Back in June, Lexus surprised us all with an announcement of a hoverboard that they were working on. It was only a teaser and a couple of weeks ago, Lexus followed up with another teaser. Now if you’re sick of the teasers and want to see the actual hoverboard in action, you’re in luck as Lexus has announced they will be revealing the device in its entirety come 5th August.

In the meantime the company has released yet another teaser video that shows off the hoverboard in action, or at least we get to catch glimpses of it, but safe to say we are very excited to see the device unveiled for real. The previous video featured professional skateboarder Ross McGouran, so it will be interesting to actually see him ride the hoverboard in the final release. Read full post →Lexus Hoverboard To Be Revealed In Full August 5th

Last week Nokia teased that they had an event planned for the 28th of July and according to later speculation, it was suggested that maybe this event might have something to do with virtual reality. As it turns out the speculation was right, but if you were thinking it was a virtual reality headset, think again.

Nokia has officially announced the Nokia OZO which is a virtual reality camera designed for professional videographers who are interested in capturing content for virtual reality. As you can see in the images and video, the OZO has been designed to resemble a soccer ball and is spherical in nature which will house a bevy of cameras and microphones, thus allowing video and audio to be captured from virtually every angle. Read full post →Nokia Enters New Territory With The OZO Virtual Reality Camera

nokia-icon-review-002To date the majority of smartphones in the market, regardless of platform, are powered by ARM-based chipsets, although there are some exceptions which relies on Intel’s processors. Now according to a report from Windows Central, it seems that an Intel-based Windows 10 smartphone could be in the works.

Now this isn’t the first time that such rumors have surfaced, although additional details have since been released. One of those details is that the phone will be made from metal which is nice change of pace, especially considering that OEMs such as Samsung have also turned to using more glass and metal in their phones lately. Read full post →Intel Windows 10 Smartphone Rumored To Be In The Works

samsung cameraAre our phones getting a bit too thin for their own good? After all some users do prefer phones that are slightly thicker as it makes it easier to hold, versus phones that are too thin that feel like they might slip out of our hands or feel too fragile. Regardless of that, Samsung’s quest to make phones even thinner has resulted in new camera sensors.

The South Korean tech giant has recently taken the wraps off a new 16MP camera sensor that they have developed. According to the company, this new camera sensor has pixels measuring 1 micrometer which is apparently an industry first, which could also mean that designers can go ahead and craft even thinner handsets than before. Read full post →New, Thinner Samsung Camera Sensors Announced

moto1So earlier today we were treated to new handsets from Motorola in the form of the Moto X and the Moto G, but that’s not all that Motorola is up to. The company has recently unveiled a pair of new Bluetooth phones that we have to admit looks pretty stylish and might also be able to appeal to iOS users as well.

The reason we say this is because there is actually an iOS companion app in which it allows users to pair the headphones easily, display battery notifications from the headphones, as well as a feature that will help you locate the headphones should you have misplaced them. Of course given that they are Bluetooth devices, they will also be compatible with Android (which is a given). Read full post →Motorola Announces New Bluetooth Headphones

razer-forge-Controller+Box2It was yesterday that Razer announced that they would be acquiring OUYA. However it seems that after the announcement was made, many indies expressed their frustration namely because it seemed to indicate that the funding that OUYA promised indie devs would no longer be paid out.

For those unfamiliar, OUYA had previously promised $1 million in funding that would go out to indie devs to help them create games for the console, but the acquisition of OUYA by Razer effectively killed those deals, or at least that’s what it seemed. However it looks like Razer will be playing the good guy and has recently confirmed that they will be picking up the tab. Read full post →Razer Will Pay What OUYA Owes To Indie Devs

yahoo-logoAccording to a report from Re/code, it seems that Yahoo is planning an event for later this week, although the company has yet to confirm it. It is unclear as to what the company could announce, but they have heard from their sources that it will most likely be related to mobile, although a later tweet by Kara Swisher revealed that it would be a messaging app.

Considering that the messenger market is kind of packed at the moment with so many options to choose from, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Skype, Viber, BBM, and etc., it would definitely be a tough market for Yahoo to break into since many users would be unwilling to jump ships unless there was a very good reason to. Read full post →Yahoo Could Announce New Messenger App This Week

moto x style 2So the Moto X Style was officially announced today, but it seems that despite that, the folks at DxOMark have actually managed to get their hands on the device ahead of time and conducted several camera tests with it, which surprisingly turned out pretty well because according to the results, the camera performed admirably.

In fact it performed well enough that it outperformed the iPhone 6 and the Sony Xperia Z3+, both of whom were actually ranked pretty high on DxOMark’s previous tests. The phones that it came close to beat was that of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge and scored 83 out of 100 which is actually 3 points away from Samsung. Read full post →Moto X Style Beats Out iPhone 6, Xperia Z3+ In Camera Test

xperia_concept_2About a week ago, Sony announced that they were working on a new Android concept that they would be trialing in Sweden. Shortly after that, some screenshots were posted on Sony’s website that showed off what the company had come up with so far, and now thanks to new screenshots published by Swedroid (via Xperia Blog), we know have a better idea of what Sony’s been up to.

As you can tell right off the bat, the screenshots depict what appears to be a near-vanilla Android experience. In fact upon first glance you might even have mistaken this for the stock version of Android, but we suppose that’s the look and feel that Sony is going for, versus other OEMs such as HTC and Samsung whose UI tends to be heavily customized. Read full post →Additional Screenshots Of Sony’s Android Concept Surfaces

oneplus-2-review-15Usually OEMs aren’t too thrilled if customers were to root their devices or unlock its bootloader, and depending on the OEM, doing those actions can result in your handset’s warranty being voided. However that won’t be the case with the OnePlus 2, according to a report from The Android Soul.

It seems that someone on the XDA forums had gotten in touch with OnePlus with regards to rooting or unlocking of the bootloader on the OnePlus 2, and according to the customer rep they spoke with, your warranty won’t be voided. This is pretty much the same deal with the OnePlus One so we guess it looks like OnePlus won’t be breaking tradition just yet. Read full post →Rooting The OnePlus 2 Won’t Void Its Warranty