There are plenty of wearables out there at the moment that come with built-in heart rate trackers, but just because there is a tracker it doesn’t mean that they’re all the same. Not all heart rate trackers were built equally and if you are looking for a fitness tracker or smartwatch, then perhaps the Apple Watch could be worth considering. Read full post →New Study Finds Apple Watch’s Heart Rate Tracker Is Most Accurate

Back in February it was announced that a “Castlevania” animated series would be finding its way onto Netflix. If this is something that you’re looking forward to then you might be interested to learn that Netflix has officially announced the debut date of the series which has been set for the 7th of July. Read full post →‘Castlevania’ To Debut On Netflix July 7, 2017

As you might have heard, not content with just going after Apple, Qualcomm has recently turned their sights onto Apple’s manufacturing partners such as Foxconn, Compal, Wistron, and Pegatron. Now it seems that Qualcomm is pushing for a court order that would force these companies to keep paying them royalties while the lawsuit is still ongoing. Read full post →Qualcomm Wants Court To Order Apple Suppliers To Pay Them Royalties

Last year Belkin stated that they had no plans to support HomeKit, but recently the company has had a change of heart where they announced that they will be supporting HomeKit and would soon be unveiling a way in which they can do so with existing Wemo products as opposed to creating a brand new line. Read full post →Belkin’s ‘Wemo Bridge’ Brings HomeKit Support

We’ve seen how sometimes getting emotional can lead to people saying things that they do not mean in the heat of the moment. However it seems that when it comes to making decisions, perhaps one should consider using a smartphone instead of a PC because in a recent study, it is found that we are more rational when it comes to using smartphones. Read full post →Study Says We Are More Rational When Using Smartphones

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It’s hard to talk about Lyft or Uber without mentioning the other, especially when you consider how similar both services are, and what both companies are trying to accomplish. For a while now Uber has offered a more luxurious service in the form of Uber Black where the cars tend to be fancier, which might be great if you want to get to somewhere in style. Read full post →Lyft Launches ‘Lyft Lux’, To Compete Against Uber Black

About a week ago thanks to leaked photos of the alleged iPhone 7s, 7s Plus, and the 8, we had an idea of how the phones would stack up against each other. Now in a newly published video, it shows off the alleged case for the iPhone 8 and compares it against that of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Read full post →Alleged iPhone 8 Compared Against iPhone 7, 7 Plus

Indoor based navigation isn’t new and in some instances, Google Maps actually offers up such features. However it isn’t always ideal, but it seems that over in the UK’s Gatwick Airport, they have recently installed 2,000 Bluetooth beacons within the airport that is meant to help facilitate indoor navigation through the use of augmented reality. Read full post →UK Airport Installs Bluetooth Beacons For AR-Based Indoor Navigation

For a while whenever Apple would host WWDC, they would make it a pretty exclusive event in which only Apple device owners could tune into it if they weren’t in attendance. These days Apple has started to open itself up a bit more, and if you are curious to see what Apple will announce this year, you’re in luck. Read full post →Apple Confirms WWDC 2017 Can Be Live Streamed

Both Facebook and Google are interested in speeding up the web, to the extent that both companies have launched instant articles. For those unfamiliar, these instant articles basically mean that users don’t need to wait for them to load like a traditional website as they will, as their name implies, load instantly. Read full post →Facebook Now Offers Support For Google’s AMP