When it comes to music streaming platforms, there are actually quite a lot of choices for users to choose from. However in terms of picking a favorite platform, it seems that one’s age might have a factor to play in that. A recent study conducted by consulting firm Fluent has revealed that Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to choose Apple Music over other services.


For those wondering, Gen Z has been categorized as those aged 18-24, while Millennials are those who are aged 25-34. The study found that those in the Gen Z age group represent a 19% subscription rate for Apple Music, versus the 17% on Spotify. Millennials represent 14% for Apple Music and 9% on Spotify, while those aged 35 or older only represent a 5% subscription rate for either platform.

Fluent’s study also found that the subscription rates for both Apple Music and Spotify are significantly higher than that of the competition. For example the next highest subscription rate for Gen Z would be YouTube Red which is at 10%, while Gen Z only represented 3% of the subscription rate for services like Google Play Music, 5% for iHeartRadio, and 6% for Pandora.

That being said while the study does show which age group might prefer which platform, it’s hard to deny that Spotify is still very much the market leader. The company has recently confirmed that their platform plays home to 60 million paid subscribers, which is higher than Apple Music where last we heard, had about 20 million paid subscribers.

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