Location services control which applications/websites access your location information. If you are a privacy buff, you may need to disable the location services. However, some applications may require you to enable the location services. But, how to enable location services on iPhone?

In this article, we will get to know the steps you need to follow in order to enable location services on iPhone. Read full post →How To Enable Location Services On iPhone (Quick Guide)

DNS stands for Domain Name Servers (or System) and it contains the information of domain names as one would write down the phone numbers in a phone book. Here, the information refers to the IP addresses associated with a domain name. If you are keen to know more about the DNS servers, you should check out Wikipedia’s resource page about the Name Server. Using a good DNS server can improve your Internet experience.

Now, why do we want to change DNS server settings? Most importantly, how to change DNS server settings? In this article, you will get to know how to change DNS server settings and why we might need to. Read full post →How To Change DNS Server (Windows or Router)

Uber is an incredibly popular ridesharing app. Recently, it revealed its aim to test flying cars in 2020. Without a doubt, Uber is committed to constant development. No matter how convenient it (here, Uber app) is, some do not have a clue at all (or confused about certain things) while using the app.

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If you are an active Instagram user, you must be looking for a way to upload photos to Instagram from a PC/Desktop. Fret not; there are quite a few methods to let you upload photos to Instagram right from your desktop. However, not every tool available for the job works. In this article, we have listed the best method to let you upload photos to Instagram from your PC. Read full post →How to upload photos to Instagram from your PC

Ransomware is a type of malware that locks your files (or blocks access to them) and threatens to wipe them or publish them online until the ransom is paid. It was not a trending thing a few years back (though it was still dangerous). However, now, even the novice virus writers have access to powerful and effective ransomware-making tools and code. Read full post →How To Remove or Prevent Ransomware For Free

The iPhone does have a mute switch if you do not want to be disturbed by notifications and incoming calls. It does not disable the notifications but just mutes them (the notifications may still appear). Maybe it is a festival day, and you cannot block all of your friends or mute them one by one to stop receiving notifications.

So, how to turn off notifications on iPhone? Do you want to block pop-up notifications or simply want to disable the badge counter? Whatever be the case, in this article we have covered everything you would want to know about turning off the notifications or badges on iPhone. Read full post →How to Turn Off Notifications on iPhone

TeamViewer, is a widely used computer remote-access application that lets you connect across devices and control them. It also gives you the ability to communicate with users, setup meetings and share files with them. In this tutorial, we shall explain you how to use TeamViewer and what other interesting things you can do with it. Read full post →How To Use TeamViewer

WhatsApp is unquestionably the most popular instant messaging service till date. The platform has probably around 1.3 billion monthly active users now. Being a feature-rich IM app, a lot of users want to utilize WhatsApp Messenger on their PCs as well. But, how to install WhatsApp on PC? Can you really use WhatsApp on PC?

There could be a lot of methods to install and use WhatsApp on PC. In this article, we will list two of easiest ways to install and use WhatsApp on PC. Read full post →How To Install+Use WhatsApp on PC, 2 Easy Ways

Bookmarks are shortcuts to your favorite web pages for quick access. For instance, if you are looking for a guide to install Ubuntu on Windows, and let us assume that the web page you encountered is beneficial to get the job done. In this case, you might want to bookmark the web page for future reference (in case you need to do it again!).

So, bookmarks are not just the web pages which are frequently accessed; it could also contain the web pages that you would want to read (or refer to) in the future, without requiring to navigate through the search engines again. In this article, we will get to know how to bookmark on iPhone. Read full post →How To Bookmark on iPhone (Safari+Chrome)

System Image Backup is a Windows feature, that enables you to create a backup of your hard-drive for recovery purposes. It creates a full-disk backup including the user data and apps.  Hence, in case, there’s a hard-drive failure, you can restore your PC to a previous state, very easily. You don’t need to reinstall Windows from scratch or even, setup the applications once again. Your system is reverted to the way it was before a hard-drive crash, with all the apps installed. Read full post →How To Create A Windows System Image