galaxy-s7-design_03The rumors of the Galaxy S8 are starting to ramp up. Given that Samsung has more or less killed the Note 7, this means that as far as Samsung’s next flagship is concerned, all eyes are on the Galaxy S8. Recently there have been new rumors out of China which pretty much “confirms” what we have heard so far. Read full post →Latest Galaxy S8 Rumored Reaffirms 5.5-inch 4K Display, 6GB RAM

Despite Google confirming that their Pixel phones are only IP53 certified, it seems that many are keen to put the phones to the test to see just how long they could survive. Recently we saw a video in which the phone was submerged underwater for 30 minutes and to our surprise, it continued to function just fine. Read full post →Google Pixel Undergoes Another Water Test, This Time For 1 Hour

whatsapp-video-calls-android-screenshotWhatsApp has proven itself that it is more than just a messenger app. Over the years the company has been improving and adding new features that makes it more than just an app that sends and receives messages, such as the the ability to make voice calls, and soon it could even making video calls. Read full post →Video Calls Now Live On WhatsApp Beta For Android

harmonyalexaLogitech has just announced what we knew was coming: some Logitech’s Harmony remote devices can now be controlled by voice via the Amazon Alexa smart speaker. This new ability is available now in the U.S and will be made available to the U.K “in the coming months,” says Logitech. Read full post →Logitech Harmony Now Connected To Amazon Alexa

warcraft_worldEver since fan-run servers Nostalrius caught the attention of Blizzard, it led to many gamers discussing the possibility of having separate World of Warcraft servers setup just to play the vanilla version of the game. Unfortunately it seems that Blizzard won’t have an answer for us until after BlizzCon 2016. Read full post →Blizzard Will Only Discuss Legacy World Of Warcraft Servers After BlizzCon

Apple-sign-logo110712125041For many years now, Apple has been a largely profitable company with revenue that seems to be increasing on an annual basis. However as the saying goes, what goes up must come down, and it seems that tomorrow Apple is expected to for the first time since 2001 announce a decline in annual revenue. Read full post →Apple Expected To Announce First Decline In Annual Revenue Since 2001

Apple_Watch_Series_2Earlier this month it was revealed that the Apple Watch Nike+ will be launching on the 28th of October, and it looks like the date and additional details about the launch have since been confirmed by Apple themselves. According to the announcement, we can look forward to the device launching in 41 countries at the start. Read full post →Apple Watch Nike+ To Launch In 41 Countries On October 28

google-maps-ios-food-orderingWhile Google Maps might have started out as an app/service to help users find their way around a city or country, over the years Google has made improvements to the service where it do a lot more. For example it can provide users with times and routes for buses/trains, it can help users hail an Uber, and recently for iOS, it even provides food delivery service information. Read full post →Google Maps For iOS Updated With Food Delivery Service Info

If you’re wondering which flagship phone of 2017 you should get, there are a few choices. But if you’ve narrowed it down to either a Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung or the new Google Pixel phones, you’ll be pleased to know that YouTuber SuperSaf TV has recently uploaded a video which compares the speed between both phones. Read full post →Google Pixel & Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Face Off In Speed Test

canon_eos_m5_10Earlier this year there were rumors that Canon was working on a full frame mirrorless camera. The camera was rumored for a launch at Photokina, but obviously that did not happen. Instead we got the Canon EOS M5 which honestly based on the specs and features and design, is a marked improvement over Canon’s previous mirrorless efforts. Read full post →Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Still In The Works [Rumor]