Image credit - Android Central

Image credit – Android Central

If you have been using Android devices for a while or followed smartphone news, you’re probably familiar with the name “TouchWiz”, a name that Samsung has called its skinned version of Android. However that could soon change as Samsung could be planning on renaming the feature to something else. Read full post →Samsung Could Be Renaming TouchWiz To ‘Samsung Experience’

android nougatThe problem with Android phones is that despite many of them being released after the latest build of Android has been made available, they tend to come with the previous version installed. This means that users will still have to wait for the update to find its way to their device, which can be frustrating as sometimes this can take a while. Read full post →Moto ‘Cedric’ Could Be First Motorola Phone To Run Android 7.0 Out The Box

Image credit - MacRumors

Image credit – MacRumors

It’s safe to say that most companies would much prefer if you were to repair your devices with the company themselves. This is because while under warranty, repairing outside would not only void the warranty, but it might not be a good job and could lead to more problems, which could make others perceive the company and its products in a negative way. Read full post →Apple’s Online Support Lets You Schedule Repairs With Third-Parties

google-play-apps-gamesApps is short for applications, which is another term used for software, and since video games are considered pieces of software, it makes sense that they fall under the apps category, right? However as spotted by Android Police, it seems that Google is testing out the idea of separating apps and games in the Google Play Store. Read full post →Google Testing Separating Apps & Games In The Play Store

att-outside-logo-signSometimes when you check your bills, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the charges, some of which are charged to companies you’ve never heard of (usually the parent/holding company of a shop), or sometimes banks or carriers use certain codes that you’re unfamiliar with to identify certain services. Read full post →AT&T To Refund $88 Million To 2.7 Million Customers

pokemon goThe other day we reported that there was a huge update coming to Pokemon GO in the form of 100 Pokemon being added to the game. It was rumored that it would arrive this week, but as it turns out this week’s update is more about how Starbucks locations across the US are now considered PokeStops and Gyms. Read full post →100 Pokemon Update For Pokemon Go Arriving On December 12

So we know that come 2017, Spider-Man: Homecoming will be released. This marks the second time the franchise has been rebooted in recent times, with the first reboot starring Andrew Garfield which unfortunately only last 2 movies. That being said if you are excited to see Tom Holland in the role of the web slinger, you’ll want to check out the official trailer above. Read full post →Official Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

iphone-7-bottomIt seems that these days Apple has quite a bit of things that they are celebrating. For example despite the IDC’s numbers showing that Apple Watch shipments are on the decline, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook claims that the holiday week set a new sales record for the smartwatch. The company’s music streaming service is also said to have amassed over 20 million paid subscribers. Read full post →Phil Schiller Claims November Was Highest Monthly Sales For App Store

google_drive_backupsGoogle Drive is Google’s answer to cloud storage and is used to store all kinds of files, including backups for your phone, such as installed apps, device settings, call history and more. However while your Android backups are saved to Google Drive, for the most part accessing it is tricky since they are hidden. Read full post →Google Drive Backups Tab Is Now Showing Up

xiaomi-electricXiaomi is a company that has experimented with releasing all kinds of products, ranging from smartphones, to air purifiers, kettles, electric screwdrivers, drones, TVs, and more. Now it looks like the company might have a new electric vehicle in the works, or at least that’s according to an event invite sent out by its MIJIA subsidiary. Read full post →Xiaomi Could Be Unveiling A New Electric Vehicle Next Week