droid turbo 2Last October, Verizon launched two Motorola-branded handsets in the form of the Droid Turbo 2 and the Droid Maxx 2. We’re not sure how successful both devices were, but it seems that Verizon and Motorola think that their successors should be made, at least according to a recent tweet by Evan Blass. Read full post →Droid Turbo 3, Droid Maxx 3 Reportedly In The Works

fb messenger self destructIs there a message you’d like to send to your friend but you don’t want it to stick around in the chat history? For example it could be your phone number, address, or other personal information that you would prefer if other people did not see. If you do, there are apps for that like Snapchat or BBM, but it looks like Facebook Messenger could be one of those options soon. Read full post →Facebook Messenger Could Be Getting Self-Destructing Messages

Playing racquet-based games like tennis, ping pong, and badminton is more than just about being able to rally or pull off a smash, it is also about being accurate where you know where your ball will land. This means that you can precisely target areas of the court/table to force your opponent to run and tire themselves out, or in areas where you know they won’t be able to reach in time. Read full post →This Ping Pong Table Can Tell You Where Your Ball Lands

Snapchat can be used for a lot of things, like sending friends pictures of your food, or asking an opinion about your outfit, and so on. However it seems that Snapchat also has the potential to help people find love, as evidenced in the video above which seems like it could be a modern day fairytale in the making. Read full post →Snapchat Used To Help Two University Students Find Love

hitomi-satelliteWe’re sure that many of you guys have been on the wrong-end of a software update before. Sometimes a bad update might result in a buggy experience which you can live with until a patch is released. Sometimes an update is so broken that it could even result in your device bricking or become unusable. Read full post →Japan Satellite Goes Missing, Bad Software Update To Blame

bitcoin creatorFor the longest time ever, no one really knew who created bitcoin, the popular cryptocurrency that more websites and services are starting to accept as payment these days. However there was always a name attached to bitcoin and that was “Satoshi Nakamoto”, leading some to naturally assume that bitcoin’s creator is Japanese. Read full post →Bitcoin Creator’s Identity Has Finally Been Confirmed

game of thronesHBO’s Game of Thrones is popular and there’s no doubt about it. It is also possibly one of the most talked about shows on TV in recent times, or maybe ever (until the next big thing comes along). Fans have cooked up all kinds of theories regarding characters, and let’s not forget what kind of impact the show has had on people naming their babies. Read full post →Game Of Thrones Premiere See’s 4% Dip In Pornhub Traffic

samsung logoWhen it comes to phones with flexible/foldable displays, Samsung has indeed be making some headway. We saw the Galaxy Round as an example of how phones could sport curved displays, and the Galaxy Edge series of phones has since become a mainstay in Samsung’s lineup, so what’s next? Read full post →Samsung’s Rumored Foldable Smartphone Rumored For 2017

The thing about premature babies is that they are premature, meaning that they don’t get to spend as much time in the womb developing as they should. This means that when they are born, there is risks and dangers with regards to their development, and one of the ways to help deal with that is for the baby to hear their mother’s voice. Read full post →Samsung Creates App To Help Premature Babies Develop Healthier

huawei watch jewelEarlier this year Huawei took the wraps off two wearables designed for women in mind. This included the Huawei Watch Elegant and the Huawei Watch Jewel. Both devices are still at their core a Huawei Watch, except that on the surface they have been designed to be more aesthetically pleasing for women. Read full post →Huawei Watch Elegant & Jewel Finally Land Stateside