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This page contains pre-release information about the iPad 2, and their accuracy can’t be verified or confirmed before Apple releases its official specifications, at which time, we will finalize the page.

Status: Unofficial

Release Date

Update 3/1: The launch date of the iPad 2 has been confirmed to be March 2. Previous speculation and rumors placed the iPad 2 launch on April 2nd or April 9th in the USA, and July for the rest of the world.

Previous speculations mentioned Q1 2011, possibly Feb/March. Apple updates its product on a yearly basis and the iPhone launches have consistently hit in the month of June.



March 2 update: This iPad 2 leak, hours before the announcement is the most plausible design we’ve seen.

Overall, the design is expected to be similar, but early case prototype show a number of small modifications. iPad 2 dummies are either accurate copies or merely speculative tools used by iPad 2 case makers. Upcoming iPad 2 multi-touch gestures could also mean that the home button could eventually go away.

iPad 2
Not everyone agrees on the speaker design, except that it will be different and located at the lower left in the back

New speaker design: As usual, case manufacturers have been showing new case designs ahead of the Apple device release. This time, the cases show a new iPad speaker located in the back. The size and exact location vary from case to case, so those manufacturers don’t seem to have the final specifications.

Thinner design? 8.5mm is rumored to be the new thickness (versus 13.4mm for iPad).

Most people think that it is technically possible to design a thinner iPad. there’s a lot of internal room and Apple can optimize the internal layout. Obviously, Apple mobile products have never gotten thicker so it would not be surprising if that was the case.

iPad 2

USB Port: Persistent rumors about a USB port abound, although no case design does point to such a port, for now. A thinner design might also be a challenge to include a USB port, although a micro USB connector should fit right in. We don’t see it happening.

Mysterious slot, (updated 12/31/10) : A case mold rumored to be for the final product seems to suggest an additional slot on its side – what this slot is for is still up in the air- it could be an SD card slot, a USB slot or something else entirely.


Three (radio) versions: WiFi, UMTS, CDMA. unconfirmed reports from component makers mention that iPad 2 would support both UMTS (GSM 3G) and CDMA networks, in addition to Wifi.

Front camera: with Facetime expanding its reach from iPhone to Desktop (Facetime for Mac OSX), it is almost certain that iPad 2 will have a front-facing camera. The resolution is unknown, but the camera itself will probably surpass the video-chat capabilities of the device. Reports from those who survey components providers indicate that Apple is shopping for a front camera. At this point, everything indicate that there is no camera in the back.

Update 3/1: a screen protector touted to be for the iPad 2 suggests that we’ll be seeing a front facing camera. A slot for the Home button also quashes all rumors about Apple replacing it for a completely gesture-based device.

iPad 2

Check the hole for the back camera on the upper-left

Back Camera: There has been a very strong demand from users for a rear camera. Given the size of the iPad, it is clear that it could host a much higher quality camera than the iPhone’s, which is already very decent. Early iPad 2 cases seem to confirm that there will be support for a back camera.

9.7″ Retina display (2048×1536 pixels): There has  been a lot of talks about the iPad having a “Retina” display like the iPhone 4 does. “Retina” refers to the high pixel density, measured in pixels-per- inch (264 ppi in this case), making it a very dense, and fine display. We have seen such a display, presented to us as “the iPad 2″ display, but there are conflicting informations on this subject. There’s a good chance that the display supplier LG might not be able to provide the volume necessary.

Anti-glare: Whatever the display technology, the next iPad is said to receive a screen that has less glare. The goal is to be a better device for outdoor use. Amazon’s main point during the 2010 holiday ad campaign was that the iPad was that the Kindle was much more readable in direct sunlight. At the moment, we have not seen any evidence that would convince us.

More storage: thanks to progress in semi-conductor technology, it’s almost a given that a new iPad would benefit from lower memory prices, or higher storage density at any given price point.

iPad 2

This might just lead to carbon fiber products from the fruity company down the road

New backside materials? Apple has filed patents about materials like carbon fiber that would be stronger, lighter and probably more signal-friendly than aluminum. However, it’s not certain (or even likely) that these materials are ready for mass-production. In our opinion, Apple would rather stick with the current aluminum than going for plastic in the back. That said, that’s exactly what was done with the iPhone 3G. Even Windows Tablets have been hacked to feature carbon-fiber. The latest leaks indicate that aluminum is still the way to go for Apple’s iPad 2.

iPad mini? (no)

iPad 2

This looks fake to us, but you get the idea of what an iPad mini could look like

There has been constant rumors of an iPad mini that would sport a 7-inch display. However, Steve Jobs has deemed a 7″ device to be too small, saying that 10″ was an ideal size for usability.

iPad 2 final design revealed?

A mock-up model of the iPad 2 was spotted in the wild and if it turns out to be a representation of the real deal, the iPad 2 will be thinner, a bit smaller and will have a rear speaker grill. Another such leak has been spotted hours before the official announcement.

iPad 2

iPad 2 to come in white: according to a recently discovered bezel that’s been rumored to be for the iPad 2, we might be seeing a white iPad 2. Not very surprising since Apple likes to release white versions of their products anyway.

iPad 2

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