So far Netflix and Marvel are three for three in terms of their TV shows. Daredevil was a resounding success, along with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Luke Cage will be getting its second season, as confirmed by the official Luke Cage Twitter account. Read full post →Marvel’s Luke Cage Will Be Getting A Second Season On Netflix

There are quite a few gimbals in the market today, but if you’re a fan of GoPro’s products, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company’s GoPro Karma Grip is now available for purchase. Launched alongside the Karma drone, the Karma Grip is basically a gimbal designed for use with GoPro’s action cameras like the Hero5 and Hero4. Read full post →GoPro Karma Grip Is Now Available For Purchase

Virtual reality (VR) can be used for all kinds of things, such as gaming, professional use, entertainment, and more. It can also potentially be used as a medical tool in which it can help people conquer their fears, or at least that’s what Samsung Canada is hoping to achieve with their #BeFearless campaign. Read full post →Samsung Wants To Use VR To Help People Conquer Their Fears

If you were around and old enough when the first Sony PlayStation was launched, you’ll probably remember how Sony used to market the console by almost always having a demo of Crash Bandicoot running on it. Safe to say that many PlayStation gamers grew up playing the game and its various iterations, so learning about the remaster was probably good news. Read full post →Check Out Crash Bandicoot’s Remastered Gameplay Footage

overwatch heroesIt is safe to say that Blizzard and their fans were probably a bit nervous when it came to launching Overwatch. After all the game represented a brand new franchise for the company which did not have years of past titles to help sell it or back it up. All it had was a pretty kick-ass cinematic trailer and Blizzard’s reputation. Read full post →Blizzard’s Overwatch Has Been Award ‘Game Of The Year’

moto_modsWhile things have been a bit quiet on the LG “Friends” ecosystem front, Motorola seems to be rather busy on their end. The company recently unveiled a couple of new Moto Mods in the form of a Mophie battery pack and an Incipio car mount, but that’s not the end of it as it seems that Motorola plans on keeping very busy in 2017. Read full post →Motorola Is Planning To Release At Least 12 Moto Mods A Year

If you’ve found yourself wishing for the graphics in King of Fighters 14 to be a bit better then you will like what’s in store for you. It has been confirmed that a new update is going to be released for free next month which is going to improve the graphics of King of Fighters 14. The free update is also going to bring new color options for the fighters’ skins.
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Capcom had promised to continue releasing new characters for Street Fighter 5 once this title was released and it has been following through on this promise. It has now confirmed that Akuma is the next new character for Street Fighter 5. Akuma is going to be released for Street Fighter 5 later this month. Capcom is also going to provide a new season pass that players can pre-order to get Akuma as well as five additional new characters that will be released in the future.
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Uncharted fans will be very excited to find out that their beloved franchise is back. Naughty Dog made a couple of very interesting announcements at the PlayStation Experience event earlier this week and one of them included Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. It’s a new standalone story chapter that’s going to be released for the PlayStation 4.
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Amazon has shown what its digital personal assistant Alexa is capable of doing by baking it into its Amazon Echo devices. This compelled Google to show off a similar technology in the form of Google Home. Microsoft is said to be taking a slightly different approach. A new report claims that Microsoft is developing a new feature called HomeHub that will be introduced with major Windows 10 updates due next year.
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