It is really fascinating to know that music affects plants growth (positive effects). No wonder it helps us relax as well. Some of us even enjoy creating amazing music tunes and try entertaining the people. No matter for what you need, there are tons of music apps at the App Store for your iPhone.

Do you need a music streaming app? Want to create a tune on the go? Fret not, we have listed the best music apps for iPhone which include apps for both listeners and creators.

Music Apps


spotify for iOS

Spotify is one among the best music apps for iPhone. Unfortunately, it is not available in some countries that include India.

If you are ready for a subscription-based music streaming service ($9.99 per month), Spotify would be the best. You could expect most of the international releases come first here. Spotify service is really at its best to bring in the best exclusive releases for its users.


Google Play Music

google play music for iPhone

Google Play Music is also one of the most loved music apps for iPhone. It may not house as many songs as Spotify offers, but it is the perfect solution if a user is comfortable using every type of google powered services.

The recent update has gained some more attention with a better collection of curated stations and a smart user interface. Why not give it a try?


Apple Music

apple music iPhone

Apple Music is not necessarily the perfect music app for iPhone but it is good enough (at least, it looks more promising with new promo videos pushed on YouTube recently). However, it may not be as good as advertised where “Taylor Swift” gets distracted and falls off the treadmill while listening to Apple Music. But, you can give it a try with the 3 months free trial offer to decide whether it is meant for you or not.

You will observe some great playlists curated by major brands like Nike, Times Music, Shazam, EROS Music, MTV, Vice, and more. If you are looking for a Spotify alternative, Apple Music might serve up to your expectations with good pricing plans (both for individuals and the family)


tidal for iPhone

Tidal is a direct alternative to Spotify. You would observe most of the Spotify users appreciating their switch from Spotify to Tidal.

While it must come down to your personal preferences, but Tidal does provide a great collection of music. In addition, Tidal is the very first music streaming service providing High Fidelity sound quality.



napster for iPhone

Napster is the new Rhapsody. It is one of the best music streaming services in the US.

It gives you access to tons of music from all over the world. It constantly updates the database with weekly releases and some exclusive artist songs as well. You will get quality curated playlists. It offers you a variety of subscriptions starting from as low as 4.99 USD per month.



soundcloud for iphone

Soundcloud is among the largest audio streaming apps for iPhone. It lets you discover new creations and also lets you share your music with the world.

It works offline as well when you have liked the song previously. SoundCloud is recommended to most of the artists out there. You can grab a bunch of followers for your music as well. So, it is both a platform to make use of (if you are an artist) and a streaming service as well (if you are an avid listener).



shazam for iPhone

Shazam is definitely a must have music app for iPhone. It is not primarily a music streaming service but a music discovery tool.

You can use Shazam to know what song is playing. Also, you can find the lyrics to help you out with a karaoke session. In addition, you could find interesting collections discovered by the artists themselves. In order to get rid of the advertisements, you will have to pay a one-time fee of 6 USD (circa).


Music-Making Apps


garageband for iPhone

Garageband is an iOS exclusive by Apple. The app provides you with an amazing collection of virtual instruments and some additional musical tools.

With Garageband installed you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a musical instrument. It includes piano, smart drums, sampler, audio recorder, smart strings, smart bass, smart keyboard, and smart guitar. Interestingly, you also get to use the built-in amplifier module to plug in your guitar and make use of it. It is a great app to have installed if you love creating tunes, need to practice on the go and play with it.

You can also use the app to record certain tunes or samples on your computer with the help of a studio software like Nuendo.


Tabs & Chords

tabs and chords for iPhone

Tabs & Chords is a popular app to learn and play guitar. It aims to help you to learn and play guitar.

It is not an iOS exclusive but also a popular app at the Google Play Store. So, if you have an Android device, you can use it on both of your devices. Being an instrument-specific app, it offers a variety of in-app purchases, which might be overpriced, but definitely worth it if you want to make the most out of it.



noise for iPhone

NOISE is an impressive music-making app by ROLI. You would not find any alternative to it on Android. If you do then do let us know in the comments section below.

NOISE is a modular music-making app by which you can make a great set of rhythms. It offers studio-like sound quality through different modules present. It is easy and tough at the same time (needs creativity skills).

It is a must-have iOS app as well when considered to be available for free. In case you did not know, ROLI aims to build the next-gen music-making devices and you should definitely take a look at their projects!



musyc for iPHone

Musyc is a music-making app with a twist of learning. It takes an approach of a game where you need to move the objects to generate different tunes.

It is definitely a fun and innovative app that you should give a try. After all, it is free to install from the App Store.


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