nokia-here-maps-updateIt looks like the once-Nokia-owned HERE Maps (now under BMW, Daimler and Audi) has just been updated for mobile devices that are rocking to the Windows 10 mobile operating system. Of course, HERE Maps used to be the domain of Nokia devices only, but when it was released for the Android platform as well as iOS, that proved to be a smart move for the company since the user base virtually exploded overnight. Having said that, having updates released from time to time makes sense, and a minor update for HERE Maps has rolled out for Windows 10 users.

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samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-features-1While Samsung’s Galaxy S series has been typically quite a hit, recently it seems that its curved  variants, the Edge models, have proven to be pretty popular as well. So much so that Samsung released a larger Edge+ model last year, and why this year they are planning on continuing that tradition with the Galaxy S7. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Confirmed On Samsung’s Website

surjtechIt is expected that eventually, USB Type-C ports, connectors, and devices will be ubiquitous. However in the meantime, many companies are taking advantage of the budding technology and have begun to introduce USB Type-C cables for users who might own such devices, like the OnePlus 2, the Chromebook Pixel, or the 12-inch MacBook from Apple. Read full post →Googler Discovers USB Type-C Cable That Apparently Fried His Hardware

Apple Watch-Tumbles-4-Up-PRINTIf you were to receive a faulty product, this would be the company at fault. However if you were to take a perfectly fine product, throw it against the wall, driver over it with a tractor, and set fire to it, there’s a very good chance that none of this is covered under your device’s warranty. Recently over in the UK, a man took Apple to court over his broke Apple Watch screen and actually walked away a winner. Read full post →Man Sues Apple Over Broken Apple Watch Screen And Wins

new-uber-iconsDo you use the ridesharing service Uber? Well, what do you think of its logo – the old one? Yes, you read that right, the company has a brand new logo revealed, where the iconic black-and-white Uber icon will be missing only to be replaced by a colorful geometric shape, which will be circular in nature if one is a rider, or hexagonal should you be the driver, and the shape will be surrounding a small, bit-like square. Depending on which country that you reside in, you will see varying colors and patterns. For instance, the US would make use of dark teal, while folks in China will have red and India, turquoise.

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apple-store-vr-1It was not too long ago that we brought you word on how Apple intends to make their move into the world of virtual reality technology, and there were whispers of Apple having formed a Virtual Reality (VR) team that will address this effort. Well, everything does seem to be in order at the moment, as Apple Store is seen to be selling the Mattel View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack. This might look familiar, especially since it is the Google Cardboard headset on steroids. The asking price? $29.95 a pop, making it the maiden VR headset model to appear over on the Apple Store.

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Sports is one particular area of life that sees people from many nations, creed and color come together in unity, especially when they are supporting the same team. Over the years, there has been nothing better than to attend a live event to soak up all of the atmosphere. It seems that Microsoft wants you to revel in the carnival-like setting of a big matchday with the help of their HoloLens, and you can read Microsoft’s dream in the extended post.

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iphone_7_render_mrBy now many iPhone users have gotten used to the fact that the camera on the iPhones is protruding. It is part of the design of the iPhone 6 and 6s series, so to a certain extent it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple kept it around for the iPhone 7. However according to the folks at MacRumors, that will change. Read full post →iPhone 7 Will Finally Get Rid Of The Protruding Camera [Rumor]

seagate-ultra-mobileSeagate is a name that many associate with hard drives, and they have a pretty good reputation too, or at least until recently where customers who bought the 1.5TB and 3TB models were shocked to discovered that these drives had an insanely high fail rate. Some reports even claim that they barely make it through a single day’s use. Read full post →Seagate Hit With A Class Action Lawsuit

You would think that building a house or an office space is a complicated process, and we suppose it is, especially when you have to consider things like the foundation, its structural integrity, wiring, plumbing, and etc. However what if houses were easy to build? What if putting together a house could be like building a LEGO structure? Read full post →This Pop-Up House Can Be Put Together Like LEGO