kasperskyThe folks over at Reuters have reported that two former employees of Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs have accused their previous employer of coming up with malware in order to trick its rivals into flagging and quarantining important, non-viral, files on the computers of their customers. It does sound rather cheeky of Kaspersky to do so at face value, but on the other hand, there is a serious breach of trust here if the allegation is proven to be true.

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air qualityIf you would like to do your part in monitoring the quality of air around you, then perhaps you might be interested to know that you can contribute by attaching sensors to your bicycle or even baby stroller. Imagine if enough cyclists and parents do that, the amount of data sent back to a centralized department will be able to perform a compilation of the statistics, and then better understand the problem and perhaps, find permanent solutions to improve the overall air quality in the area.

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samsung logo 5Just a few days ago, we brought you word that Samsung had announced a new slew of V-NAND SSDs, that ought to change the way we use SSDs, and this time around, it would be the long standing champion of massive storage space that will gain a leader. Yes sir, the world of hard drives will be on the receiving end of a massive 16TB worth of storage space, thanks to the South Korean conglomerate.

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heavennoteOur lives are so entwined with the digital world these days, that one more often than not asks, what would happen to one’s digital legacy when one dies? Who do I pass my passwords to, and is it possible to communicate from beyond the grave? This new service known as Heavenote will enable one to send messages from beyond the grave messages to loved ones, where it received inspiration from the film PS I Love You.

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bitcoin-bomberIt looks like even ransom demands have gotten high tech – apparently, a bomber in the Netherlands has asked for his ransom to be paid not in cold, hard cash (or wired to some account somewhere), but rather, to be in the form of the Bitcoin digital currency. Dubbed the ”Bitcoin bomber” by the Dutch police, they are currently on a manhunt as he has allegedly planted home-made explosives at a supermarket chain known as Jumbo since May this year.

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huawei-mate-7sWith the 2nd of September being right around the corner, where that date has been slated for the unveiling of the upcoming phablet from Huawei, we can only continue to sit tight and guess as to what this particular device will be known as. For sure, there will be an “S” in its name, as how Huawei has teased us so far, although it remains to be seen whether it will be known as the Mate 7S, or perhaps something that is more simple – the Huawei Mate S.

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apple_watch_appsWill smartwatches like the Apple Watch ever replace the need for more traditional timepieces? Recently Fossil’s CEO suggested that maybe smartwatches aren’t what we need, but smarter watches which are basically watches with more hi-tech functionality. However we suppose not everyone agrees with that sentiment.

According to a recent Business Insider report, it has been suggested that come 2020, the Apple Watch could very well account for 40% of premium watch sales. Note that they don’t say smartwatch sales, but premium watch sales which means that the Apple Watch is predicted to encroach upon the traditional timepiece market as well. Read full post →Apple Watch To Account For 40% Of Premium Watch Sales By 2020

pompeiiWhat would you be willing to do for an iPhone? In the past we’ve seen how desperate some people can get, going as far as selling their kidneys just to get enough money to buy an Apple product. In more recent news, it seems that a 16-year teen while on holiday was spotted trying to steal an artifact from Pompeii.

It was witnessed by an American tourist who saw the teen try to smuggle a Roman roof tile into his bag. The teen was later stopped by the police in time. According to the teen, he planned to sell the tile on eBay where he was hoping to get enough money to buy himself an iPhone, but according to experts, it was unlikely that would happen. Read full post →Teen Tries To Steal Pompeii Artifact To Buy An iPhone

presidents_playlistWhile Apple might have nabbed themselves Taylor Swift, it seems that Spotify too has landed a rather big fish of their own, this time in the form of the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Yup, you read that right, it seems that if you’re a Spotify listener, you can now listen to the playlists that have been created by President Obama himself.

So far the President has uploaded two playlists. One of them is dubbed “The President’s Summer Playlist: Day” which as its name suggests, is a playlist designed for daytime listening. There will be a variety of genres in this playlist such as soul, funk, rock, and Latin music, with the likes of artists such as John Legend, Brandi Carlile, Stevie Wonder, and more just to name a few. Read full post →You Can Now Listen To President Obama’s Spotify Playlists

While the folks over at Square Enix are said to be working on a remake of the hit classic Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy 7 (which we also hear that it will not make use of Square’s Luminous Engine), this does not mean that fans with time on their hands and passion in their hearts are just going to sit down and wait for something to happen! No sir, as you can see in the video above, this bunch of fans decided to take Final Fantasy 7 and churn out a demo that can be played in Unity, except that the title has been transformed from a turn-based JRPG into a side-scrolling beat ’em up.

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