Yale is a company that has been dealing with locks for the home and office for decades. However with homes getting smarter, Yale has also decided to hop on board the IoT bandwagon by introducing smart locks that can be controlled using apps and through various IoT platforms such as Apple’s HomeKit. Read full post →Yale Unveils New HomeKit Compatible ‘Assure Lock SL’ Smart Lock

It is only natural that our loved ones care for us and worry about us from time to time, especially parents who might send their children to other states or even other countries for study, or for those who are sent overseas for work assignments, or just in general when they know that you’re out late partying and want to make sure that you’re safe. Read full post →Google’s Trusted Contacts App Now Available For iOS

Ever since Nintendo announced that they would be discontinuing the NES Classic Edition, prices of the console sold via third-party retailers and individuals have skyrocketed. For example it has been spotted on eBay that the console is retailing for as much as $400, which is way, way, way more than the original price of $60, but hey, that’s basic economics for you. Read full post →ThinkGeek Could Be Your Last Chance To Own The NES Classic Edition

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Back in February it was reported that the beta of Google Chrome (back then) had signs of support for the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. This is great news for Chrome users because so far, Apple’s Safari browser is the only major browser that offers up support for the Touch Bar, but not anymore thanks to the latest Chrome update. Read full post →Google Chrome Update Adds Support For The MacBook Pro Touch Bar

While Apple might be headquartered in the US, the majority of the company’s production operations are overseas in countries like China. Apple isn’t alone in this as many other companies tend to outsource production and manufacturing to China and India because labor is cheaper than back home, which means higher profit margins. Read full post →President Trump Claims Apple Will Build 3 ‘Big, Big, Big’ Plants In The US

The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted primetime series in the history of television. It’s no small achievement to keep a TV show relevant and in the graces of fans after decades. The Simpsons’ continues to entertain audiences across the globe. Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening has been instrumental in the success of the series and his fans will now be excited to find out that he’s making a new show for Netflix.
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Is Google about to make search results annoying? It seems so. We tend to have divided opinions about videos that autoplay. I’m not a fan and I’m sure there are many who agree with me. According to a new report, Google is testing out autoplaying videos in search results. In my view, that’s a really spectacular way of making your core product very annoying. Woudn’t you agree?
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Toyota appears to be aiming for a disruption in the electric car space. According to a new report, the company is working on an entirely new type of electric car which will be powered by a different type of battery. This will thus be a long-range fast-charging electric car. The new battery system will not only provide long range but also faster charge times. Toyota is reportedly aiming to sell this car by 2022.
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You’d think that an ethical hacker who discovers a vulnerability before the bad guys do and reports it to the authorities would not end up behind bars. Sure enough, countless companies run bounty programs to encourage ethical hackers to test their defenses and report any and all vulnerabilities so that they can be patched before any harm is done. That’s not what Budapest’s public transportation authority did when a teenage ethical hacker discovered a major security flaw in its website. He ended up behind bars.
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Members of the Xbox Live program get a great incentive called Games with Gold. Their subscription entitles them to a handful of free games every month. Ever since backward compatibility came to the Xbox One, the Games with Gold titles that are free for Xbox 360 owners are also available to Xbox One owners, so they essentially get double the number of free titles that they can download throughout the month.
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