minecraft-moneyAfter Microsoft picked up Mojang officially for $2.5 billion last year, there were certainly quarters who were wondering whether Microsoft made a mistake in picking up the company for that huge amount of cash. Well, it did look like a rather strange decision, actually, taking into consideration how Mojang can be deemed to be a “one game company” by most. Well, Microsoft’s most recent financial results have shown the wisdom in the company’s acquisition of Mojang, where the former has already begun to reap some results from the latter.

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colorware-24k-soldoutWhen it comes to coloring your particular device or mobile gadget in the way that you would want it to, then there is no company better than ColorWare – or at least that most folks are aware of, in delivering a custom paint job which would make you look good. Well, ColorWare did introduce a limited run of the 24k gold-plated controllers for the PlayStation 4 from Sony as well as the Xbox One from Microsoft, and even with a price of $300 a pop, these have already been sold out.

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super-gorone-deskThere are working desks, and then there is a special breed of working desks, too. Having said that, if you happen to be one who spends a whole lot of time with your laptop or notebook, you will be able to figure out the most optimal odd angles that you would have to contort yourself and the notebook in order to work your best. After all, one will need to take care of the prized family jewels, since the laptop can get rather toasty in the long run. Here is a unique desk for your lounging needs – which comes in the form of the Super Gorone Desk.

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Dropcam Pro Front_R11_whiteMore often than not, companies will not do too much on your behalf once they have announced that they intend to drop support for a particular device. Of course, there will be a letter or a statement that ferries the rather melancholic feeling across, but other than those sappy words, you would most probably be directed to purchase the latest devices or range from said company. Dropcam takes a different route, however, with this Google-owned (or rather, Nest-owned, depending on how you look at things) company, despite dropping support for its original home security camera as well as the Echo this coming April 15th, will still go ahead with a replacement program that will net you a free Dropcam HD – should you happen to own one of the legacy models.

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hongpadIs it me, or is the trend of small computers (and by this, I do mean desktops) starting to catch on? Here we are with another Chinese company known as Hongpad that has started to put up on sale a box which will run on an Intel Atom Bay Trail-T processor. The asking price for this diminutive device? We are looking at a wholesale price of $70 to $80 a pop.

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mi1-mini-leakThe Meizu M1 Mini has started to make more and more frequent appearance on the grapevine, and when it comes to an upcoming device that gets such “treatment” in the media, you can be very sure of one thing – it is about to hit the market, very, very soon. In fact, there has been many whispers of a smaller device which is meant to accompany the Meizu M1 Note even before that model was unveiled, and with Meizu about to hold an event this coming January 28th, we are all looking forward to see whether this is going to be the platform where the much talked about Meizu M1 Mini will make its debut.

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xbox-one-hands-on-review-02When Microsoft first mentioned that they wanted to dive into the console business, not many people took them seriously. After all, it was a slugfest between the likes of Nintendo and Sega back then, and then Sony came along with their phenomenal bestseller, the PlayStation. Well, Microsoft did make the move into the world of console gaming, and they have not looked back since. Now that we are into the Xbox One console generation, we have received word that Microsoft has already sold 6.6 million Xbox consoles throughout the recently concluded holiday quarter in its quarterly earnings statement, which resulted in a revenue of $26.5 billion. Overall, this resulted in a net income of $5.8 billion.

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zelda-comicThis particular comic that is based on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – a character from Nintendo that is loved by millions all over, made its first appearance in the pages of a Nintendo Power magazine many moons ago. Well, we are glad to bring you word that the comic itself will see a reprint later this year, and best of all is, it will be reprinted within the confines of a single volume collection, courtesy of Viz Media’s Perfect Square imprint.

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microsoft-surface-pro-3__42It is earnings report time again, and the report card from Microsoft does not read too shabbily. In fact, it seems that the Surface family of devices is now a billion dollar business for the company – officially speaking, of course. How does Microsoft classify its billion dollar organizations? Why, through a business channel which is capable of generating a whopping one billion dollars or more each quarter. The Surface Pro 3 has definitely enjoyed brisk sales for sure, while the new team device that is set to be announced is known as the Surface Hub. Not only that, with the Broadwell chipset about to roll out, the future is bright to say the least.

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snapchatAs some of you might have heard, Snapchat is reportedly working on creating more original content as opposed to just being content with being another instant messaging app, but when exactly will we be able to see this new content being offered? Well if a recent report from The New York Post (via Re/code) is to be believed, tomorrow could be when it makes its debut.

Last we heard, Snapchat’s original content was expected to debut “soon”, and we guess a launch tomorrow would allow it to fall into that “soon” category. Unsurprisingly Snapchat has yet to comment on the rumor, but if it is true we won’t have to wait much longer to find that out for ourselves. Read full post →Snapchat’s “Discover” Original Content Feature Will Debut Tomorrow [Rumor]