MOIA ? das neue Unternehmen für Mobilitätsdienste im Volkswagen Konzern
Volkswagen today announced that it’s launching a new brand called Moia to focus on the future of mobility which includes electric cars, autonomous cars, and ride-sharing services. Moia is Volkswagen’s 13th brand and it’s initially going to focus on car-sharing and ride-sharing services which will be rolled out in two cities in Europe next year before being expanded to other markets across the globe. Moia’s first electric car which may also be capable of driving itself is expected to be ready before 2021.
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It has already been confirmed that there’s a new standalone Batman movie in the pipeline and this time it’s Ben Affleck who’s going to play our favorite Caped Crusader. Details about the plot are slim at this point in time and it hasn’t been confirmed when this movie is going to be released. However, some new information has surfaced online which suggests that the Ben Affleck Batman movie release is likely going to be set in 2018.
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Google today announced the launch of the shop. tap. reward program for Android Pay users in the United Kingdom. Android Pay has been growing steadily across the pond ever since it was launched there in May this year. Starting today and until the end of the year, each time users pay with Android Pay in store or on the Transport for London network they will receive a virtual cracker in the app. They can open the cracker to find out if they’ve won one of the over 100,000 gift cards that Google will be giving out this holiday season.
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Credit cards are the most common method of making payments online. It’s pretty easy to make a payment using a card, you just need to punch in the number, the expiry and the secure code on the back. Card safety issues still persist even though there has been a lot of progress in making online payments secure. A team of researchers has shown that Visa credit card details can get stolen in under six seconds.
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Do you like discounts? Who doesn’t! If you’re interested in purchasing some new Windows-powered machines and other items then you might want to check out the Microsoft 12 Days of Deals 2016 promotion. The promotion is live today and provides substantial discounts on products like notebooks, gaming desktops, and more. These deals are now live on Microsoft’s online store and are also available through the company’s retail stores.
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Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S8 in February next year. The company has a point to prove with its next flagship following the unfortunate demise of the Galaxy Note 7. It’s expected to debut major improvements to the Galaxy S series with the next flagship. A new rumor suggests that the Galaxy S8 is going to have stereo speakers that will tout Harman branding.
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You may remember that Google has made Pixel smartphones exclusive to Verizon in the United States in addition to selling the handsets unlocked and off-contract through its online store. Verizon today detailed a new software update for the Pixel and Pixel XL. It’s likely that the upcoming update for the Pixel on Verizon is Android 7.1.1. It may be a version number bump but it’s actually going to be a minor update for this handset.
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WhatsApp announced recently that it was going to end support for outdated platforms as well as older versions of existing operating systems. It said that the support will cease by the end of 2016. Many BlackBerry and Nokia phones were on the list as well and considering that quite a few people still use them, they were concerned about losing WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned service has now confirmed that it’s extending support for BlackBerry and Nokia phones.
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Over the Black Friday weekend, Sprint enabled subscribers who switched at least one line to the carrier and signed up for Unlimted Freedom with AutoPay to get unlimited data, talk, and text starting at $20 per month for a family of five until January 31st, 2018. The carrier says that this deal proved to be very popular among customers so it has decided to extend its Black Friday offer.
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BMW makes some of the most technologically advanced cars on the market right now so if you’re a thief who’s considering jacking one, you might want to think twice after you hear about what happened to a thief in Seattle. According to a report, Seattle Police reached out to BMW for their help in apprehending a car thief. The company was able to remotely track and lock the car, effectively trapping the thief inside.
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