bbm-retract-and-delete-wideBlackBerry is known for several things, such as its physical keyboards which for the most part have been a pleasure to use. They are also known for their software services like BES and BBM, both of which are predicated on security and this is something that BlackBerry has constantly advertised in the past.

Recently the company had issued an update to BBM which according to them, will make the messaging app more security and private than before. For starters, BlackBerry has souped up the message retraction and editing feature. Users can now retract both pictures and entire chats, whereas previously the retraction feature was limited to individual messages. Read full post →Latest BBM Update Brings About More Privacy & Security

Thanks to technology and word processors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, the need to actually write out essays and articles with a pen and paper is no longer as prevalent as it once was. Let’s not forget the use of pencils either which right now seems largely limited to children, teens taking exams, and professionals like artists, graphic designers, architects, and so on.

If you are a heavy pencil user, there is a good chance you own several pencils and you might even own a sharpener or two, but we have to ask, is it as cool as this gas-powered sharpener? DIY-er Mike Moyer was recently given a broken down RC car which he then took apart and used its engine to help power a pencil sharpener. Read full post →Gas-powered Pencil Sharpener Is Unnecessary, But Awesome

One question that many children will ask each Christmas in starry-eyed wonder – how does Santa actually distribute all of his presents to children worldwide in a single night? That is something for parents to answer, but in the meantime, we can sit back and see how technology might soon replace beasts of burden when it comes to pulling things along. Scientists at Boston Dynamics have issued a video that you can see above, where their quadruped robots have usurped Santa’s reindeer in the pecking order.

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geekbench-mediatekThere is no doubt about it that even the mid-range smartphone market these days do come with more than decent performers, and a lot of it can be attributed to falling costs of existing chipsets which used to power high end devices a couple of years back. Having said that, here we are with the Mediatek Helio X20 chipset (or SoC) that has not quite gone under the spotlight as much as the Snapdragon 820 from Qualcomm, but it has appeared on a GeekBench posting with some rather impressive results.

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mi5-leakIt looks like the upcoming flagship, the Xiaomi Mi 5, is all set to make a debut really, really soon – taking into consideration the number of leaks in which has surrounded the device to date. So far, here is another render that shows off the device, depicting a really tiny Home button in front. There is a very good reason for the super small Home button, and that is, to have it carry the fingerprint scanner within.

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When we call someone a “bird brain”, it is an insult to one’s intelligence for obvious reasons – birds aren’t very smart in the first place. However, it looks like things might change down the road if this new discovery widens its scope – a camera has caught some resourceful crows make tools of their own. These are New Caledonian crows that actually have the capability to form their own hook-shaped tools that are then used for foraging purposes.

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bubble levelThe thing you have to love about Google is that the answer to your search results can sometimes be displayed at a glance, for example if you wanted to convert something from one measure to another. Or sometimes the search results will display a summary of the answer, with links if you want an expanded answer.

Now it seems that Google search can even double up as a tool in the event that you might need a bubble level. As you can see in the screenshot above, searching for “bubble level” on Google will result in an actual working bubble level being displayed in its search results. Based on what we have read so far, it seems that not all phones are supported, or it could potentially be your browser settings. It also works on iOS devices, just in case you’re wondering if it’s an Android only thing. Read full post →Search Google For “Bubble Level” For A Nifty Feature

If you walk into a bank or a convenient store, you’ll notice that a lot of its security cameras tend to be placed in the corner. This is because some security cameras can only point forwards, so placing it in the corner affords it the best view, or at least gets a wide-angle view so as to get in as much information as possible.

Now if you’re looking to outfit your home with a security camera but want one that is more versatile, you might be interested in Amaryllo’s iCamPro Deluxe. While it does look like a typical security camera, one of its more unique features is the ability to plug into existing light bulb sockets. Read full post →This Home Security Camera Can Plug Into Light Bulb Sockets

galaxy-a9-1The Samsung Galaxy A9 has been making its rounds in the rumor mill for a while now, and the good news is that if you were wondering about the device, wonder no more because it looks like over in China, Samsung has officially announced the handset during the company’s Galaxy A Party 2016 event.

So what does the Galaxy A9 pack under its hood? Turns out the previous rumors and leaks were pretty much right on the money. However just in case you missed out on the news, the Galaxy A9 packs a 6-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display. Under the hood, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 can be found with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of onboard storage that is expandable via microSD. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy A9 Officially Announced In China


Ride sharing services like Uber have already taken away a big chunk of business from regular taxis, which is why it’s not uncommon for us to see taxi drivers protest against Uber in many countries, but they have had to step up their game in order to compete. Flywheel is an app that makes regular taxis work like Uber and the app has now been approved by regulators in California, meaning taxis across the state can now use its “TaxiOS” technology to replace the existing mess of dispatch, meters, navigation, credit card and advertising systems.

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