If there is one drawback to OLED screens is that they are prone to burn-ins, which is basically when an image is displayed on the phone for too long, in which a “ghost” of the image can physically be burnt into the screen. This is an issue for a lot of display types, but it seems to be especially prone for OLEDs.

However according to a report from 9to5Mac, it seems that the recently leaked iOS 11 GM contains some references that Apple has plans for burn-in mitigation for the OLED iPhone X. The firmware itself does not mention what kind of mitigation we are looking at, but it does mention that Apple does have plans for it.

It is also unclear if these are settings that users can enable/disable themselves, or if it is enabled on a system level, which presumably will be the case since why would anyone want to disable the mitigation feature, right? We have seen how some other companies have tried to mitigate the problem, like in the case of Samsung and the Galaxy S8 in which the company relies on constant pixel shifting.

The iPhone X will be the first ever iPhone to sport an OLED display, or so the rumors claim, and if anything it seems that the burn-in mitigation reference in iOS 11 more or less confirms it, but either way all the details should be revealed tomorrow.

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