starbucksIf you thought that Starbucks’ drinks were always a tad expensive, then today would have been a great day to capitalize on the company’s network outage. It seems that due to the systems going down, the coffee chain’s point-of-sales system was affected as well which forced the company to give away free drinks.

It was initially thought that it was a localized issue but it turns out that not only did it affect Starbucks outlets nationwide, but it even affected outlets all the way in Canada. Safe to say that patrons are pretty pleased with the situation, although those who bought their drinks right before the system went down are probably a little miffed they missed out on the freebie. Read full post →Starbucks Network Snafu Results In Free Coffee For Everyone

att-lumia830The Microsoft Lumia 830 was announced in the later part of 2014 but it looks like its successor, the rumored Lumia 840 could be getting ready for an announcement soon. This is according to a report from NPU who claims that their source has informed them that this is because Microsoft has hastened the launch of the Lumia 830’s successor.

It has also been noted that the handset has been discontinued in the Indian market which also hints that a successor is imminent. It is unclear if other markets that the Lumia 830 is in has discontinued the model as well, but so far it looks like India is the only one. It is expected that once stock in the stores has been depleted, it will not be restocked so as to make way for the new model. Read full post →Lumia 830’s Discontinuation Hints At Lumia 840’s Impending Arrival

cod releaseA couple of days ago Activision posted the first teaser to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Based on what we saw, it certainly looks like it’s shaping up to be a rather exciting game, but the question is when might we be able to get our hands on it? Well assuming the rumors are right, the folks at Kotaku have received an image (see above) which allegedly shows the release date of the game.

The image above is that of pre-order cards that will be handed out to GameStop retail locations this Sunday where it is expected that the first official non-teaser trailer will be released as well. However it should be noted that in the fine print it reads, “Actual platform availability and launch date(s) to be determined.” Read full post →Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Release Date Leaked, Set For 6th November

facebook_whatsapp_icons-1While users on Android have enjoyed WhatsApp’s voice calling feature for a while now, there are still some platforms that have yet to receive the feature. It was only earlier this week that the feature rolled out to iOS and the good news is that if you’re a BlackBerry user, it looks like the feature is now available for you guys as well.

According to reports, the latest update for WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 (which is version will bring about the voice calling feature. The feature will be the same as its iOS and Android counterparts so there’s no difference here, although there might be some slight difference in its UI, but for the most part it should remain the same. Read full post →WhatsApp Calling Makes Its Way Onto BlackBerry 10 In Latest Update

Matternet-5We know that Amazon wants to turn to drones to perform some of its deliveries in the future, but at the moment they are facing a bit of resistance from the authorities. However over in Switzerland, it seems that the government has no such issues and will begin testing a drone mail delivery system this coming summer.

The drones used will be quadcopters made by a company called Matternet. It will be able to deliver mail to houses and is capable of carrying as heavy as 2.2 pounds for a range of 12 miles on a single charge. That’s a pretty good distance as mail deliveries by postal workers are usually broken up into different neighborhoods to begin with, so while its range might be short if you’re planning a long-distance flight, it does seem to be perfect for local deliveries. Read full post →Switzerland To Test Drone Mail Delivery System This Summer

The way the Apple Watch has been designed and marketed, it certainly doesn’t sound like your rugged watch or do the kind of things one might associate with a G-Shock. However the device does have some measure of protection and has been certified as IPX7 meaning that it is water-resistant up to 1 meter and for a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

However it is possible that Apple might be underplayed its water-resistance, you know, for legal purposes. That being said, the folks at FoneFox from Australia have decided to put the wearable to the test and to see if it is truly IPX7 as advertised. As it turns out, the device proved to be more resistant that we had previously thought. Read full post →Apple Watch Found To Be More Water-Resistant Than Advertised

apple watch_4Last year the Starwood Hotels group announced that they would be allowing smartphones to unlock their hotel doors through the use of Bluetooth proximity keys. However if you’d rather not be fishing for your phone with your hands full, you might be interested to learn that your Apple Watch will also be able to unlock the hotel room doors at Starwood Hotels.

That being said, this is only applicable to those who are members of the group’s SPG rewards program. The new application will allow guests to check in to the hotel and basically walk into the hotel, head right up to their room and unlock it and start unpacking. This is compared to the more “traditional” process where one has to check in at the reception and wait to receive their key. This could be ideal for the business traveller who just wants to skip the process and get into bed ASAP. Read full post →Apple Watch Can Now Be Used To Unlock Rooms At Starwood Hotels

It is said that the ant is capable of lifting many times its body weight, which has been estimated to be 20-100 times depending on the particular species, so imagine if we could roboticize their ability, how cool would that be? Well that’s what researchers at Stanford have done when they created a gecko-like robot that is capable of lifting more than 100 times its weight.

According to the report from New Scientist, this ability comes from the robot’s feet on which there are adhesives placed. This helps to stabilize the robot while at the same time allowing it to climb up a wall. “The bots also move in a style that is borrowed from biology. Like an inchworm, one pad scooches the robot forward while the other stays in place to support the heavy load. This helps the robot avoid falls from missing its step and park without using up precious power.” Read full post →Tiny Gecko-Like Robot Can Lift Over 100 Times Its Own Weight

If you’re planning on buying the Apple Watch, expect that the Apple Watch bands will discolor and warp over time. This is according to an internal Apple support document obtained by the folks at 9to5apple-watch-bands-discolorationMac. According to the document, Apple appears to be informing its employees that the Apple Watch bands will eventually change shape or discolor over a period of time, so that is something to look out for if customers were to bring it back to the store complaining about it.

For example as you can see in the image above, the bands will eventually stare displaying creases in their material and will also slightly discolor. This isn’t so much a production issue but rather a result of wear and tear. In fact this could easily apply to just about any smartwatch out there, or even a normal watch where leather bands will start to display dents especially around the bit that is being buckled. Read full post →Apple Watch Bands Will Warp And Discolor Over Time, Apple Warns

apple watchThe folks at iFixit have recently torn down the Apple Watch and found that under the hood of Apple’s latest wearable is a 205mAh battery, and while the battery is small especially when compared to the Android Wear competition, the question is how long will it last you? Not as in can you get through the day on a single charge, but how long can the battery last before it starts to degrade.

The good news is that according to Apple, it turns out that the Apple Watch has 1,000 charge cycles in which it will be able to retain up to 80% of its original capacity. What does it mean? Basically you will be able to fully charge the Apple Watch 1,000 times and it will lose 20% of its capacity. That’s a good 2.5-3 years depending on how frequently you charge it. Read full post →Apple Watch Battery Found To Have 1,000 Charge Cycles