It’s 2017 which means that consoles like the Nintendo 64 (N64) are clearly and obviously no longer in production, and for the most part most (if not all) gamers have moved onto newer and more modern consoles. However a company by the name of Retro Fighters has decided that in this day and age, perhaps there could still be a need for an N64 controller.

The company has since launched a Kickstarter campaign for what they are calling a “next-gen” N64 controller. Basically this is a reimagining of the N64 controller that has a more modern day design. This includes slightly larger (read: more comfortable) buttons, the removal of the 3 prong design, and the addition of two new “Z” buttons located right below the shoulder.

Like we said, we’re not sure how many gamers are still playing their N64 consoles to make this particular project worth investing in, but it seems to be a hit as the Kickstarter campaign has managed to raise over $60,000 which is well past its original goal of $13,000. The controller will only be compatible with the N64, but Retro Fighter claims that you can buy a USB adapter for use with the PC.

However the company also states that should the Kickstarter campaign be successful (which it has), there will be a second version launched with USB so that you can use it for PC games.

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