foxconn-factory-680x382Apple used to have a reputation of being one of the more secretive tech companies around. For the most part they still are, although in recent years their announcements no longer come as a surprise a specs, details, and sometimes even photos of products are leaked ahead of their official announcement. Read full post →Foxconn To Build Facility To Build Apple Prototypes

tag-heuer-connected-rose-goldWhen TAG Heuer launched their Connected smartwatch, it was a smartwatch priced at $1,500. This makes it considerably more expensive than all the other smartwatches out there in the market today so you couldn’t be blamed if maybe you thought that the device wouldn’t sell quite as well. Read full post →TAG Heuer Sold More Smartwatches Than They Expected

apple_logo2Earlier this week the FTC filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm in which they alleged that the company had “forced” Apple to use their chips in exchange for lowering licensing fees, which is along the lines of monopolistic behavior and clearly a big no-no in the eyes of the FTC. Unfortunately Qualcomm’s legal woes don’t end there as Apple has since filed a lawsuit themselves. Read full post →Apple Sues Qualcomm, Claims Payment Was Withheld As ‘Extortion’

vine_video_archiveAs you’ve probably learnt by now, Vine has shut down its video services. This was confirmed back in October of 2016 where Twitter announced their plans to shutter the service. That being said, it seems that Vine isn’t quite done with video just yet as the platform has just launched a searchable video archive of all the videos that have been uploaded to its website. Read full post →Vine Launches A Searchable Video Archive Of Its Old Videos

zelda breath of the wildWhen watching foreign language movies or TV shows, like Japanese anime, it’s usually better to watch the original versions that are dubbed in Japanese. Of course since not all of us can understand Japanese, having English subtitles with Japanese audio is usually a pretty awesome combination. Read full post →‘Breath Of The Wild’ Will Not Have Dual Audio Options

facetimeFaceTime has been pretty much a one-to-one experience, meaning if you want to call multiple people at the same time, that’s too bad because you can’t. This is versus other platforms like Google Hangouts and Skype which has supported group video calls for the longest time ever, but iOS and Mac users won’t have to wait much longer. Read full post →iOS 11 Rumored To Bring About Group FaceTime Calls

android-instant-tetheringTethering and turning our phones into WiFi hotspots is handy when you need to do some work on your laptop and the current WiFi is either too slow or not stable or simply not available. However sometimes setting up a WiFi hotspot can be a bit finicky but not to worry as Google seems to have a solution. Read full post →Google Play Services Introduces New ‘Instant Tethering’ Feature

android nougatSeveral days ago we reported that Sony had begun to roll out the Android 7.0 Nougat update to its Xperia handsets. This is great news for Xperia owners, but unfortunately it seems that some of you guys might have to wait a while. This is because Sony has confirmed that they have halted the rollout of the update. Read full post →Sony Halts Android 7.0 Nougat Update For Its Xperia Devices

If you’ve played World of Warcraft or any MMORPG for that matter, you know that cooking is usually one of the skills/professions that are offered to gamers. While it does have benefits for the character, like more critical strike, more stamina, and so on, it is also just a fun thing for gamers to do who don’t necessarily want to raid all day. Read full post →World Of Warcraft Cooking Show Launched In South Korea

note 7 explodeSamsung has confirmed that they will be sharing the results of their investigation with us this coming Monday, the 23rd of January. There has been quite a bit of speculation as to what might have went wrong, and recently it was suggested that the battery was to blame. It’s starting to look that way thanks to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. Read full post →New Report ‘Confirms’ Batteries To Blame For Note 7 Problems