htc-10-lifestyleWhile much has been said about the upcoming HTC 10 that is all set to be revealed to the masses tomorrow, it looks like there is yet another device that HTC has held back from informing the masses, where it is known as the HTC 10 Lifestyle. Who knows? Maybe the HTC 10 Lifestyle might actually be unveiled tomorrow as a “sibling” handset to the much anticipated HTC 10.

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gs7edge-updateWhen it comes to new devices that have just been released, there is always a risk that you as an early adopter might end up with a dud of sorts. Well, for most of the time, that would not be the case, but with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, there has been some complains concerning touch issues with the display, mainly due to the curved display of the handset. It sounds as though the palm rejection option on the edge panel did not work as expected, and some owners would have accidentally activated something while using the device with a single hand.

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If you have some spare potatoes in your home, you might want to think about using them to be more than just food or your main source of carbohydrates. Rather, you might actually want to look into securing your home with smart sensors, and to have these smart sensors be powered by potatoes.

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qualcomm-FAA-drone-flight_04The idea of having drones drop off a package or an order is not a new one at all, far from it, but it is definitely an idea that is gaining traction all over the world, and with numerous vendors such as Rakuten also jumping aboard the bandwagon to see it become reality. Over in the Land of the Rising Sun, the Japanese government alongside companies have kicked off a trial of a drone home delivery service in the Chiba Prefecture.

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diy-droneWhen it comes to drones, we do happen to know that these can be quite an expensive purchase for many of us who are living from month to month – and hence, it would be best to make sure that one does not simply fly drones through office windows – staged or otherwise. Well, here is an affordable DIY camera drone kit that is going for $99 a pop, allowing you to come up with your very own drone without breaking the bank.

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LG-V10-02Last week, we did bring you word that T-Mobile’s LG V10 smartphone would be on the receiving end of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update some time later this week – and it seems that the folks over at T-Mobile have kept to their words, straight and true like an arrow, which would certainly make owners of the LG V10 happy as they get to indulge in a similar operating system version as their mates who are rocking to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

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Do you think that there are newer and better ways of implementing a drone system? Apparently so, as having a sports car equipped with a drone is not enough, as we now have a prototype phone case that, surprise, surprise, will come with a very small drone. Now how about that for evolution?

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Ubisoft today released a new The Division trailer which details the Incursions update that’s going to be released tomorrow. This is the first raid-like update for this game and is certainly the first of many. The first Incursion for this title is called Falcon Lost and it happens to be a free update which means that it will be available to all players on all platforms.

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Windows Vista wasn’t the best of creations from Microsoft. When former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was once asked in an interview what his biggest regret was during his tenure he said that it was Longhorn a.k.a Windows Vista. He referred to it as his single biggest mistake in the 13 years that he was at the helm of Microsoft. Users were quick to abandon it too as Vista powers less than 1.5 percent of all PCs now and exactly one year from today Microsoft is going to end support for this OS.

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It’s not exactly a secret that EA and Respawn have been working on the sequel to the very popular Titanfall which was exclusive to the Xbox and later arrived on PC. It was also not ruled out that the sequel could arrive on PlayStation as well. Today both EA and Respawn have released the first teaser trailer for Titanfall 2 which confirms that the title is going to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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