Sometimes with medical diagnosis, it can come too late where upon detection, it might already be too late for the patient to be cured. However in recent times we’ve started to see how AI can be used to help improve on diagnosis, where some researchers have developed AI that can detect things like bowel cancer in minutes. Read full post →UK Government To Pledge Millions To Develop AI That Can Diagnose Brain Cancer

Early last year before the Nintendo Switch was officially released, there were some who were wondering if Capcom’s latest installment in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 7, would be coming to the Switch. Capcom responded in a resounding no but it now looks like they might have had a change of heart, sort of. Read full post →Resident Evil 7 Launching On The Nintendo Switch Via Cloud Streaming

While Yelp might be seen as the de facto platform when it comes to restaurant reviews, Google has also implemented something similar into Google Maps where users can leave behind reviews and photos of the places that they have visited. Now it looks like Google is stepping things up by making its reviews a bit more comprehensive. Read full post →Google Maps Now Asking Users To Name & Rate Their Food

If you grew up as a kid in the mid to late 1980s, chances are you might be very familiar with a cartoon series known as the ThunderCats, although it was revived again in 2011 but safe to say that it probably doesn’t have the same feel or nostalgia as the original. Now it looks like we’ll be treated to a third reboot, but this time done in a very different way. Read full post →Cartoon Network Announces Revival Of ThunderCats Series

Image credit – Android Police

Screen sharing is a useful feature to have if you’re trying to show someone something, or if you’re trying to help with something, like in technical support. Now there are a variety of ways for users to screen share their smartphones, but more recently Google has added the feature to its Duo app. Read full post →Google Duo Introduces New Screen Sharing Feature

Blizzard’s Overwatch is turning two as was previously confirmed and it seems that in celebration of the anniversary, Blizzard has recently published a very adorable stop-motion animated video. It features two characters from Overwatch – Tracer and Reaper which you can check out for yourself in the video above if you have a couple of minutes to spare. There is also a behind-the-scenes look for those who are curious as to how Blizzard pulled this one off. Read full post →Blizzard Releases Adorable Stop-Motion Video For Overwatch’s Anniversary

With the first Deadpool movie, it was the first superhero movie to get an R-rating, which also went on to become the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever. With that many are probably wondering if its successor, Deadpool 2, will be able to continue that streak, although unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case, although it did come very close. Read full post →‘Deadpool 2’ Has The Second-Best Opening For An R-Rated Movie

When you consider how big the China market is, it is not surprising to see companies such as Apple try to make accommodations so that they can operate in the country. For example Apple recently started accepting WeChat Pay in China, and in more recent times have started pulling apps that don’t comply with China’s regulation. Read full post →Apple Cracking Down On CallKit Apps In China

When Amazon first launched its Dash buttons, it almost seemed like an April Fools joke. However it seems that the Dash buttons have proven to be a success, allowing customers to order items at a press of a button without having to go through the process of loading up the website, checking it out, and so on. Read full post →AT&T Takes On Amazon’s Dash Button With The LTE-M Button

If Apple did not have as many iPhones and iPads in the market as they do now, the walled garden approach they have towards iOS apps probably wouldn’t work,  but it does simply because developers know that there is money to be made by developing apps for iOS users, and they have no choice but to comply with Apple’s rules if they hope to make it. Read full post →iOS Developers Form A Union To Get Apple To Improve The App Store