twitch clipsTwitch streams are great if you enjoy watching people play through video games, but since these tend to be livestreams, it means that the broadcasters can’t be as prepared as someone who has pre-recorded a video, which also means that there are probably a lot of instances where the stream isn’t as exciting as it could be. Read full post →Twitch Now Lets You Share 30 Second Clips From Streams

mirrors edge catalystMirror’s Edge Catalyst will be launched on the 7th of June and it is essentially the second title in the Mirror’s Edge franchise, although some do consider the game to be a bit of a reboot. Regardless of what it is, from the trailers and gameplay videos, the game does look pretty good, but is it good enough to warrant a sequel? Read full post →Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Sequel Will Be Up To The Fans

Atari-Vault-LogoIt looks like after going through a successful launch on Windows, Atari Vault is now all set to be made available to those who are rocking on SteamOS. With Atari Vault, you need not have to step into a time machine, and yet you are able to enjoy up to a 100 iconic games that will incorporate contemporary functionality, accompanied by Steam Global Leaderboards, multiplayer capabilities and Steam controller support.

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paypal-galaxy-s5It was just yesterday that we brought you word on how PayPal is all set to shut down its BlackBerry app this coming 30th of June, and here we are with word that the payments service too, will stop offering support for apps on Microsoft and Amazon Kindle Fire – simply because it would like to focus more on the likes of Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

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facebook-underwater-cableThere are plenty of cables that run far below the waters, which we do not normally think about simply because we do not see them. These cables are vital to ensure that the world remains in touch with one another, as they send data back and forth round the clock without ever shutting down. Well, it looks like a 4,000 mile undersea cable deal has been announced on Thursday by Microsoft and Facebook, and happens to be the most recent of a dozen high capacity trans-oceanic cables that are being built by tech companies in order to handle the ever growing amount of demand for bandwidth.

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apple logoWe have heard whispers going around that Apple are working on an in-home hub which will eventually be able to go toe-to-toe with the Amazon Echo as well as Google Home, so what do you think would be the most suitable name that will accompany this venture? Perhaps it might be the next generation Apple TV, but until something official is revealed, we will just have to live in the shadow of speculation and take everything we read with a pinch of salt.

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snapchatThe world of technology is moving at such a fast pace, so much so that the companies in the scene, too, have valuations that do seem to be right off the charts. Just rewind the clock back to 2013, and you will find that messaging app Snapchat picked up $60 million in a funding transaction, valuing the company at no more than $800 million. Since then, however, Snapchat’s valuation has not looked back, and it seems that the company behind the must-have app for teens is valued at a whopping $17 billion – which is many more times over than what it was perceived to be worth just three years ago.

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Batman v Superman, Team Cap v Team Iron Man, the overarching theme these days seem to be a good, old fashioned rivalry between two characters from the “good” side. Well, when it comes to the highly competitive world of smartphones, you know for sure that there is no love lost between Samsung and Apple, as they have been at each other for a long time now with their respective smartphones. The video above is an interesting one, as it depicts the iPhone 6s and the Samsung Galaxy S7 in a drop test.

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s-health-updateIt does seem as though your exercise regime is going to get a whole lot more social thanks to the latest update to the Samsung S Health app, and if this particular update were to prove its worth in the social network arena, then do expect the future of fitness apps to roll in its general direction just like what Microsoft has done with its Band. Samsung’s updated S Health will sport lightly competitive social sharing, which means the winner in you would like to get one over your friends and family – and vice versa. That’s good for your health in the end, or do you disagree? After all, peer pressure can be a very difficult thing to deal with for many people.

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zusHow many charging cables have you gone through in your life – and I do not mean because of it ending up as obsolete, but rather, frayed or simply fails to work any longer? Well, the ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable is said to be “indestructible”, although we would take that claim with a pinch of salt since there is nothing quite like a good bonfire to get things melting. We suppose the claim to fame is its durability from day-to-day use, as the ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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