leaked-surface-phoneWhile we have heard rumors of the Surface Phone specifications leaked just yesterday, it seems that there is even more hype surrounding it one day later. One ought to take this bit of information with a rather healthy dose of salt, however, as it looks like there is a leaked image of the alleged Surface Phone that have, for the want of a better word, surfaced.

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microsoft__logoIt looks like the folks over at Microsoft have decided to introduce a spanking new feature to its Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for the Android platform, which is a good thing. Known as “Tell Me,” one can then learn just about anything that one requires to know concerning this trio of apps simply by using it. Using it is a snap – just tap on the “A” and pencil icon on the top of the page, proceeding with selecting the light bulb icon. For tablet users, click on the light bulb right away as it is seen in the upper right corner of the screen.

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samsung logo 4Assuming you happen to be in possession of a smartphone from Samsung, and have yet to make the move to install the most recent security update. What are you to do, then? Well, Samsung has a bright idea – by tempting you with free pizza. For instance, a Reddit user claimed to have received a digital coupon for a 20% discount off Domino’s Pizza on his Samsung Galaxy J7 in the My Galaxy app, and this coupon is claimed after you have obtained the latest software update for your device.

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putin-phone-h1To have your country’s leader emblazoned across the back of your smartphone is definitely an idea, don’t you think so? When it comes to Vladimir Putin, this is one no-nonsense world leader who has seen his face grace the back of the iPhone 5s before, where it was then known as the Caviar iPhone 5s Supremo Putin. This time around, we have the flagship model from Samsung, the Galaxy S7 range that will see Putin engraved on the back of the device.

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steve-widgetWhen it comes to software as well as games, you can be sure that there has been a pretty long history of Easter Eggs woven into the narrative, that is for sure. After all, it is part and parcel of a developer to write or code these Easter Eggs in, and some of them have not been discovered many years down the road. This time around, we do know that Chrome users have had the chance to let Steve the dinosaur jump over different kinds of cactii at increasing speeds, and we are pleased to say that Steve now stars in his own widget game.

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maps-downloadWhen it comes to getting around, especially in unfamiliar places and in foreign countries, having some kind of navigational software or app on your mobile device makes plenty of sense. Here we are with word that Google has just updated Google Maps for Android, and this particular update will stock its fair share of goodies such as an expanded search-along-route, in addition to popular-place notifications.

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lggpad3_80The LG G Pad III 8.0 is a really quiet device when it is being unveiled, as we have gone through the paces with its predecessor, the LG G Pad 2 8.0 earlier on. For those who are living in Canada, you will be able to get your hands on this new affordable and Android-powered Marshmallow tablet.

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asus_gx800When it comes to computers with liquid-cooling systems, you might be thinking about desktop PCs where there is enough space within the chassis to fit the pipes and water pumps necessary in order to get the liquid cooling system setup. However you might recall that last year, ASUS debuted a laptop that had its own liquid cooling system in the form of the GX700. Read full post →ASUS Liquid-Cooled Gaming Laptop Gets An Upgrade

asus avalonWant to build your own PC? Compared to a decade or more ago, PC building these days has become considerably easier, thanks to the bevy of YouTube instructional videos, as well as efforts by companies who have created tool-less PC cases that makes installing hardware easy as pie, but ASUS wants to take things one step further. Read full post →ASUS ROG Avalon Will Making DIY PC Building A Breeze

lightning headphoneAccording to the rumors, Apple will be doing something not many OEMs have done with their smartphones, which is by removing the 3.5mm headphone jack which has been the standard on many audio devices for the past decade or so. Instead, Apple is said to rely on the Lightning port to connect headphones with. Read full post →Chinese Company Advertises Lightning-To-Headphone Jack Adapters