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The last time Google made changes to its field trial, it was testing its capability to search through Gmail and Google Drive through its search results. Those tests look like they’ve gone well as Google is now rolling out Gmail contact information to search results. Read full post →Google Search Field Trial Rolls Out Gmail Contacts Support

Doodle Jump was one of the first hugely popular mobile games before playing games on your smartphone was ever considered to be cool, and since then, the game has made itself available across a number of platforms. Today, Doodle Jump is making the jump from mobile and desktop PCs to the Xbox 360 as Doodle Jump for Kinect is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Doodle Jump for Kinect uses a combination of the series’ traditional gameplay with a new and intuitive gesture and motion control system, such as stepping, flapping, clapping, and of course, jumping, which makes full use of the Kinect. Not only do you get the Doodle Jump experience you should know by now, but the Xbox 360 version has three original worlds to make your way through, power-ups, boss battles, and additional features such as achievements support.

Doodle Jump for Kinect is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400MS Points ($5), which we think is a fair price considering how much you’ll probably get out of the game.

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space invaders keychain game

We know there are times when you absolutely, positively need to feed your addiction to Space Invaders while you’re out and about, but your mobile devices that have multiple versions of the game are all dead due to your constant playing. If only there was a way to have another method of playing Space Invaders that you can carry around in your pocket as easily as you carry around your keys. Enter the Space Invaders keychain. Read full post →Space Invaders Keychain Game Can Hold Your Keys, Too

Considering just how much content Netflix has, and will have in the future, one of the biggest problems users have is finding something they’ll actually want to spend the time to watch. Discovering new content is rather difficult, but Netflix is hoping to fix this issue its users have with the massive service with the release of “Max.”  Read full post →Netflix Launches Content Suggestion Engine Called Max Onto PS3

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Facebook finally rolled out support for hashtags earlier this month, which resulted in a tidal wave of users throwing in hashtags for any and every status update they publish. But if you’re a regular mobile user, you may have noticed hashtags aren’t supported yet. Today, Facebook is changing that as they’re not only making hashtags compatible with its mobile site, but they’re also rolling out related searches.

When we say “mobile site,” we of course mean Facebook’s mobile website and not its dedicated iOS and Android applications, so those users will just have to wait until the company rolls out hashtag support for their Facebook apps.

In addition to hashtag support for its mobile site, Facebook is introducing related searches to allow its users to discover new conversations based on a certain hashtag. Facebook will also analyze which terms are often posted together, so something like #equality would also bring up posts tagged with #loveislove or #DOMA. This will certainly add another layer of interactivity with Facebook as it could help you discover hashtags you haven’t even thought of using, which you can then join those conversations as well.

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Both Google Play editions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 were made available for purchase just a few days ago, and already we’ve seen the ROM for the Google Play Edition version of the HTC One makes its way onto the Internet. Merely hours after that ROM was released, SamMobile now claims they have an early 4.3 build for the Samsung Galaxy S4, which was reportedly spotted earlier today. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition Android 4.3 ROM Available

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Now that the 2012 – 2013 NBA season is behind us, the NBA now looks toward the future as they held their annual NBA draft yesterday in New York City. The NBA draft brings about its own moments of drama as NBA hopefuls sit back and hope they’re picked by a team to play in the sports organization when the next season starts. That’s why wearing a pair of Google Glasses during the draft was something Indiana Unveristy’s Victor Oladipo decided he needed to do in order to not only capture the drama of the draft, but also the moment he was chosen to become a play for the Orlando Magic. Read full post →Google Glass Worn At NBA Draft By Magic’s Victor Oladipo

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BlackBerry confirmed it would be bringing its BlackBerry 10 OS to its BlackBerry PlayBook back in early 2012 with executives pegging its release to take place some time later this year. BlackBerry PlayBook owners can just forget the whole idea of BlackBerry 10 hitting their tablet ever existed as BlackBerry’s CEO has just put the kibosh on the company’s previous plans. Read full post →BlackBerry 10 Will Not Be Headed To The PlayBook After All

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Video game consoles have a wide variety of options users can choose from that provide streaming video services on the fly. The Xbox 360, for example, has Netflix, Hulu and even a FiOS app that allows its users, who are subscribers to the cable provider, to be able to watch live TV from a small selection of channels. It looks like another cable provider will be throwing their app into the Xbox 360 ring as Time Warner Cable has announced it will be releasing its TWC TV app onto the console later this summer.  Read full post →Xbox 360 Welcomes Time Warner Cable Live TV App Later This Summer

half life 2 oculus rift.0 cinema 960.0Good news Linux gamers, it looks like Half-Life 2 for Linux has managed to make its way out of beta and is currently available for download on Steam for Linux, according to an announcement the company made earlier today. We know that Valve has been hard at work on Steam for Linux and has slowly been increasing the number of games that will support the Linux platform, and with the release of Half-Life 2, it’s a pretty big deal! To top it off, it seems that the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will be supported as well, so if you own the headset, you will be able to take Half-Life 2 for a spin wearing it! We can’t imagine what it will be like playing Half-Life 2 with the Oculus Rift headset since we don’t own one, but we can only imagine that it will be immensely fun, especially with the crowbar in hand!