Google is gradually making inroads into China, a country that still bans some of its core services. Over the past few months we have seen some Google apps and services being opened up to users in the world’s most populous country and now the company appears to be willing to keep that momentum going forward which is why it has announced its plans to invest over half a billion dollars into, an e-commerce giant based in China.
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Google has never offered a dedicated podcasts app for Android before but it’s finally making amends. Its rival Apple already has a separate Podcasts app for its mobile devices and Google is now following suit with a dedicated Podcasts app for Android. Prior to this app, users could either listen to podcasts in Google Play Music or use an obscure player integrated into Android’s search feature.
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Fornite was launched on the Nintendo Switch recently and PlayStation 4 owners don’t get progression sync or cross-play with the console, much like how it is with the Xbox One. The block prevents the player from carrying over their progress, purchases, and skins from Fortnite on PlayStation 4 to either console. Joe Smedley, the former boss of Sony Online Entertainment, claims that the block is due to “money.”
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Recent reports have suggested that Samsung has a couple of new products in the pipeline, the Gear S4 and the Galaxy Tab S4. Some have claimed that at least one of these products may be launched with the Galaxy Note 9 that’s due to be unveiled in August. However, the latest whispers from the street suggest that the Gear S4 and the Galaxy Tab S4 may not be launched in August.
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Adobe has announced that the integration of Document Cloud with Microsoft Office 365 has been improved. This will enable Office 365 users to create, edit, view, and secure PDFs through Office 365 online. They will be able to do perform all of these tasks from the toolbar in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and SharePoint.
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The bulk of Apple’s iPhones are made in China and that’s pretty much a well-established fact. However with the trade war brewing between the US and China, we’re sure that Apple has to wonder what could be the result of these tensions? Could it be that they might end up facing tariffs, which in turn could result in more expensive iPhones? Read full post →Trump Promises Apple That There Won’t Be iPhone Tariffs

The file explorers on our computers let us preview files before we open them. For example users can open a ZIP file to look inside its contents without having to extract all of it. This is something that we’re sure Dropbox users will appreciate the good news is that Dropbox has since expanded the files preview feature to include more file types. Read full post →Dropbox Update Lets Users Preview More Files Types

For a moment it almost felt like Disney’s bid for Fox was almost a done-deal, but recently we have been hearing that Comcast wants in on the action and has actually made a bid of $65 billion for the company. This is versus the $52 billion that Disney had initially offered, meaning that Comcast is willing to pay $13 billion more. Read full post →Disney Will Reportedly Increase Its Bid For Fox

Sorting photos back in the day used to be quite a chore as you’d have to go through photos manually and group them by yourself. If you don’t keep up with it, chances are you might end up with hundreds, if not thousands of photos to go through which could take forever. These days technology has made it a lot easier. Read full post →Google Photos Will Group Similar Photos Taken Around The Same Time

In a way it is a little ironic when you think about how when smartphones were on the rise, developers were rushing to bring desktop apps onto mobile. For example services that were typically accessed via the desktop, such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and so on were quickly given mobile apps. Read full post →Android Messages For The Web Is Now Live