razer-wildcat-gallery-01Microsoft spent a lot of time and has probably gone through a ton of prototypes when trying to come up with the design of the Xbox One’s controller. However if for some reason you’re not a fan of the default controller or the Elite controller, there are plenty of options out there like the Razer Wildcat.

The controller was actually announced back in August and was slated for a release in October, but it seems that is not the case. Instead it looks like the controller had been delayed because Razer is now officially taking pre-orders for the controller and has pegged it for a release on the 23rd of November. Read full post →Razer Wildcat Xbox One Controller Now Available For Pre-Order

HP-ZBook-Studio-G3-Mobile-Workstation-21If you’re in the market for a laptop that can help with graphics or video editing, or basically a laptop that can handle a heavy workload, you might be interested to learn that HP has recently announced their latest laptop in the form of the HP ZBook Studio. This is a laptop that HP has designed for professionals who need a mobile computer that can handle heavy duty tasks.

In fact some of the laptop’s specs makes it sound like HP wants to take the 15-inch MacBook Pro on, and during the laptop’s unveiling, HP’s VP Jeff Wood even took shots at Apple where he said, “Apple continues to abandon the professional market, and leaves a huge expansion opportunity for our business in media and entertainment, video production, 3D animation, and even in a situation where broadcast is looking to upgrade to a more reliable solution.” Read full post →HP ZBook Studio Laptop Officially Announced

star wars battlefront_4Star Wars Battlefront is pegged for a release soon. If you haven’t bought the game yet because you’re waiting for reviews, we suppose that’s fair. However what if you could trial the game to see if it suits you before the game’s release? Is that something you might be interested in? Because if it is, EA has something for you.

The company has recently announced that if gamers have a subscription to EA Access, there is a 10-hour Star Wars Battlefront trial that is available for gamers to participate in. Like we said, this is a 10-hour trial meaning that once your 10 hours of gaming are up, that’s pretty much the end of the trial as well. Read full post →10-hour Star Wars Battlefront Trial Now Available On EA Access

facebook logoWhen we’ve been deprived of our phones all day, most of us would rush to check Facebook or Twitter to get our fix of social media. It almost seems like doing those things makes us happy, or does it? According to a recent study conducted by the Happiness Research Institute, it seems that quitting Facebook actually makes people happier.

The study involved 1,095 daily Facebook users. Half the group was asked to quit Facebook for a week, while the other half went about their lives normally, checking Facebook on a daily basis. According to the results of the study, it found that those who quit Facebook reported that they were feeling more satisfied with their life and were happier. Read full post →Study Finds Quitting Facebook Makes People Happier

ipad pro teardownIf you’re an artist or a professional that thinks that Apple iPad Pro will be good for your job, the tablet is currently available for order. However the tablet does not come cheap and is priced pretty much around the same price you might expect from a laptop, although Apple’s CEO Tim Cook does believe that the iPad Pro has the potential to replace PCs.

Whether or not you believe Cook’s statement, the fact is that the tablet is expensive and if you’d like to keep it in working condition, having it easy to repair will probably go a long way in keeping your tablet alive and well. That being said if you were hoping for the iPad Pro to be easy to repair, you might be disappointed thanks to iFixit who recently conducted a teardown. Read full post →iFixit’s iPad Pro Teardown Finds It’s Not Easy To Repair

LG-Watch-Urbane-2-edition-01A couple of months ago, LG unveiled the LG Watch Urbane 2nd edition, and one of the new features that LG has brought to the table is the support for cellular connectivity. Now we know that the device is available from AT&T, but in case you don’t want to get the watch from AT&T, fret not because Verizon is an alternative you could consider.

Verizon has recently announced that starting today (12th of November), those who are interested in the watch will be able to place a pre-order for it. The smartwatch is then expected to make its way into the hands of customers on the 19th of November, so if you wanted a new smartwatch ahead of the holidays, now’s as good a time as any to get one. Read full post →Verizon Taking Pre-Orders For LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Today

cod_black_ops_3The Call of Duty franchise has been running for many years now and we have seen various titles released under its banner. Given the number of shooters available, especially newer ones like Destiny, Halo, Titanfall, and the likes, you would think that a franchise like Call of Duty would be getting a bit long in the tooth.

However it turns out that the franchise is anything but. According to the numbers released by Activision, they claim that the latest Call of Duty title, Black Ops 3, managed to rake in a very impressive $550 million in global sales within the first three days of the game’s release. However it seems that despite that impressive figure, it is not the best selling Call of Duty title to date. Read full post →Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Pulls In $550 Million In 3 Days

We know that for some, waking up in the mornings can be one of the hardest things to do. In the past we have seen a variety of inventions meant to make the waking up process more pleasant, like an alarm clock that cooks bacon. We have also seen alarm clocks that will literally eject you from your bed, so we guess it’s not a surprise to find an alarm clock that slaps you awake. Read full post →Woman Makes Alarm Clock That Slaps Her Awake

starcraft_pylon_power_stationStarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is now live and if you haven’t gotten your hands on it, perhaps you should go ahead and do so. For those wondering why this is such a big deal, basically Legacy of the Void spells the end of the current StarCraft story that has run pretty much from the original game until now.

This also means that as far as the future of the StarCraft franchise is concerned, it’s really anyone’s guess as to what Blizzard could be up to. Now the good news is that if you wanted to get some merchandise to show off your love of the game, the folks at ThinkGeek have you covered. Read full post →StarCraft Protoss Pylon USB Charger Is Pretty Damn Awesome

asteroid-earth-2324211Here on earth, we are divided up into countries which is basically us humans laying claim to certain parts of the world. However in space, who do the planets belong to? What if there was no life on that planet, does that mean we as humans could lay claim to somewhere like Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and so on?

We suppose that’s an interesting question that can’t really be answered for now, but in the meantime over in the US, the Senate is voting on whether or not space mining should be made legal. Basically what this means that as far as the US in concerned, it is possible that in the future companies from the US could legally mine space. Read full post →US Senate Votes To Make Space Mining Legal