Amazon is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Kindle hardware by offering discounts on existing models. The company released its first Kindle e-reader a decade ago. The company and its hardware efforts have certainly come a long way since then but the Kindle has been there every step of the way. Amazon has every reason to celebrate this major milestone for the Kindle lineup.
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Google seems to be having a hard time in keeping the Pixel handset in stock. There has been considerable demand for the new Google smartphones and it seems that the company has actually been forced to delay some orders as it struggles to keep up with demand. Google has reportedly delayed some white Pixel 2 orders by a month at least. However, it’s offering a free gift to the affected customers as an olive branch.

Several customers who ordered the white Pixel 2 and got an estimated shipping date of late October have received emails from the company informing them that their orders have been delayed by up to a month. Naturally, they’re frustrated. Many have taken to Twitter and Reddit to vent their frustration at the company.

The affected customers have been provided estimated release dates of up to late next month. That’s not to say that Google can’t ship the handset before then. If the supply improves before the end of last month, it’s quite possible that Google will ship the units as and when they’re in stock.

Regardless of how long these customers are made to wait, Google has said that it’s going to give all of them a free Live Case for the Pixel 2 as an apology. The customers will receive an email with the details they need to claim their free case.

Snap Inc., the company that owns and operates Snapchat, launched its first hardware product last year. Spectacles were meant to make it easier for people to share moments from their day on Snapchat. They were quite popular last year when they came out but the hype has since ended. According to a new report, the company is actually sitting on “hundreds of thousands” of unsold units because there’s no longer any demand for this product.
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There are a lot of Samsung fans that don’t like the idea of a fingerprint sensor at the back. They were vocal in their criticism of the move when Samsung decided to relocate the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint sensor to the back. It did the same thing with the Galaxy Note 8 as well. However, if a new patent application by Samsung is anything to go by, the company might switch back to a front-mounted fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S9.
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It has been a long wait for fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise as Ubisoft wanted to take some time off and rethink major aspects of these games. Assassin’s Creed Origins is the title that’s supposed to bring some of the changes that Ubisoft has come up with during this time. The game’s official release is not that far off anymore and Ubisoft has now published the official 4K launch trailer for Assassin’s Creed Origins.
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OnePlus hasn’t said anything about its plans to launch the much-rumored OnePlus 5T. The circumstantial evidence continues to mount and yet there’s not a word from the company about this so far. The latest OnePlus 5T leak offers us another glimpse at the device.
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We’ve heard a lot of rumors and reports about an upcoming smartphone from HTC. The company is believed to be gearing up to launch the HTC U11 Plus next month. As the name suggests, it’s going to be a slightly improved version of the existing HTC U11 flagship. According to reports, it’s going to have a bezel-less display. The latest HTC U11 Plus leak highlights that possibility.
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The Xbox One has offered backward compatibility for Xbox 360 titles for quite some time now. Microsoft surprised everyone at the E3 2017 gaming convention by announcing that the console will soon offer backward compatibility for some original Xbox titles as well. The feature might be ready to launch as some original Xbox backward compatible games have now surfaced in the online games marketplace for Xbox.
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It was reported yesterday that Google was planning on sharing a portion of its revenues with publishers. The report made it seem like Google was ready to throw a lifeline to struggling publishers. The company has now come out with an official statement and set the record straight. Google has refuted the report, saying that it’s “totally wrong.”
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The most powerful console that Microsoft has ever made is going to come out soon so the company has to ensure that there are enough titles that take full advantage of its amazing performance. The backward compatibility team at Microsoft is enhancing four Xbox 360 titles with Xbox One X-specific enhancements. The titles will thus be able to take proper advantage of the increased gaming prowess of the Xbox One X. It will be possible to play these titles in 4K.
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