The folks over at OnePlus continue to keep the media machine spinning. Over the past few weeks it has revealed tidbits of information about its first smartphone called the OnePlus One. Most of the specifications have been revealed but so far it hasn’t shown off the device itself. The announcement has been scheduled for April 23rd. Today the company confirmed that its first smartphone will be available in 16 countries at launch.

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chrome-remote-desktopIn this day and age, working outside of the office has proven to be pretty normal, thanks to the ever increasing computing power that we find in notebooks as well as other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. I am quite sure that the corporate types out there would have come across a situation when one is outside of the office and require a file urgently that happens to be stuck on your home computer. Life’s as you know it is not over yet, as Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to remotely access your machine from another laptop or computer since 2011 in a free, easy and secure manner. Well, buckle up and fast forward to 2014, and we have the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android released, letting you do the same straight from your Android-powered device.

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With flagships from HTC and Samsung out of the way we now looks towards LG. The company has been relatively quiet during the first few months of 2014. So far it hasn’t said much about its next flagship which will presumably be called the LG G3. Last week we exclusively reported that it is going to have a 2K display, LG later confirmed the report. It is now being said that the next flagship will be launched “in a golden hue” this summer. A purported picture of its retail packaging has also appeared online.

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johnny-fiveA bunch of student employees at The University of Alabama in Huntsville’s Systems Management and Production Center (SMAP) have come together and worked using both inspiration with innovation in order to roll out a $250 motorized wheelchair that will be able to perform the work that is equivalent to that of a $20,000 robot. Sporting a Ricoh panoramic camera that is attached to a mast, this machine will roll into position as it snaps a shot, which will then be stitched together in an app and viewed over a smartphone in a matter of seconds. Given the moniker Johnny Five, it will be remotely controlled manually, although the final design will include a tiny onboard computer that lets it operate in an autonomous mode.

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Sony announced an impressive lineup of 4K Ultra High Definition television sets at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 back in January. The company has finally confirmed pricing and availability details. People who have been waiting for them to hit the market fortunately don’t have to wait that long now. Come June the latest lineup of 4K Bravia televisions will be released, including the massive 85-inch model that comes in at a cool $24,999.

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hyundai-carplayHyundai has just announced over at the New York International Auto Show that its 2015 Hyundai Sonata model will be the first vehicle from its stable that will offer support for Apple’s new CarPlay technology. CarPlay technology will deliver phone, messaging, music, and navigation functionality from the iPhone directly into the in-dash display via iOS and Siri. This comes about after Apple decided to rebrand its iOS in the Car feature that was announced at WWDC last year.

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Recently a new job listing at Google was spotted which led to speculation that perhaps Google Fiber New York roll out might be around the corner. The position, for a Google Fiber Regional Sales Manager, was located in New York and its responsibilities included leading and motivating “multiple sales teams across multiple locations.” The company has now denied any plans of expanding its gigabit internet service into New York. A spokesperson advises not to “read into the job listing.”

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HTC doesn’t measure the quality of its flagship’s camera in conventional terms. Last year original HTC One came with an Ultrapixel camera and its successor stuck to this as well. Though this time around the company has made a major improvement. HTC One M8 has dual cameras which are undoubtedly touted as one of the core selling points of this device. The company isn’t restricting access to the two cameras, as promised, it has released the Dual Lens SDK Preview for HTC One M8’s Duo Camera.

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Much progress have been made concerning the inFAMOUS Second Son patch on PS4, so much so that this particular patch is widely tipped to be published on April 17th (which is tomorrow) over on the PSN (PlayStation Network). Many people have already voiced their grouses about the game, and the team has taken those complaints into consideration, allowing the player to disable the HUD, in addition to giving you the freedom to adjust the time of the day according to your preference once you have finished the game.

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During the second patent infringement trial between Apple and Samsung a lot of secret documents have been brought to the limelight. These documents provide insight about how the companies worked to dent each other in the ever competitive global market. A new document has been revealed this week, also as part of the trial, which shows that a senior executive in the company thought Steve Jobs’ death was the “best opportunity” to run an attack campaign against the iPhone.

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