Rumor has it that Apple is going to expand the Rose Gold color option for some of its products, it contradicts a recent rumor that the company is going to introduce a Bright Pink color option with the iPhone 5se, the new 4 inch iPhone it’s expected to unveil next month. It’s claimed that Apple will actually offer the iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and 12 inch MacBook in Rose Gold color.

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Elon Musk has established Tesla has a major player in the electric car industry and he’s been toying with other ideas to further expand Tesla’s knowledge of all things electric. No wonder the company even makes battery packs to store energy that can power your house as and when required. He has been thinking about electric airplanes for a while now and it appears he’s getting serious about this.

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BlackBerry was one of the last major handset makers that created both the software and hardware for its smartphones. The strategy worked well for it in the previous decade while Apple continues to win with it now. Many OEMs have just decided to license Android from Google and not bother with creating their own OS. However, it’s been a while since BlackBerry released a handset powered by BB10 OS, and the latest round of job cuts at the company is not helping to end rumors about the future of its OS.

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Parrot is a company that’s quite well known for the drones that it makes. The company now wants you to design accessories for its latest drones, the Bebop and Minidrone, if it likes your design it’s going to produce and sell them in its stores. Obviously, the person who comes up with the design will be duly compensated.

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Samsung launched its mobile payments service last year and it’s already available in the United States and South Korea. Later this year the company is going to gradually expand it to more markets, it has already confirmed that the service will be going live in China in the near future. It’s now making sure that Samsung Pay is ready for Marshmallow and has released a new update for the app to ensure that users don’t face any issues with the service when they move up to the new firmware.

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The Delorean has been the dream machine for millions of people so naturally it was a bit sad when the DeLorean Motor Company stopped making them. Impeccably restored cars are often seen at car shows and they are always a sight to behold. However with the DeLorean Motor Company back to making all-new DeLoreans, it was about time that it released a new commercial for its iconic car.

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Over the past few years, there has been a renewed interest in sustainable sources of energy and solar really is one of the most widely used options available today. There are all sorts of options available for businesses, countries and individual citizens. We’re seeing countries rapidly adopt solar power and set up new farms to cash in on this sustainable and renewable energy source. Morocco has flipped the switch on its new solar farm which has the potential of becoming the world’s largest solar farm in the near future.

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I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to February 21st because that’s when both LG and Samsung are going to unveil their latest flagship smartphones. It appears that HTC has decided to skip an MWC reveal in favor of its own event where it wants the spotlight to be squarely on the HTC One M10. There have been some rumors and leaks about this device and now an image of what’s claimed to be HTC’s next flagship smartphone has been leaked online. From the looks of it, the handset seems to take design inspiration from HTC One A9.

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Android smartphones usually don’t receive major software updates two years after they’ve arrived on the market. That’s because the hardware is often not compatible with the new software so it really makes so sense to support outdated devices. However, many users still hold on to their new devices because not everybody buys a new handset every year. If you’ve still holding on to the Galaxy S2 then you’ll like to know that there’s a way you can get Marshmallow on it.

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It’s common for successful TV series to be renewed for new seasons, often they’re renewed for a new season every year though it’s not uncommon to see a very successful show being renewed for multiple seasons at once. That’s precisely what Netflix is doing with Orange is the New Black, which has proven to be a massive hit for the online streaming service. It has renewed Orange is the New Black for not one, not two but three seasons straight.

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