verizon-pixel-bootloader-unlockedAhead of the release of the Google Pixel phones, it was revealed that the Pixel phones bought from Verizon would have their bootloaders locked, whereas those bought directly from Google would not. This is a big deal for those who prefer to tinker around with their phones, and a locked bootloader will obviously stop that from happening. Read full post →Bootloader Of Verizon’s Pixel Phones Have Been Unlocked

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-vs-S7-edge-03_900If a recent survey is to be believed, 40% of those who were surveyed claimed that they will not be returning to another Samsung product again following the disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7. This was echoed by famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claims that half of Note 7 customers are expected to switch to the iPhone 7 Plus. Read full post →Sprint CEO Claims Note 7 Owners Are Switching To The Galaxy S7

google-daydream-viewer-3In terms of both virtual and augmented reality, Google has dabbled in a bit of both. With the Google Glass, it acted as something of an augmented reality headset, while the recently released Daydream View VR is a virtual reality headset. However it seems that there is another headset that Google could be working on. Read full post →Google Rumored To Be Working On A Mixed Reality Headset

daredevil netflixIt is no secret that Netflix is starting to introduce more original content in its offerings. However it seems that the company believes that its original programming could be huge, so much so that it seems that they are willing to put themselves in $3 billion worth of debt to help further their efforts. Read full post →Netflix Puts Themselves $3bn In Debt To Focus On Original Programming

galaxy-note-7-design_04-black-usb-cDespite the warnings and the reports of Note 7 handsets exploding, there are still many users who are holding onto their devices. In fact just recently it was spotted in Hong Kong that there were still some shops that were actually selling the device. However it seems that in an effort to help prevent any mishaps, Samsung has pushed out an update for the phone in Europe. Read full post →Samsung Battery Update For Note 7 Handsets In Europe Limits It To 60%

macOS_Sierra_Apple-PayApple is betting it pretty big that Apple Pay will become one of the standards of mobile payments in the future. The company has been a tad slow in rolling out its services to countries around the world, but not that it matters because according to the company’s latest financials, Apple Pay transactions are up 500% year-over-year. Read full post →Apple Pay Transactions Are Up 500% Year-Over-Year

delta-luggage-trackingOne of the worst feelings in the world is landing after a flight only to discover your luggages have gone missing. This might not be so bad if you’re coming home, but if you’re landing in a foreign city or country, then it will be highly inconvenient, not to mention expensive since it means you’ll probably need new clothes for the time-being. Read full post →Delta App Lets Passengers Track Their Luggage In Real-Time

google-pixel-phone-launch_09As much as smartphone OEMs test their phones before they are sold to the general public, sometimes there are certain things that are missed that are only picked up after the phones are made available. In the case of the Google Pixel phones, more than one user has complained about a weird halo lens flare that appears in some photographs. The good news is that Google has since acknowledged the problem and has announced that they will be issuing a fix. Read full post →Google To Issue Update To Fix The Pixel Camera’s Lens Flare Problem

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-vs-S7-edge-02_900Without a doubt the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature some kind of security system to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the phone. We figure it will probably be fingerprint technology and/or iris scanning technology. Now on the fingerprint front, it has been standard for quite a while now but according to the latest rumors, Samsung plans to go about it differently. Read full post →Galaxy S8 Rumored To Sport Optical Fingerprint Recognition Technology

galaxy-note-7-s-pen_02-tipAs you might have heard by now, many airline companies and governments around the world have banned the Galaxy Note 7 from being brought onboard flights. Oddly enough if there is one country that has yet to ban the Note 7, it would be China, or at least until now where the country’s Civil Aviation Administration will officially ban the phone starting October 27. Read full post →China Bans The Note 7 From Being Brought Onboard Flights