Remember the Google Glass? Well, we don’t blame you for the sudden amnesia. Anyway, the news is, Glass is coming back to life.

It was around last month when Google and Luxottica came into partnership for co-making Google Glass. The foundation behind the collaboration was to turn the Glass into high-fashion lifestyle and innovative technology. Luxottica’s premium brands such as, Oakley and Ray-Ban were highlighted as being a part of the program.
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apple_watch_sport_chargerIn the photos and videos, Apple has shown the Apple Watch to feature a magnetic charger made from metal. This lent itself to a more premium look and feel and in some ways, we suppose it might even justify the price of the Apple Watch which begins at $350 for the Sport version. Unfortunately it turns out that isn’t the case.

According to a handful of users who have received their Apple Watch, it seems that they were given a plastic magnetic charger instead of the metal one. Apparently this is the charger that will be given by default to Apple Watch Sport customers, while the metal charger will be reserved for the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition units. Read full post →Apple Watch Sport Charger Will Be Made From Plastic, Not Metal

kickasstorrentsEver since The Pirate Bay had its servers raided, users who downloaded torrents had to seek alternative websites for their torrenting needs, and one of the more popular options available was KickassTorrents (KAT). The website enjoyed a surge in popularity before authorities were quick to seize its domain which at that time was registered in Somalia, hence the .so suffix.

The website then launched itself at a .to domain suffix owned by the government of Tonga and recently it looks like that domain has been seized as well. In fact when the group tried to redirect users to its other website that ended in .im, it seems that those efforts were futile as well, largely due to the Isle of Man whose government has a zero tolerance policy towards copyright infringement. Read full post →KickassTorrents Has Its Domain Name Seized


Update - It appears that Google has removed the image when you navigate to those coordinates. No official statement has been made either.

It is no secret that Google and Apple are rivals. Both have mobile operating systems of their own, both have regular operating systems, both offer similar services, so safe to say that both companies are competing with each other in more ways than one. Both companies have also not been shy about offering up disparaging comments about their rivals.

However according to a recent sighting by Team Android, it seems that Google has taken their rivalry with Apple to an all-new low. It seems that if you were to key in the coordinates to N 33°30’52.5″ E 73°03’33.2″ on Google Maps, it would take you to the outskirts of Rawalpindi, which is a city located in northern Pakistan where you will also be greeted by the imagery above with the Android mascot taking a leak on Apple, unless of course we are clearly mistaken and Google is helping put out a fire of sorts. Read full post →Android Mascot Peeing On Apple Logo Spotted On Google Maps [Update]

skyrim_paid_modYesterday we reported that Valve announced that they would be allowing gamers to sell their mods on Steam where they were free to upload whatever they wanted and price it however they wanted. However it seems that the idea might not have been thoroughly considered because it seems that one of the early paid mods has run into some copyright issues already.

It was discovered that one of the mods uploaded used content found in another mod and they used it without its creator’s permission. However according to the modder, they claim that Valve had told that if the content used was free and separate to begin with, it was alright to be included in their mod and sold for a price. Read full post →Paid Mods On Steam Have Run Into Copyright Issues Already

microsoft__logoProject Spartan is the upcoming browser that Microsoft will be including in Windows 10. We expect that the browser will have its fair share of issues right off the bat as any new software would, but it looks like Microsoft wants to nip it in the bud before it becomes out of hand. So much so that they have recently announced that they will pay cash to whoever can hack their browser.

It should be pointed out that the browser has yet to be finalized but like we said, we doubt Microsoft wants to be at the cusp of release only to have to delay it due to a glaring security issue, hence the bounty program. So far it looks like the highest amount Microsoft is offering is $15,000 which is only given to hackers who can prove that remote code execution is capable. Read full post →Microsoft Wants To Pay You To Hack Its Spartan Browser

philips-glass-hdtvassAre smart TVs the way of the future? Or do you think that streaming video content from our computers is the way to go? Regardless there has been a lot of interest in developing smarter and more complex TVs that do more than just display channels and it looks like Philips want to be ahead in the game.

Speaking at the IFA Global Press Conference in Malta, Philips’ TV division revealed that for the year of 2015, the company aims to release more Android-powered TVs. To be more specific, the company is apparently shooting for 80% of their TV lineup to be Android TVs. This is a rather huge gamble especially if it does not pay off, meaning that the bulk of Philips’ inventory will be Android TVs that customers won’t want. Read full post →Philips Plans For 80% Of Their TVs This Year To Be Android-Powered

nokia-headquarters-logo-sign-001-630x472Ever since Nokia sold off their mobile division to Microsoft, many have been wondering what the Finnish company would do for the future. Could the sale means that Nokia is now free to pursue and create Android phones to their liking? A report from earlier this week certainly suggested that was the case and apparently it looks like it has been confirmed.

According to a report out of China (via G for Games), it seems that Nokia China’s president, Mike Wang, confirmed that the company will be returning to producing Android handsets come 2016. Wang also went on to confirm that the company’s R&D center would be relocated to Sichuan, China, but unfortunately apart from that, not much else is known. Read full post →Nokia’s Confirms Plans To Return To The Smartphone Market

Apple OS X 10.10.4Are Macs “safer” than Windows-based PCs? That seems to be the common belief despite the fact that there have been several times when Macs were exhibiting some severe security flaws. That being said, this isn’t to say that Apple hasn’t been trying to keep OS X as secure as possible, but despite their best efforts security researcher Patrick Wardle claims that they are “trivial”.

Speaking at the RSA Conference, Wardle was quoted as saying (as transcribed by Threat Post), “Gatekeeper doesn’t verify an extra content in the apps. So if I can find an Apple-approved app and get it to load external content, when the user runs it, it will bypass Gatekeeper.” For those unfamiliar, Gatekeeper is one of the tools employed by Apple to prevent malware from running on OS X machines. Read full post →Security Researcher Calls Mac Security Tools “Trivial”

army ray gunIt is only in movies that we see guns firing lasers, sonic blasts, rays, and etc. In real life and for the most part, guns just fire regular bullets. However it looks like the US Army is trying to give its soldiers an edge over the enemy as it appears that they are testing ray gun attachments for their soldiers’ rifles.

Dubbed the Burke Pulser attachment, basically these ray gun attachments will use a piezoelectric generator and two antennas to help generate bursts of electricity, and all of this will fit nicely onto the end of the Army’s M4 carbine rifle the same way one would attach a standard-issue flash suppressor, meaning that there won’t be a need to modify existing guns. Read full post →US Army Testing Clip-On Rifle Ray Gun Attachments