Google Nexus 4 Review 01 640x426Google I/O is almost upon us and we’re sure many are wondering what Google could be announcing at the event. Will we be looking at the latest version of Android, new Nexus tablets, or maybe even the Nexus 5? While it remains to be seen, it would seem that a couple of retailers from the UK have just removed the Google Nexus 4 from their shelves without stating the reason why. We doubt it’s because of its lack of popularity, and according to speculation, some believe that the removable of the Nexus 4 is to make way for the Nexus 5 which some speculate could be announced at Google I/O.

While that is one of the possibilities, another possibility could be that instead of a Nexus 5, we could instead be looking at an upgraded version of the Nexus 4 which is said to feature LTE connectivity, and if the rumors are to be believed, could be made by Motorola and not LG who was the original manufacturer of the Google Nexus 4. Take this with a grain of salt for now, but check back with us during Google I/O for the details!

facebook home leak killWhen Facebook Home was first announced, the launcher was made available only to a select couple of handsets, older handsets in fact, like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One X, One X+ and so on. Well the good news is that if you’ve been eagerly waiting to get Facebook Home onto your brand new HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4, you’re in luck as the launcher has since been updated to include support for both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Apart from that, the app has also received additional updates such as several performance and improvements.

Facebook did state that they plan to include more features in future updates of the launcher, such as Dock, Dash Bar and a new user experience. No word on when these features will be made available, but in the meantime for HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 owners, this update is for you. If you’re interested in giving the launcher a go, head on over to the Google Play store for the free download and to check to see if your phone is supported by it.

ipad smart cover 640x323If you know someone who has an implanted defibrillator, you might want to caution them because according to a finding by a 14-year old by the name of Gianna Chien, it seems that the magnets used in Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad can apparently turn off implanted defibrillators if the device is left on the user’s chest, which we guess is a likely situation when the person falls asleep while holding an iPad. This discovery was made as part of a science fair project, and while the project did not win first place, Chien will be presenting her findings in front of 8,000 doctors at a meeting of the Heart Rhythm Society in Denver.

While there are some defibrillators will turn themselves back on after the magnet has been removed, some need to be reactivated manually which we guess is pretty dangerous, especially since there is a good reason why some people have implanted defibrillators in the first place, making it a potentially life-threatening situation. Chien’s findings have found that 30% of patients with a defibrillator implanted in them have been affected by this.

iPhone Comparison SplashApple’s iPhone’s camera has usually been touted as being one of the better smartphone cameras out there in the market today, along with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and recently, the S4, but have you wondered just how much the technology has progressed over the years? For those who might have recently hopped onto the iPhone bandwagon, you’re probably not aware that back when Apple released the first iPhone, while the camera wasn’t too bad, it did leave a lot to be desired, and to that extent, the Apple Reddit boards have taken a bunch of comparison photos from the Camera+ website and compared just how much the iPhone’s camera has evolved over the years.

Compiled by camerack, the side-by-side comparison photos are pretty telling and if you’d like to take a look at the image in its entirety, click here for the photo. What do you guys think? Personally I would have to say that the biggest and most noticeable improvement made to the iPhone’s camera would be between the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS.

blackberry q10 preview 06 640x360Smartphones these days all come with a camera. In fact it is more or less expected, with some companies such as Nokia touting their cameras as being the main selling point. However while it is more or less expected that phones come with cameras these days, there are some institutions where cameras are not allowed in, such as places where sensitive materials are being kept, like R&D facilities, the military and so on. Read full post →A Camera-less Blackberry Q10 Is Possible, But It’s Up To Carrier Demand

Olympus PEN E P5 camera whiteAfter a series of leaked photos and specifications, Olympus has finally taken the wraps off their latest mirrorless camera system, the Olympus E-P5. The camera as far as its looks are concerned, is pretty spot on when compared to the leaked photos, and as expected, the leaked specifications once again held true for the most part. For those hearing about the E-P5 for the first time, here’s what you can expect from the camera. Read full post →Olympus E-P5 Officially Revealed

It seems that after all the leaks of the Nokia Lumia 928, the Finnish company has probably had enough and has decided to tease us on an almost daily basis until the official announcement on the 14th of May. Once again, Nokia does not refer to this device as the Lumia 928, but rather the “new” Nokia Lumia, which we guess we all know is the Lumia 928 to begin with. In any case a new video has been uploaded by Nokia and once again, it pretty much shows off the phone’s pretty amazing video capabilities, which according to the video’s description, is hoping to change the perception that some people have that smartphones don’t have the video quality to make cinematic work.

To prove the naysayers wrong, Nokia took the phone to the Squamish valley in British Columbia, attached it to a remote controlled helicopter, and took it for a ride in a bid to film as many scenic shots as they could.  Taking into account the fact that a remote controlled helicopter can hardly be called the most stable of things, the video also shows off the phone’s built-in stabilization, which we have to admit is pretty impressive. So, with all these videos, anyone planning on picking up a Lumia 928 upon its release?

rare manualWe’ve seen some rare video games which collectors are apparently willing to pay upwards of $10,000 for, but a video game manual that costs over $1,000? That would indeed be rare, as in a rare manual and the fact that some collectors are actually willing to pay for it! As you can see in the image above, that video game manual belongs to an old Nintendo N64 game by the name of Clay Fighter Sculptor’s Cut, which is a limited edition version of the game that was exclusive to Blockbuster rental stores.

What makes this an even more impressive feat is that considering that Blockbuster is a rental store, it is safe to say that manuals and games exchange many hands and we wouldn’t be surprised if games and manuals came back dirty or even a little damaged. Surprisingly this manual is apparently in a near-mint condition, making it pretty impressive, that and the fact that it’s over 15 years old is a testament to whoever’s been keeping it in its great condition. This is not the first time such a manual has been sold as a copy earlier this year was sold for $1,100, and at the moment this particular auction is sitting at $1,023.

GALAXY Tab 3 7 inch 003 WiFiWith the various leaks and after being spotted on the Bluetooth SIG, many assumed that Samsung would be announcing the Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0), so you can imagine our surprise when Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab 3 (7.0) instead. Either way we guess it’s only a matter of time before the 8” model is announced, and in the meantime Dutch website TechTastic claims to have stumbled across the GLBenchmark results of the Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0), or as it is known by its model number, the SM-T311.

According to the benchmark results, the Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0) is expected to come with an 8” WXVGA display with a resolution of 1280×800. The tablet also appears to be powered by Samsung’s own dual-core Exynos 4412 chipset clocked at 1.5GHz with 2GB of RAM, a 4,500mAh battery and will come equipped with an ARM Mali-400 GPU. It also looks to be running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz on top of it. Still no word on when Samsung might announce the device, but with Computex coming up next month, that might be a possible venue for their announcement. Either way stay tuned as we will keep our eyes peeled for more news.

samsung curved display patent 414x640

Samsung was granted 20 new design patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office, these patents were related to designs for smartphones that might see the light of day in the future. One of the designs mentioned in these patents points to a smartphone with a slightly curved design which would give way for a curved display. The patent provides an interesting look in to designs that are yet to be fashioned in to giant display touting powerhouses.

The official patent title is noted as “mobile terminal” and towards the end, its regarded to as a “mobile phone.” Another interesting and unique idea is shown off with respect to the rear camera’s design. It appears to have a component that flips out, perhaps that could function as a shade when taking pictures in bright daylight? We’re merely speculating about this. As is the case with technologies that are patented, one can’t be sure if they’ll ever see the light of day. We can’t really be sure if Samsung intends to releasing smartphones with slightly curved designs displays in the very near future.