Accidents happen sometimes and you end up closing one or more important tabs in your browser unintentionally. However, there is nothing to fret about because there is a simple way to restore your recently closed tabs in most browsers. If you are using one of the popular browsers which include but not limited to Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and more then you can easily restore your recently closed tabs by using the methods mentioned below. Read full post →How To Restore Recently Closed Tabs

Formatting a hard drive is a quick way to erasing all content and cleaning a disk up before a sale, or a system installation. It’s not something people do everyday, so it’s OK to have forgotten the steps, or to be a little queezy about doing it. Here’s how to simply format a Windows disk, but let’s look at a few definitions first: Read full post →How To Format A Hard Drive (Windows)

I get this question all the time: people have employees, interns or contractors in the office, share a bunch of possibly sensitive documents, then scramble to unshare everything after the workers are gone. The number of documents is sometimes overwhelming – but fret not, it’s easy to mass-unshare documents if you need to, here’s how. Read full post →How To Unshare One Or Multiple Google Docs Quickly

Just like mailboxes, phones are often the recipients of unwanted messages, except that spam mail doesn’t ring or potentially cost you money. It’s therefore logical that many users want to prevent this from happening. There are two ways to do it, which are called “Call Barring” and “Call Blocking” and we’ll show you how to use either, or both, to your advantage. Read full post →How To Block A Number

If you have a big collection of WMA (a.k.a Windows Media Audio) files, then you have a gold mine. Many new portable MP3 players won’t play your WMA files but fret not because you can now easily convert all your WMA music files to MP3 format and enjoy your music on the go. Below are a few ways you can convert Here’s how you can convert WMA to MP3 on your PC. Read full post →How To Convert WMA to MP3

jump-start-cables-neiko-20607A_bMany people aren’t sure how they should go about jumpstarting a car that has a depleted battery. I have to do it from time to time because I have an old car that I don’t use much, so I’ll explain how to do it, and share some tips that could save time and money in the future. Make sure that you read the safety bits too. Read full post →How To Jump Start A Car In 6 Easy Steps

If you are the only person in your household, then you never want to misplace your phone in your home. Sometimes your phone travels to the notorious nook and cranny where locating it is almost impossible for the human eye. However, there are certain ways you can find your phone without having to search for it. Since you’re living alone, it’s certain that you can not ask anyone else to call your phone, but you can call your phone yourself online. Here are the methods to ring your phone directly through the Internet. Read full post →How to Call Your Phone

Before we dive into the reading of GPS coordinates, it is important that you have a good grasp of the GPS system and basic knowledge of the geographical lines of latitude and longitude. Once you understand that, reading coordinates is very easy, and you can practice with online tools. Read full post →How To Read GPS Coordinates

WordPress (WP) powers an astonishing 25% of the web, and it’s easy for new users to get a 1-click install WP site. Then shortly after that, they come back to their domain looking for how to log into WordPress. No sweat, it’s super easy and we’ll use this as a reference article for subsequent WordPress posts. Login is super easy, and here’s how to do it. Read full post →How To Login To WordPress

Every week, you hear about another hack or Internet scam. Often, hackers have been able to force a user password. This article will help you understand what a strong password is, and what it means. You will then be able to pick a strong password that is easy to remember for you, but hard for others (or machines) to guess. Read full post →How To Create A Strong Password, Easy To Remember