lg-g-pro-2-review-01There is this saying that goes, “better late than never”, so those of you who happen to be rocking to the LG G Pro 2, here is some food for thought – the much anticipated Android 5 Lollipop update has finally made its way to the LG G Pro 2 smartphone for its owners over in Europe as well as Asia. Those LG G Pro 2 owners who happen to reside in South Korea were the first recipients of the official Android 5.0 Lollipop update – ten days back, in fact, where benefits of Lollipop include the likes of Material Design, rich notifications, better security, and improved performance.

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recycle-fishCraig Kasberg, an Alaskan angler, has already spent 8 summers on the ocean by his 23rd birthday, so if he were to talk to you about the sea and life on board a boat, you would want to sit up straight and start listening. In fact, Kasberg is witness to how crucial sustainable fishing is to a coastal town from where he hails from, and has decided to help out the environmentally minded fishermen – while making a living out of it, too. His idea? Salmon-skin wallets and crab shell shirts.

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lenovo-p70It was close to the end of last year when there was mention of the Lenovo P70 on the grapevine, a smartphone that was touted to arrive with a rather beefy 4,000mAh battery. Such a battery capacity points to a record-breaking battery life of up to 46 days in standby mode, now how about that? Well, whispers have become concrete since, as the Lenovo P70 launched in China for an asking price of approximately $225 after conversion.

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pipoThere might be pressure that hails from both Google and Microsoft which could very well prevent major manufacturers such as ASUS from coming up with dual-boot mobile devices, but tiny companies such as OEMs from China in the vein of Pipo do not seem to give two hoots about it. In fact, Pipo has just introduced a spanking new Atom-powered Windows 2-in-1 device in the previous month, and they are following up on that act with a 10.1” tablet that will be powered by a 14nm Intel Core M processor, and of course – it will also boast of dual booting capability in the vein of Windows 8.1 and Android.

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AsteroidsOutpost3Atari happens to be one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of games (although they have had their fair share of busts in the past), and this time around, they have announced another title that will certainly get the classic loving gamers all happy and excited – Asteroids: Outpost for the PC.

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screenpopFancy sending a photo of yourself to your friends and family? Just about all of us have done that in this day and age, what with extremely cheap data not to mention the number of apps that support such an ability on a smartphone or tablet. Well, for those who have already picked up a fair number of friends to their existing list, you will know that responding to all those messages do take a fair chunk of your time – which might see you miss out on some important ones along the way. ScreenPop wants to change that, as this Android app will allow you to send messages straight to the recipient’s lockscreen, now how about that?

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T-Mobile tries different ways to bring new subscribers on board and they have mostly been working, the carrier has seen an increase in its numbers, and it continues with these strategies to grow even further. The latest promotion that Magenta is running to entice potential customers is one in which it offers a free 7-inch tablet to anyone who signs up for a qualified data plan from February 12th to February 16th. This promotion has been timed with Valentine’s Day in mind.

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facebook logoWord has arrived that Facebook’s free mobile internet has started to launch across several Indian states, and fingers crossed, this will end up to be a successful project. After all, research has pointed out that access to information happens to be one of the major drivers of economic growth where existing poor countries are concerned. Basically, Facebook’s Internet.org project intends to deliver basic mobile internet services – without having users fork out a single cent or penny, and this bodes well for India.

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It was reported earlier today that Firefox for Android can no longer be used to access Google Play. Many people posted screenshots online of Google Play returning a “this browser is no longer supported” error when they tried opening Google Play through Firefox on an Android device. Initially many thought that this is Google’s response to Mozilla dropping it as the default search engine on Firefox but that’s not the case. Google says this was not intentional.

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anki-overdriveToy cars have definitely improved in the right direction over the past few years, and what you get today right out of the box is a whole lot different from what was offered back in the past, where there were only four movable wheels, and if you were lucky, doors that could open up – manually, of course. Anki Drive’s redesigned toy racing cars will feature different software driven personalities instead, and these will even arise whenever you are racing against the rest of such self-driving machines.

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