Microsoft’s Edge browser might not necessarily be the most feature-rich browser, but if there’s one thing you can’t say it isn’t, it would be that it isn’t secure. Microsoft has recently announced a new feature called Windows Defender Application Guard that will help protect the browser from any attempts from hacking. Read full post →Microsoft Edge Browser Get Windows Defender Application Guard Feature

whatsapp-logo-newLast month WhatsApp decided to put into place a rather controversial policy that would basically collect user data and share it with Facebook. Safe to say that many users weren’t too thrilled about it, although the upside is that this collection of data is opt-in, meaning that if you choose not to share your data, you won’t have to. Read full post →Germany Wants Facebook To Stop Collecting WhatsApp User Data

mclaren-p1tmLast week there were rumors that Apple could be considering buying up McLaren to aid their electric car plans, but McLaren has since shut those rumors down. However following the quashing of the rumors, the company shortly after announced their first electric car: the McLaren P1TM, a model inspired by its P1 hypercar. Read full post →McLaren Unveils Their First Electric Car The P1TM

resident-evil-7We know that Resident Evil 7 is still quite some time away from launching, but if you think that this is the game that you want to be playing in 2017, Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has announced on his blog that the game is currently available for digital pre-order for the Xbox One, and that is also available for pre-download. Read full post →Resident Evil 7 Digital Pre-Order Now Live For The Xbox One

whatsapp_group_linkHave you ever encountered group chats before where you are trying to invite someone else to the group but you can’t because you’re not the admin? Or when you’re trying to organize a group chat to plan an event but don’t have everyone’s contact? If you have, then an upcoming WhatsApp feature could prove immensely useful. Read full post →WhatsApp Public Group Links Now Available In Beta

When it comes to work communications, there are several options available, although Skype is favored especially when it comes to conference calls, both audio and video. To help simplify and enhance the experience of using Skype for businesses, Logitech has announced a new product that aims to do that in the form of the SmartDock. Read full post →Logitech SmartDock Will Simplify The Skype Experience For Businesses

big-thunder-mountain-railroad-00Hate roller coasters? We guess we can understand why some people aren’t fans of them, but the next time you have a kidney stone that you’re trying to pass, you might learn to love roller coasters. Wait, how does a kidney stone and roller coasters relate to each other? Turns out that there is some evidence to suggest that roller coasters can actually help. Read full post →Apparently Roller Coasters Can Help With The Passing Of Kidney Stones

xiaomi-mi-5sSo after several weeks of rumors and teasing, the Xiaomi Mi 5s has been officially launched. However it isn’t a single handset, but rather it is two handsets in the form of the Mi 5s and the Mi 5s Plus. Both phones appear to be relatively the same in terms of specs, save for their screen sizes in which the Plus model will have a larger display. Read full post →Xiaomi Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus Officially Launched

youtube_goBack in the day when internet wasn’t as fast and wasn’t as readily available, every song or video downloaded was treated like it was so precious, namely because it would take you 20 minutes just to download a 3 minute song. These days we barely have to think about it, but there are still parts of the world where the internet isn’t so quick, nor is it as available. Read full post →YouTube Go App Announced With Offline Viewing

chrome_androidWhile carriers are offering customers more data than they used to, safe to say that this more or less corresponds with the quality of media that we get on the internet these days, meaning that with everyone starting to stream in Full HD, obviously more data will be needed. The good news for Chrome users is that Google has updated the app for Android. Read full post →Latest Version Of Chrome For Android Comes With Improved Data Saver