In baseball stealing the opposing team’s signs is pretty common practice and it really cannot be helped, so what the MLB has done is that they have made it illegal to use electronic devices to relay the information. In fact recently there was some controversy surrounding the Red Sox in which they were accused of cheating.


The previous report suggested that they used a wearable device like a smartwatch to convey information, in which they were fined after their opponents, the New York Yankees, filed an official complaint. Now it seems that the coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks Ariel Prieto was recently fined by the MLB for wearing an Apple Watch to a game.

However it should be noted that in a report from CBS Sports, an investigation has since cleared Prieto of any cheating, but wearing the device is still a violation of the rules and that’s why he was fined. While on the field, players and coaches are not allowed to use certain communication devices, like wearables such as smartwatches.

However other gadgets such as the iPad is allowed, and more recently the MLB has also okay-ed the use of devices like the Motus Baseball Sleeve that tracks throwing, and the Zephyr Bioharness that can monitor the player’s heart and breathing rates.

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