How To Use Bluestacks, Easy Guide

Bluestacks is an incredibly popular software tool for Windows. It is one of the best Android emulators for PC out there. Initially, it was not a perfect tool, but as the number of Bluestacks users went up, the developers put a lot more effort to improve it as it is today.

Being a good Android emulator for PC, a lot of users fail to figure out how to install apps with Bluestacks or how to play games on Bluestacks. Fret not, to those who are either confused or do not have a clue how to use Bluestacks, we have got you covered with everything you would need to know about Bluestacks.

How To Setup Bluestacks

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You need to first download the latest Bluestacks 3 software onto your computer from the official site of Bluestacks. Now, you will have to install the software tool on your Windows system. When done, simply launch the Bluestacks application and then follow the steps given below:

1. Click on “Agree” when asked to improve location accuracy. If you do not want that, click on “Disagree.”

how to use bluestacks - location accuracy

2. Now, you will have to select your language preference. For me, it is English (India) as shown in the image below.

laguage preference - bluestacks

3. Now, you would need to sign in with your Google account. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you would be asked to head to a browser window to authorize the account. It will not launch a separate browser window but will utilize the in-app browser.

bluestacks - google sign in

You will have to enter your credentials in this screen:

sign in bluestacks

As previously mentioned, if 2FA is enabled for your Google account, this is what you will observe next:

bluestacks - browser sign in

4. When you are done signing in, you will be greeted with a couple of options to turn on backup/restore for your Google account and a location/Wi-Fi usage toggle.

additional options for bluestacks

How To Use Bluestacks To Run Apps & Games

After setting up your Google account, you need to know how to use Bluestacks to install an app or run a game. Fret not; we will guide you through the steps (though it is straightforward!).

1. When you launch Bluestacks, you will probably be on the “Home” tab. In case you are not, just click on the “Home” tab.

2. Now, to find an app or a game, you need to be in the App Center window. You may observe three options that include – “My Apps,” “App Center,” & “Help Center.” You need to click on “App Center” to proceed.

bluestacks apps and games

3. At the top-right corner, you will observe a search bar. Just type in the name of the app or game you want to install.

4. After you are done, hit the Enter key or click on the search icon to get started.

5. Now, you will observe the Google Play Store listing all the games and apps to your searched keyword. Click on the one you want to install.

bluestacks games

6. Just like you do on your Android smartphone, click on “Install” and then accept the permissions to start installing it.

how to use bluestacks

After you have successfully downloaded and installed the app or game, you can find it in the “My Apps” tab to launch it.

Account Profile & Basic Settings

If you head into the “Account” tab by clicking on the profile icon, you will find the option to edit your information. Also, you may choose to upgrade your account to a premium subscription to remove ads, blockers, and unlock premium support. It costs 3.33 USD per month if billed annually else it would be 4 USD per month for the premium subscription.

We have included an image below to help you know more about the options present in the “Account” tab.


Wrapping Up

Still wondering how to use Bluestacks? Let me know the problem in the comments down below. If you have figured out how to use Bluestacks by now, let us know what games or apps you prefer to run on Bluestacks!

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