xbox one hands on review 02 640x406When it comes to video game consoles, China certainly has a less than favorable relationship with such devices. Good thing that they lifted up the ban for game consoles to be sold in China, since that move has paved the way for Microsoft to ensure that their latest Xbox One console will be able to make landfall in that part of the world this coming 23rd of September at a price tag of $600 (a rough equivalent after conversion from the local currency of 3,699 RMB).

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microsoft surface pro 3  43 640x394DisplayMate does have a reputation when it comes to testing screens out, and the folks over there recently took a look at the 12” display that sees action alongside the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. In fact, they had nothing but praises to sing concerning the Surface Pro 3’s display, touting that this particular model comes with one of the most accurate on-screen colors on any tablet or smartphone that had undergone testing using existing standards. Just how close to life the colors can be?

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bleepIt was not too long ago that the folks over at BitTorrent began to work on a new kind of messaging application. This particular messaging application (looks like messaging is a pretty big deal these days) will be based on the principles of BitTorrent technology; where one is able to work through a direct connection between people without having to fall back upon a centralized server to get the job done. It seems that all of their effort has finally paid off, as the public will be able to get a gist of the idea in the form of BitTorrent Bleep.

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When we talk about scanners, most of the time we would have a rough idea on the size and its form factor. Many of us do think of desktop scanners that are roughly the size of a small printer, although there are portable scanners in the market that make life much easier on the move. However, what if there was a way to change the way that scanners worked and looked? Enter this Indiegogo project known as the Zcan wireless scanner mouse.

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yahoo finance 447x640Yahoo has come up with a brand new Finance app for those who happen to run on the Android mobile operating system, and in this latest version, it has been specially redesigned to deliver real time performance, now how about that for progress? After all, many of us who are already working do look into other forms of investments to help secure our financial future, and in order to look knowledgeable in front of your mates, one ought to remain up to date with the latest developments in the business world. The Yahoo Finance app will bring with it a refreshed look and feel, offering relevant and important information at your fingertips.

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hacknode 477x640The clarion call has gone out – Variable has just launched the HACKANODE 2014 Mobile App Global Challenge, where one of the judges who will be sitting on the panel will be none other than Steve Wozniak himself, the other Steve who was instrumental in the humble beginnings of the mighty Apple empire. In this particular challenge, all qualifying mobile apps will be vying against one another to pick up a total cash prize pool of $16,500 across a dozen categories.

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meizu mx4 bezelIt was just yesterday when we talked about Meizu rolling out their upcoming Meizu MX4 smartphone this coming September, and here we are with additional details on the Ubuntu-powered device. In fact, while the Meizu MX4 might not be the slimmest smartphone in the market when it arrives, this does not mean it is not a looker. No sir, far from it. In fact, what you see above happens to be a leaked image of the purported Meizu MX4’s bezel, which is extremely thin as far as the naked eye is able to see. Behind the chassis lies the schematics that will see action during the manufacturing process.

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htc aug19I suppose it is only natural for us to get all excited about the upcoming HTC One M8 for Windows smartphone, which so happens to be a device that will come with all of the bells and whistles that the HTC One M8 offers, and yet it will not run on the hugely popular Android mobile operating system, but rather, will stick to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. This is certainly a bold move by the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, and the latest press invites that they have sent out point to an event in New York this coming August 19.

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gionee thinnestWhen it comes to the world’s thinnest smartphone, you can be sure that this is one particular mantle that the likes of Samsung and Apple do not duke it out for. After all, they prefer to pack their respective devices with plenty of features, and surely that comes with a sacrifice – the size. Gionee, however, thinks differently, having already released the Elife S5.5 earlier this year to be the thinnest smartphone in the world. Having said that, the Gionee GN9005 intends to continue from there, measuring just 5mm thin, and is clearly making it on track to be the new thinnest smartphone in the world.

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gs5 alpha 3When it comes to new smartphones, you can be sure that the likes of Samsung are definitely in front with its fair share of new devices that roll off a seemingly endless production line. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the latest of such smartphones, where we have heard many stories about this unannounced device to date. Apparently, the latest information concerning this bad boy would be it hitting the streets this coming 4th of August, which is more or less one month before many expect Samsung to introduce the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet.

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