If you are not careful enough and download/install every software without looking, then there is a good chance you have already met Ask Toolbar. While downloading software you might give a software permission to add Ask toolbar as well. So installing Ask toolbar is not an issue at all, but removing it can be a little headache.

Ask.com will not only install the Ask Toolbar, but also other things that are difficult to get rid of. They will add an extension and change your search engine that will not be removed with the standard removal process.

Although, Ask.com do offer a removal software after being criticized so much, but still there is a chance that it might not be removed, so you need to know both manual and automatic methods.

Tip: While installing, try to read everything before clicking on “Next”, “OK” or “Install”. Ask toolbar is not the only software that can get in your system like this, uncheck any added software if you don’t need it. Furthermore, if there is an option of “Custom Installation” in any installer, select it, instead of going for the “Recommended”. Read full post →How To Remove The Ask Toolbar

In case you have never hit the email file attachment size limit yet, then you should know that most email providers only allow maximum 10MB file while Yahoo and Gmail offer 20MB and 25MB respectively. For sending documents and sharing some photos, the available size is enough, but what if you need to send something bigger online?

There are many services that will just let you upload bigger files and share it with another person via email, or share a download link with anyone you want. Some services will also let you password protect sent files, so only the person who knows the password will be able to open and download the file.

The process is not that hard, but choosing the right service is very important and we will help you find the right service that fits your needs perfectly. Although, there are many paid services, but we are going to focus on getting the job done in free. However, if your needs are bigger, then you can always opt for their paid service. Read full post →How To Send Large Files (For Free)

When it comes to Social media networks, Facebook is definitely dominating. With more than a billion users, Facebook is a force to reckon with. However, Facebook can also be quite addictive and make it impossible to live a normal life with notifications and messages jumping towards you every minute.

There are also many other reasons why people would like to quit Facebook, For example, Envy. Many people are not comfortable spending time on Facebook, as they envy other peoples’ “advertised” perfect life. If you are one of them, then you should give this Article a look, it might be able to change your mind.

If you want to get rid of Facebook completely, you need to delete your account permanently. Although, the process might not be that easy and you need to make sure you are out of Facebook circle completely. Read full post →Completely Delete Your Facebook Account

When you first got your Android phone, it must be shiny with blazing speed. You could easily switch between apps and navigate without any kind of lag, however, as time passes you will start to see some lag. Apps will stop your breath for a second before starting and switching between apps may make you hammer your phone.

Well, if this is happening to you then don’t worry, sooner or later this happens to every smartphone user. As you use your phone and fill data in it, its performance is affected as it needs to search between more data to fulfill your command.

You can get rid of useless data and use some neat tricks to speed up your android phone. In this Tutorial, we will help you clean up your phone and use proper settings to gain some noticeable speed. Read full post →How To Speed Up Android Phones

Videos are the best way to express pretty much anything, however, video format support is limited on most devices and services. You can’t just play an HD camcorder AVCHD video on a standard Smartphone.

The good news is, converting video format is actually quite easy and doesn’t take much time either. You can play almost any video on any device you want just by converting it to the required format.

Converting video format also affects the size of the video, it can increase or decrease. This is quite handy if you need to upload the video to any service where people could download it. Tampering with bitrate of a Video can also decrease the size of the video, however, the quality may also be sacrificed. You can check out this article “How To Compress Video”, if you intend to decrease size of a video.

In this Tutorial, we are going to address three different and completely free to use tools. You can just use the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Read full post →How To Convert Video Formats

For Troubleshooting problems, Windows Safe mode is quite essential. Although, most of the problems can easily be solved in normal mode, but still there are some sticky ones that won’t go away that easily.

In safe mode, minimum programs and drivers are started, which makes it easier to access your system without any bad programs getting in your way (in most cases).

To boot Windows Safe mode, the process is quite simple. You can access safe mode by two methods. If you have access to normal Windows, then you can access safe mode from inside by configuring settings or you can start safe mode when the computer starts by pressing F8 key when it starts. If your computer doesn’t shut down properly, then you will also be provided an option to start in safe mode, however, doing this on purpose is not recommended.

The Below mentioned methods work on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Read full post →How To Start Windows Safe Mode (XP, Win 7, Win 8)

Backing up your phone is a sound decision that will help you in the future. Android phones are definitely not made of Adamantium and a good strike can easily make them useless.

Accidents with phones happen more often than you think. What if you slip your phone out of your car’s window, at the speed of 80km/h! (Not while driving, of course). Or may be you just need to Factory Reset your phone for any specific reason. Many issues can arise, but you don’t have to lose all your data along with your phone.

If you will backup your phone data today, you won’t have to cry about it tomorrow. However, backing up your phone data is not something just one tap away. You either have to hurt your wallet or go through different processes to backup your phone.

In this tutorial, we are going to cover the “Free” methods to backup your phone data. However, you will have to scatter your data over different apps to back it up. Read full post →How To Backup Android Phones

Android comes with built-in protection feature to prevent unauthorized use of your phone. You can use the medium (Pattern) or high (Password) security, according to your requirement to prevent people from accessing your phone data.

However, there is a chance you might end up forgetting your password/pattern and lock yourself out of your phone. Furthermore, if your phone doesn’t have any protection, then anyone can lock your phone easily if they get access to it (quite a common prank). But don’t worry, we can help you access your device with some simple tricks.

Warning: You should only bypass the security of your own phone that you personally own. The below mentioned methods should never be used to access phone of any other person without their consent. You will be solely responsible for any possible action taken against you. Read full post →How To Bypass Android Lock Screen

Text Messages (SMS) are one of the fastest and most widely used methods of communication, so it is not a surprise that it will also be used to spam or harass. If you are not blocking these messages, then most probably you are will currently receiving messages from different numbers offering services, information, etc.

However, you can easily block text messages from any number you want, using more than just one method. If you believe you are okay with receiving few texts everyday, then think again, because you are also paying for them unless you have an unlimited SMS plan.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can block texts from different numbers using different methods. Not all of the methods will work for you, but if you need help with any method let us know in the comments below. Read full post →How To Block Text Messages On Android

Call recording is quite an amazing feature, every day we make many calls and some of them are quite important as well. Someone told you an address on call and you didn’t write it down? Just listen to the call again. May be you called a customer service and want to listen to the instructions again? Read full post →How To Record Phone Calls (Android)