wreck_it_ralphBack in 2012, Disney launched a movie based around video games called Wreck-It Ralph. In case you did not watch it, it featured a character called Ralph who in the videogame Wreck-It Ralph is the game’s “bad guy”, but at the end of the day he’s actually more like an actor who plays a bad guy, but he still gets a bad rep for it anyway. Read full post →Disney Confirms Wreck-It Ralph Sequel For 2018

Musicians releasing their own video games isn’t new. Heck, in the past we’ve seen bands like Linkin Park release their own mobile game, and earlier this year Iron Maiden announced plans for their own game as well, which is why it really isn’t surprising to learn that Deadmau5 will also be releasing a video game. Read full post →Deadmau5 Will Be Releasing His Own VR Game And A Limited Ed Headset

Winston_OverwatchEarlier this week, Blizzard announced that they would be releasing a patch for the PC version of Overwatch that would include the Competitive Play feature. As for consoles, Blizzard stated that console gamers could expect Competitive Play to arriving in the coming weeks, but it seems that Xbox One gamers did not even have to wait that long. Read full post →Overwatch’s Competitive Play Arrives On The Xbox One Early

Yesterday we reported that thanks to a leak, it looked like 2K Games was getting ready to announce BioShock: The Collection. From the name itself it is clearly a collection of all the BioShock games released to date, although we were unsure if this included all the DLCs that have also been released since. Read full post →BioShock: The Collection Officially Announced, Coming September 13

tesla_model_x_6Tesla has reiterated many times in the past that the autopilot feature is not the same as self-driving. However the company’s CEO did state that the system is smart enough where it can actually reduce the chances of accidents by as much as 50%, and we have seen videos in the past that prove it. Read full post →Driver Dies With Tesla’s Autopilot Active, NHTSA To Investigate

spotify-1As it stands, Spotify is probably the king of the hill when it comes to music streaming. Last we heard, Spotify was boasting 100 million subscribers, of which 30 million are paid subscribers. However could it be that Apple is trying to stifle the competition? That seems to be what Spotify is implying in a letter sent from the company’s lawyers to Apple’s lawyers. Read full post →Spotify Claims Apple Won’t Approve Their Latest App Update

2016-honda-crz-001-1Earlier this year, Japanese carmaker Honda announced that they would be recalling 2.2 million of their cars due to an issue with its airbags which are manufactured by Takata. However it seems that isn’t the end of the story. US regulators the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has advised more than 300,000 Honda owners in the US to stop driving their cars. Read full post →Regulators Warn Owners Of 300,000 Honda Cars To Stop Driving Them

If you use a mechanical keyboard or if you have researched mechanical keyboards, chances are you might have heard of Das Keyboard in which some of their models have been favored by StarCraft gamers. The company has recently announced their latest keyboard in the form of the Das Keyboard 5Q. Read full post →The Das Keyboard 5Q Is A Cloud Connected Mechanical Keyboard

beoplay h5_1The last set of headphones that we saw from Bang & Olufsen were the Beoplay H7s, a set of over-ear wireless headphones that offered up passive noise isolation features. Essentially it felt like a bigger pair of Beoplay H8s just without noise cancellation technology. Now if you aren’t a fan of headphones, don’t worry as Bang & Olufsen have you covered. Read full post →Bang & Olufsen Unveils The Wireless Beoplay H5 Earphones

Capcom has released a new trailer today for “A Shadow Falls,” the free story mode expansion for Street Fighter 5 that’s going to be released soon. The trailer gives us background on the entire conflict that sets the stage in the cinematic story mode, we find out what M. Bison has done to bring the World Warriors together.
Read full post →Street Fighter 5 Cinematic Story Mode Gets New Trailer