samsung logo 5 640x337When it comes to Android OEMs, Samsung is in the lead. In fact last we checked, Samsung had over 50% of the Android market share in North American markets, so safe to say it looks like the company is doing pretty well, or is it? Well as it turns out it looks like Samsung might not be doing so hot.

According to Samsung’s latest earnings, it has been revealed that the South Korean tech giant has seen their business profits for mobile devices drop as much as 74%. To be fair Samsung had already warned the public and their investors that the third quarter would not be a very good one for the company, and with a 74% in profits, it certainly looks that way. Read full post →Samsung’s Latest Financials Reveal 74% Drop In Mobile Business Profits

Microsoft Band Hero 2 640x463It was just recently that thanks to a leak across multiple app stores that the Microsoft Band wearable device was leaked. Well it looks like Microsoft has since not wasted anymore time and has made the Microsoft Band official. The device looks just like the photos and based on its design, reminds us a bit of the Samung Gear Fit with its rectangular horizontal display.

While this is a wearable device from Microsoft, it will not be competing with the likes of the Apple Watch or the other Android Wear devices out there. Instead if it had to compete, it would most likely go up against other fitness devices like the Nike FuelBand SE which would be a more accurate and closer competitor. Read full post →Microsoft Band Is Official, Priced At $199

xiaomi note 4gWhen it comes to the number of smartphone brands that are in the market, there are the traditional heavyweights such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Apple, BlackBerry and HTC, although you can be sure that nothing ever remains the same, with some of these companies struggling for “corporate form”, so to speak, while others continue to milk a winning formula. However, there are always upstarts in any industry, and the smartphone market is no different. Many companies from China are already starting to sell their wares – and excel while they are at it, with Xiaomi being one of them.

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nintendo logoI clearly remember how Nintendo received more than their fair share of raised eyebrows when they first revealed the Nintendo Wii with its Wiimote and nunchuk – some folks felt that those were not exactly the prime example of a regular video game controller, but somehow or rather, Nintendo managed to prove their doubters wrong, and did go on to make a killing with the Nintendo Wii – in spite of its “wiggle controls” as some would say. Well, one thing is for sure – Nintendo is not a company that is afraid to try out new things, and here we are with word that Nintendo could eventually deliver a new device that is capable of measuring a user’s fatigue level as well as map their sleep.

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psplus leakedWhen it comes to the digital world, information moves and flows so fast and freely, so much so that it is not strange to hear about leaks – be it on the hardware or software side of things. Apparently, the November 2014 PS Plus free games for the continent of North America have already leaked out, in advance of what some have more or less figured out to be an imminent announcement from Sony themselves. To check out just what has been leaked out, do check out the information after the jump.

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microsoft band starbucksSo, we did talk about how Microsoft Band leaked across multiple app stores earlier today, while detailing the Microsoft Health app that will work with Microsoft Band (obviously) along with other third party hardware, but is that all that Microsoft Band is capable of? Not really, as it seems that coffee lovers, especially those who happen to hang out at Starbucks frequently, will appreciate the fact that one is able to pay for their next Starbucks purchase via the Microsoft Band, now how about that?

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bbm sept18It was just a few days ago when we brought you word that a public launch for BBM for Windows Phone will happen, and boy, was there very little time to wait. The update of this messenger app would also usher in a slew of improvements to its notifications, not to mention the likes of a new invite screen, alongside a slew of other changes and additions that ultimately intend for you to have a more user friendly experience. The latest BBM for Windows Phone app would see its version number bumped up to, and you can check out a sample of the list of changes right after the jump.

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ms job cutIn July this year, we brought you word on how Microsoft intends to shed their workforce by 18,000 jobs before the end of next year, which is not good news at all – especially when you take into consideration how the economy is not doing all that great for everyone at all in recent times. Just last month, Microsoft moved to release 2,100 of their employees, and this time around, we have word that yet another round of layoffs has occurred – and this time it will impact approximately 3,000 employees.

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google nexus 6 7 640x426While pre-orders for the Nexus 6 from Google kicked off earlier today, it was but a matter of minutes before the smartphone was sold out. Just like that, which bodes well for Google and Motorola, of course. After all, it is Motorola who are the ones behind the Nexus 6 device that runs on the latest version of Android, which would be Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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redesigned skypeSkype for Windows desktop has, at long last, dropped its beta tag in the most recent version, and for those who simply cannot wait to obtain the latest versions, this particular one is ready for download now. It was earlier this month when Microsoft made available a preview version of Skype for Windows as well as Mac OS X to the masses, and in this particular version, there was the introduction of a new user interface that is not too different from that found on Skype’s mobile apps.

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