While having big triple-A titles arrive for the Nintendo Switch is one of the ways to help attract more gamers to come on board the platform, having indie games also makes the platform appealing to gamers who want to have some options. Earlier this year Nintendo confirmed at least 60 indie titles would be arriving for the Switch, with Stardew Valley being one of them.

For those wondering when that will be launched, you might be pleased to learn that Nintendo has recently announced that Stardew Valley for the Switch will be arriving on the 5th of October, which is in the next couple of days. Prior to this, the game had been approved for launch on the Switch but a date had yet to be set.

For those unfamiliar, Stardew Valley is a farming simulator that has gotten quite a bit of attention due to its fun gameplay and cute graphics, which reminds us of those 8-bit games from back in the day. While the game has been a single-player title, its creators announced earlier this year that multiplayer is an upcoming feature that will be first released on the Switch as far as consoles are concerned.

According to Nintendo, Stardew Valley on the Switch will be priced at $15 and will be available for download via the eShop on the 5th of October.

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