Entering the time in Excel is very easy. However, knowing the exact methods to do so will be more helpful. Suppose, you want to display the date along with the time, or if you simply want the time to update as per when the document is accessed. Read full post →How To Enter Time And Date In Excel

When you put a location in an Instagram photo or video – you add a geo-tag to your uploaded file. It not only lets your friends know of the location where you are at, but also enables everyone who views your posts to search more relevant photos of that particular location. Read full post →How to Add a Location In Instagram

Unblocking someone on Instagram can be useful in case you accidentally blocked someone, or simply changed your mind. The interface can be confusing, so we had many people ask about this. Here’s how to do it. Read full post →How To Unblock Someone On Instagram (Easy!)

Cortana is a digital assistant similar to Siri in iPhone. While you need to say “Hey Siri” to summon the digital assistant on your iphone, you need to enable cortana on your Windows machine and then say “Hey Cortana” to make it work. Here’s how to make Cortana always listen for your commands.

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GIFs are everywhere these days. While some of us don’t find them particularly funny, we do use them from time to time to roast a friend about his fresh profile pic on Facebook or to express our enthusiasm about The Office coming back to TV.

Since using GIFs has gone mainstream, the process of creating one has become quite easy as well. In this tutorial, we are going to be guiding you through GIF creation out of a YouTube video. Read full post →How To Make a GIF From A YouTube Video

Over the last few years, YouTube has been slowly replacing TV all around the world. One can watch pretty much anything on Google’s video platform; from The Late Night Show and Smosh to live news and a debate on healthcare. Read full post →How To Play a YouTube video In The Background (Android/iOS)

During any browsing session, every page that we visit is being saved to our browser’s history. Along with that, cookies, auto-fill data, cached and downloaded files are being stored as well. But what happens when one wants to erase all this stuff?

The process is a piece of cake; regardless which browser you use. In this tutorial, we will be covering Chrome and Firefox for desktop and mobile, as well as Microsoft’s Edge and Samsung’s Android browser. Read full post →How To Clear Browsing Data on Chrome, Firefox and Edge

MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container) is a superior open-standard free video file format which supports storing an unlimited number of videos, audio, and subtitles in a single file (usually the file size is big). It also supports a lot of different formats like AC3 i.e Dolby Digital audio codec.

However, you will not be able to play. MKV multimedia files on every device (be it a DVD player,  a smart TV or your smartphone) – it is simply not compatible with a lot of video players. So, that’s why we need to know how to convert MKV to MP4. No matter whether you want to resolve the compatibility issues with a video player or probably generate a smaller video file size in MP4 format, we’ve got you covered. Read full post →How To Convert MKV to MP4

Unquestionably, Instagram Stories is now a very popular feature just like Snapchat stories (where it all started). Moreover, with the ability to upload older photos and videos, it has become a bigger trend. So, if you were wondering about the working solutions on how to save Instagram stories on your phone, you’ve reached the right place on the Internet. No matter whether you own an iPhone or an Android device, we have compiled a couple of solutions to help you save Instagram stories to your smartphone. Read full post →How To Save Instagram Stories

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