The launch of the first Amazon Echo was surprising in a couple of different ways. For starters a smart speaker with a virtual assistant was something not many people had expected Amazon to have been working on. Secondly the ease of use of the Echo and Alexa was also what helped drive the device’s popularity, which in turned prompted similar devices from competitors. Read full post →Google Home More Accurate Than Alexa At Answering Your Questions

The OnePlus 5 was announced about a week ago and its specs on paper appears to make it one of the most powerful handsets available in the market out there today, what with it sporting more RAM than most of its competitors, while packing the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that puts it in line with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Read full post →OnePlus CEO Weighs In On OnePlus 5 Criticisms

We are still at that point in time where the batteries on our phones aren’t quite lasting as long as we would like. Sure there have been improvements made over the years, but squeezing our two days worth of use is rare, which is why battery packs are pretty common since carrying around a wall charger isn’t exactly the most convenient/ideal. Read full post →KADO Is A Wall Charger That Can Fit In Your Wallet

The benefits to being a smaller company with few products in its portfolio is that OnePlus gets to concentrate more and pour more resources and efforts into products that they do have. This also means that unlike bigger companies like Samsung, OnePlus only has a few devices that needs updating, which is why both the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T received the Android Nougat update last year relatively earlier than other devices. Read full post →OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T To Get Android O This Year

One of the key features of the iPad Pros is ironically enough the Apple Pencil, which at its core is essentially a stylus and an accessory that Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs once derided. However it has proved to be an incredibly useful and almost invaluable tool for those who use the iPad Pro for graphic design work. Read full post →Refurbished Apple Pencils Are Now Available For Purchase

With the launch of the Nintendo Wii, the company introduce games like Wii Sports Boxing that was clearly designed to show off the console’s motion-sensing controllers. Fast forward to 2017 with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, the company has definitely stepped things up by launching ARMS, a boxing game that is considerably more complex than Wii Sports Boxing. Read full post →Nintendo Updates ‘ARMS’ With Support For LAN Play

Apple’s iPhone 8 isn’t even out yet but it looks like there are rumors swirling regarding Apple’s iPhone 9. In a report from the Korea Economic Daily (via AppleInsider), LG Innotek is apparently in the process of setting up production facilities for flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are rumored to be used in the iPhone 9. Read full post →LG Rumored To Produce Flexible PCBs For Apple’s iPhone 9

Video services like YouTube has and still does rely on advertising as a means of generating revenue for themselves as well as for content creators. However in recent times YouTube introduced a subscription based service in the form of YouTube Red which grants access to exclusive content and removes ads for a monthly subscription fee. Read full post →Vimeo Axes Plans For Their Video Subscription Service

The idea behind services like Lyft and Uber is that you can get a ride from wherever you are. However some places aren’t necessarily ideal for pickup which means that drivers might have a harder time locating their rides, or it could be congested and riders have to wait longer for their rides to arrive. Read full post →Lyft Introduces Pickup Suggestions To Help Save You Time

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Food and drinks in games are seen as items players consume in order to regain health, energy, mana, stamina, and etc. Most of the time you wouldn’t pay much attention to what you’re eating as long as it gets the job done, although there are games such as Final Fantasy XV in which a lot of attention is focused on the food. Read full post →Final Fantasy XV Fans Put Together A Cookbook Inspired By The Game