Samsung Knox is an enterprise mobile security solution (technically, a secure data container). KNOX security solution comes in most Samsung Galaxy devices. KNOX can be very useful, but some users want to uninstall it, so we’ll show you how to do it. Read full post →How To Uninstall Knox

Snapchat is a quite popular image sharing app. It gained a lot of attraction for its self-destruct feature, which is fun but your images still can be saved through a simple screenshot.

Now, Snapchat is known mostly for the interesting filters and lenses. It even happens to be a more popular app than Twitter according to reports. Among all the other features present, face swap in Snapchat gets a lot of attention. So, here, we will take a look at how to face swap in Snapchat. Read full post →How To Face Swap In Snapchat

Google Play Store comes installed on most Android smartphones. If the Google’s Play Store stops working on your device for some reason, there would be a hell lot of issues you would encounter. First, you will not be able to keep the applications up-to-date. Second, you will have to download new applications from 3rd Party Android app stores, which adds a security risk to your device.

Would you be willing to expose your Android smartphone to potential risks or would you prefer trying out some methods to resolve the issue with the Play Store? Read full post →Google Play Store Not Working: 10 Proven Fixes

It happens that we visit places less often when we do not find an active WiFi hotspot (more importantly, a free one). Moreover, when sitting at a restaurant, the first thing we are curious about is whether the restaurant offers a free WiFi or not. Fortunately, there are many ways which one can follow to get free WiFi almost anywhere, and do it with minimal hassle. Let us check them out: Read full post →How to get free WiFi

After Facebook acquired Instagram, it pushed several updates to the app revealing new UI (user interface) tweaks and some new features as well. One of the most loved additions in 2013 was the ability to share a 15-second video. Now, in contrast, it gives you the privilege of recording a 60-seconds video.

Surprisingly, video sharing activity on Instagram surpassed the statistical figures compared to the activity on the video entertainment app Vine. So, obviously, there is a lot of demand to download Instagram videos nowadays. Read full post →How to Download Instagram Videos

There may be a need to install the Google Play Store when you do not have it pre-installed or if you are facing any kind of issues with the current version and you want to update the Google Play Store. Also, if you are not happy with Google’s speed of rolling out the Play Store updates in your country, you can also choose to manually update it. Read full post →How to Install The Google Play Store

When everything works fine on an Android device, it is a good sign for the user experience. When you encounter an error that says – “Unfortunately, <App name> has stopped“, the user gets frustrated! Maybe the user was in the middle of doing something important and now that the application forcefully stopped, everything is literally gone! The user has to re-launch the app and start over again! So, in this article, we have compiled a list of methods that you can try to fix Unfortunately, <App> has Stopped error. Read full post →How to Fix Unfortunately App has Stopped Error on Android

Did you just delete a bunch of photos in order to free up some storage space, or worse, you deleted important photos by accident? Fret not, there are several tools and methods that would help you to recover the deleted photos on Android. Read full post →How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android

A number of people asked us what they should do in order to be logged out of Facebook Messenger. Some may want to log back in with a different account, or didn’t like the experience. In any case, just follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way out. Read full post →How To Log Out of Facebook Messenger On Android

Unquestionably, Android OS leads when it comes to the Smartphone OS market share. Clearly, being an open source project, it is quite hard for a proprietary OS to compete with Android OS for the moment. And, Google releases major Android versions on a yearly basis with a lot of new additions. So, you need to update your Android OS to keep up with the latest features and make the most out of your Android device. Read full post →How to Update Your Android OS