When you encounter a serious bug or your device tends to perform slower, you sometimes want to start with a clean slate: a factory reset. In a nutshell, a factory reset reverts the configuration and settings to a completely “brand new” (getting back to the state when you purchased your device and simply turned it in ON without any modifications).  Read full post →How to factory Reset your Phone (Android+iOS)

No matter what device you own, whether it is an Android or an iPhone, you need to keep applications up to date to get the latest and greatest features and bug fixes (including security) as soon as they land.

It is really simple to update your apps on both Android and iOS devices. We will explain the procedure to let you know how to update your apps for both mobile OS environments. Read full post →How to Update Your Apps (Android+iPhone)

It happens: you lose your phone, freak out because there’s a ton of personal information in it. You go to Android Device Manager (aka ADM), lock your phone with a temporary password and ask ADM for a remote wipe.

Later, it turns out that the phone was just misplaced and out of battery. If you turn it on, it should be wiped right away.

The thing is: once the remote wipe has been requested, there is no way to prevent the command from being SENT (save time, don’t search further), but you prevent the command from being RECEIVED (and executed). Read full post →How To Cancel An Android Remote Wipe: Real Solution

While working with larger spreadsheets, you will need to know how to freeze cells in Excel. You do not need to scroll up and down repeatedly, instead just freeze the cells to compare the header information with the rest of the rows quickly. So, here, we explain you the technique to freeze cells in Excel. Read full post →How To Freeze Cells In Excel

You may want only to transfer SMS messages from an Android device to iPhone. The reason: you might be switching over to an iPhone (nothing wrong with that!) or for some reason you may require the SMS conversations present on your Android device to also be on your iPhone. We will show two of the easiest ways by which you can transfer SMS messages from Android to iPhone. Read full post →Transfer SMS Messages From Android To iPhone

If you are making a switch from an iPhone to Android, you will need to transfer everything you can to your new device. You might think of it as a time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this article, we are going to explain how to transfer SMS messages from iPhone to Android. Follow the steps below to do it easily and efficiently, for free. Read full post →Transfer SMS Messages from iPhone To Android

If you own a Chromebook or if you want to collaborate online to work on any documents, Google Docs is a tool that works well and many people opt for that choice. Google Docs is a simple yet powerful online tool which lets you easily format your document. However, its interface is different from other word processors, and a number of people try to figure out how to change the margins. We will explain that process in this article. Read full post →How to Change Margins In Google Docs

Jailbreaking your iPhone lets you utilize Cydia and do other things (Jailbreaking = unlocking Apple’s controls on user permission to install any apps and change any settings). Also, there are other benefits to it. However, at some point in time, you may want to undo what you have done i.e unjailbreak your device. For instance, taking your device to Apple’s service center would require you to unjailbreak iPhone because if they found out it’s jailbroken, they will not possibly cover the repair charges (you will have to pay!).

In either case, if you want the data on your device to stay secure by installing the latest iOS update, you will again need to unjailbreak your iPhone. So, whatever be your case, you definitely need to know how to unjailbreak iPhone. Read full post →How To Unjailbreak The iPhone

No matter for what you use Yahoo Mail for, be it for work or family communication purposes, you will definitely encounter annoying emails like referral spam, fake advertisement offers, etc… that you may want to block. We will show you how to block someone in yahoo mail permanently. If you want, you can unblock that address/person later as well. Read full post →How to Block someone in Yahoo Mail

You will probably want to backup your iPhone to iCloud being a reliable cloud storage solution by Apple. Now, that you have already backed up your iPhone to iCloud, you may want to restore it at some point. Read full post →How To Restore iPhone From iCloud