Despite the various examples and warnings we’ve seen about how we should be more careful about the things we share on social media, there are some who just ignore it and go ahead and do it anyway, which unfortunately for a certain engineer working at Apple, resulted in him being fired from the company.

Now as you might have heard by now, the iPhone X is up for pre-order and is officially available on the 3rd of November. However it seems that the engineer’s daughter Brooke Peterson, who accompanied her father one day at his work, posted a hands-on video of the iPhone X while sitting in Apple’s cafeteria, which safe to say did not go down well with the execs at Apple after the video had gone viral for obvious reasons.

Apple is notorious for being secretive (as much as leaks would allow) and given that the iPhone X she reviewed contained sensitive information like codenames for unreleased products and staff-specific QR codes, this was more than just about letting the cat out of the bag early. That and the fact that Apple generally prohibits video recording on campus for obvious reasons.

Some have argued that Brooke did it for the “likes” and the “views”, while others defended her saying that it was filmed in a similar style to her previous vlogs and that she probably did not think it would go viral. According to Brooke, her father is expected to be fine (she says “we’re good”), but like we said, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen people suffer serious consequences based on their social media activity, so do take that into mind the next time.

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