will be able to deliver exceptional sound, thanks to the array of drivers placed around its body. Whether or not Apple can deliver as promised remains to be seen.

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