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A recent report suggested that Apple is looking to make a big push for original TV shows and movies this year as part of an expanded Apple Music service. Details were slim initially but Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine has essentially confirmed the service’s video ambitions. Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour, Iovine said that the goal at Apple Music is to create “an entire cultural, pop cultural experience, and that happens to include audio and video.”
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HTC may have stopped rolling out the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the HTC 10 in select markets across the globe, there’s good news for those who own the unlocked HTC One A9. It has been confirmed today by HTC executive Mo Versi that the HTC One A9 Nougat update release will start tonight.
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At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, NVIDIA unveiled its new Shield TV set-top box which brings support for 4K HDR media streaming alongside a handful of other new features. The company did say at CES 2017 that the new set-top box was going to be released soon. It has confirmed now that the new NVIDIA Shield TV is available for purchase starting today.
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ASUS has been doing a good job of competing in the highly competitive smartphone market and it’s looking to grow even more in the coming years. According to a new report out of China, the company is looking to double its total smartphone shipments to 40 million units over the next three years. If it’s able to achieve that target it would make ASUS account for almost 3 percent of the entire global smartphone market.
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There’s a lot of hype these days surrounding Samsung’s next-generation flagship smartphones. The company is expected to unveil the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus in the near future. We hear new stuff about the upcoming devices on a daily basis and while not all of it is going to be true, it does give us an idea of what to expect. The latest leak out of China brings us the purported model numbers of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus.
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You need unlimited storage and a lot of bandwidth if you’re looking to upload videos to your own website. This isn’t a problem for most people because they can just as easily upload their videos on YouTube, which is free, and just embed it on their website. Google takes care of the rest. You can’t do that with porn because YouTube doesn’t allow adult content but porn pirates are taking advantage of a loophole in the world’s biggest online video website to stash adult content on YouTube for free.
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Razer showcased a very interesting project at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 earlier this month called Project Valerie. It’s a gaming notebook that features 3 built-in 4K displays. Project Valerie was unlike anything we’ve seen before and someone liked what they saw so much that they actually stole prototypes from Razer’s CES booth. The prototypes have now popped up on an online marketplace in China for almost $22,000.
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According to a new report, Samsung is going to bring a handful of new features to the Galaxy S8’s S Health app. It appears that the company has lined up some great new features for its fitness app as it seeks to make it stand out from the competition, and there’s a lot of competition because there are certainly more than few fitness-focused apps out there. One of the new features might be the ability to make doctor appointments from right within the app.
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The Xiaomi Mi 5 was very well received when it came out last year. It ended up being one of the great Xiaomi devices that captured consumer attention in 2016. The company is now expected to launch a successor to that handset in the near future. The latest whispers out of China indicate that Xiaomi may launch three different variants of the Mi 6.
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If you own a Chromebook or if you want to collaborate online to work on any documents, Google Docs is a tool that works well and many people opt for that choice. Google Docs is a simple yet powerful online tool which lets you easily format your document. However, its interface is different from other word processors, and a number of people try to figure out how to change the margins. We will explain that process in this article. Read full post →How to Change Margins In Google Docs