leaked-nokias-1200x775The other day a rendering of the Nokia “Moonraker” smartwatch surfaced, giving us a look at what could have been for Nokia’s wearables plan. Now we’re sure the company has a ton of products that never quite made it to the finish line, and now thanks to a leaked photo, a bunch of unreleased Nokia devices has surfaced. Read full post →Cancelled Nokia Smartphones And Tablets Leaked In Photo

Graphene-structure-1020x610Right now the limitations placed on some of our electronic gadgets like phones, tablets, and smartwatches would be its battery life. Sure, over the years we’ve seen battery capacity increased, and there have also been new ways of charging batteries faster, but for the most part they still take a while to charge and aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. Read full post →New Graphene Batteries Charge Faster & Lasts Longer

oppo chinaOppo is a company that we hear about every now and then, although to be fair most of their products tend to be sold within the Asian region. However could Oppo be a company that Apple and Samsung needs to keep an eye on in the future? Perhaps, especially with the numbers released by Counterpoint (via GSMArena) are accurate. Read full post →Oppo Is China’s Number One Smartphone Maker

cyanogenmod-m6The other day it was reported that according to the rumors, Cyanogen Inc. was undergoing some massive layoffs. It should be noted that Cyanogen Inc. and the work it does for OEMs is separate from CyanogenMod which is largely supported by the Android community, but it seems that there might have been some confusion over the differences of both companies. Read full post →Steve Kondik Reassures That CyanogenMod Is Not Going Anywhere

spam_callerThere’s a very good chance that every now and then you will receive a call from an unknown number. There are some who are hesitant when answering calls from people they don’t know, and sometimes it can be hard knowing whether the number is from your bank informing you of your account, or a telemarketer. Read full post →Android’s Phone App Will Now Warn Of Spam Callers

Want to try out Ubuntu without saying goodbye to your lovely Windows OS, or without having to setup a new PC?

There are several ways with which you would be able to install Ubuntu on Windows. We have something for everyone, you might consider following the toughest solution or the easiest one. Nevertheless, in the end, you’ll be able to try out Ubuntu on Window (that’s what matters!).
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Samsung has launched yet another budget handset. Merely a fortnight after it unveiled the Galaxy J2 (2016), the company today came out with the Galaxy J2 Pro. Some might find it odd that Samsung is launching an upgraded model of a handset that came out just two weeks ago, but these things rarely make any sense, which is why the Galaxy J2 Pro was introduced in all its glory today.
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Square Enix today released the first English teaser trailer for Mobius Final Fantasy, the upcoming smartphone fantasy role-playing game that the developer promises features “action battles, deep character customization, and console-quality HD visuals.” The game has already been available in Japan for quite some time now and is soon going to be released across the globe, which is why there’s a need to launch an English teaser trailer of this game.
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Some retailer listings were spotted recently which gave rise to the possibility that a Darksiders remaster could be in the pipeline for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U. This has now been officially confirmed by Nordic Games at Gamepolis 2016. The developer has confirmed that it’s working on a Darksiders remaster for the aforementioned consoles. The release is currently scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.
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Sony’s PlayStation Vue TV streaming service will soon become very attractive to sports fans, football fans in particular. It has been announced today that both NFL Network and NFL RedZone will soon be available via PlayStation Vue. NFL Media has signed a deal with Sony for national distribution of NFL Network and NFL RedZone on its internet TV streaming service. Both live TV channels will be added to Vue in time for the 2016 NFL football season.
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