facebook logoWe’re sure from time to time, you watch videos that have been uploaded onto Facebook and it looks like the social network will now be paying much closer attention to you when you do. According to an announcement by Facebook, they revealed that from now they will be taking into account your actions when watching videos to deliver a better experience to you.

According to them, “We are now taking into account more interactions with videos that we have learned indicate whether someone found that video interesting, such as choosing to turn on sound, making the video full screen, and enabling high definition. So if you turn the volume up or make the video full screen, we have updated News Feed to infer you liked the video and will show you similar videos higher up in your News Feed.” Read full post →Facebook Is Now Taking A Closer Look At The Videos You Watch

apple watch display comparisonThe Apple Watch Sport is basically Apple’s entry-level smartwatch. It will sport an Ion-X glass display versus sapphire which is found on the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition models. Now in terms of durability sapphire was found to be the tougher of the two, but recently according to DisplayMate, the sapphire does sacrifice brightness and legibility in the process.

The folks at DisplayMate took the photo above which shows the Apple Watch Sport (left) compared to the regular Apple Watch (right). The photo was taken in 2,000 lux uniform ambient light and as you can see, the Apple Watch Sport is brighter and easier to read compared to the Apple Watch. Read full post →Apple Watch Sport Found To Be Brighter Than Apple Watch

Back in the day when trying to learn a new instrument, you would usually have to seek out a teacher and attend classes. However with technology, lessons and teachers can come to you instead, so if you don’t have time to schedule regular classes, you can always choose to learn at your own pace.

This is where the ONE Smart Piano and ONE Light Keyboard comes into play. Made by One Musical Group, these are instruments that can connect to your iOS devices and according to them, it will be the world’s first MFi-certified upright piano! Basically the idea is simple – you plug your iOS device, like an iPad, to the instrument. Read full post →The ONE Smart Piano Will Be An MFi Musical Instrument

If there is a criticism that can be made about the new 12-inch Retina MacBook is Apple’s decision to do away with all the ports, save for a USB Type-C connector which will act as the port to power the laptop and port to connect external devices like flash drives, peripherals, and more.

It does seem to be rather inconvenient but if you love the form factor but can’t give up your ports, here’s a compromise for you: Branch. Branch is a Kickstarter project for a form fitted USB Type-C hub for your new MacBook. What it does is that it plugs into the Type-C port and from there, it will give users the ability to plug additional devices. Read full post →Branch Kickstarter Adds More Ports To Your 12-inch Retina MacBook

iPhone-6-review-7The Apple Watch despite its apparent high volume sales has seen mostly mixed reviews in which users praise Apple’s efforts, but felt that maybe it could stand to be improved upon. So what’s with so many people buying it then? Well brand loyalty is a potential factor in which consumers who want a smartwatch but are loyal to Apple will only buy the Apple Watch, despite its shortcomings.

Speaking of brand loyalty, a recent report from RBC Capital Markets has revealed that in a survey, they found that as far as customer retention is concerned, Apple is doing a much better job at keeping their customers on board compared to the competition, like Samsung. According to their findings, 83.4% of iPhone users plan to stick with Apple for the foreseeable future. Read full post →Apple’s Customer Retention Is Better Than Samsung’s

apple_logoAs it stands, Apple offers the iPhone in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage sizes. It used to be that 64GB was the highest but Apple has since done away with that option in favor of making 64GB its new mid-tier offering, taking away the option of having 32GB storage. However if recent reports are to be believed, Apple could be taking things further.

A report from The Korea Times (via 9to5Mac) has suggested that Apple might be thinking of increasing the storage size of its next-gen iPhones, indicating that Apple might want to go even higher than 128GB and that the company could be thinking of tapping Samsung to help provide them with additional storage. Read full post →Apple Rumored To Increase Storage For Next-Gen iPhones

lg-volt-2Boost Mobile has picked up not one, but two second generation smartphones that will be part of their ensemble now – the LG Tribute 2 as well as the LG Volt 2. These handsets will boast of LG’s signature Rear-Key and slim and sleek design, in addition to other new powerful performance and fun selfie features that will get your smartphone life kickstarted.

Read full post →Boost Mobile Gets LG Tribute 2 And LG Volt 2

hugo barra xiaomiThe US market is one of the markets that many smartphone OEMs would love to break into. Xiaomi has been doing well for themselves in countries such as China which has a massive population, but getting their products over stateside is obviously a goal for them. However if you were hoping it would be soon, you might be disappointed.

This was revealed by Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra during the Code Conference in which he basically reaffirmed that while the US is part of Xiaomi’s long-term plan, it does not seem that they will be releasing smartphones for the US market anytime soon. Instead Barra stated that they wanted to keep testing the waters by selling accessories. Read full post →Xiaomi Still Has Plans To Sell Phones In The US, Just Not Soon

yahoo_searchWhen it comes to search, Google tends to be the default choice for many, although a recent study has found that Google’s search might do more harm than good for consumers. If you thought that the study had made some compelling arguments and wanted to turn to a different search, you might be interested to learn that Yahoo has given its mobile search a much needed update.

The company has announced that they have made some major changes to its mobile search, which oddly enough ends up feeling a lot like Google, but minus the emphasis placed on Google’s own products and services. For example mobile search on Yahoo will now display more relevant results front and center, like searching for a restaurant and being able to get directions to it at the same time. Read full post →Yahoo’s New Mobile Search Looks Awfully Familiar

samsung logo 4Earlier today, we did hear about how the folks over at LG are working on a new kind of hexagonal battery technology for smartwatches, and this time around, we have received word that Samsung, too, are interested in churning out new batteries for mobile devices. The whole point of these new batteries would be to deliver a far more improved battery life – so much so that Samsung has ambitiously targeted double the amount of today’s capacity, as they want to ensure this dream comes to fruition through the use of new materials as well as new technologies.

Read full post →Samsung Working On New Batteries