hd 0251671a64bc4dd2b80cfd62871432e0 640x360Some smartphone users carry around an external battery pack which they use to recharge their smartphones during the day when they run low on juice. Some bring their chargers, some have battery pack cases, but what if you had none of those and you really needed a quick juice up? Well this concept called Juice Up, will rely on the kindness of your friends or strangers if you desperately needed a bit of juice to send that last text message or make that quick phone call on your iPhone. As you can see in the image above, Juice Up is a Lightning cable, but at the same time it also doubles as a bumper case for your iPhone.

When not in use, it wraps around your iPhone and acts as a bumper case, but should the need arise when you need that last minute charge, or perhaps give some juice to a friend or desperate stranger, unwrap it, plug one end of the Lighting cable into your iPhone, and the other end into another iPhone. The idea here is to take power from one iPhone and transfer it to another. Of course there are some problems with this concept, such as how will which iPhone know to charge the other one? Perhaps an app could be developed for that. There is also the issue of the clip that holds the cables together which looks like it could be easily lost.

However Juice Up is currently a concept and not a real product, but it does sound promising and we wouldn’t mind seeing it made a reality. What do you guys think?

Despite BlackBerry putting their efforts into their BB 10 devices, they have not forgotten their old customers and the upcoming Bold 9720 will be a device that will appeal to customers who prefer OS 7, and presumably its more affordable price tag when compared to some of BlackBerry’s BB 10 devices like the Z10 and the Q10. In any case while the device has yet to be formally announced and hit the shelves, several videos have appeared online and they basically give us a walkthrough of the phone and some of its features. The video above is apparently a really quick review of the handset and while it is in Russian, hopefully the video should provide enough information for you to get an idea of what to expect. Read full post →BlackBerry Bold 9720 Caught On Video, Shows Off Some Of Its Features

13.07.23 ShareThisIronically despite how smartphones were designed to keep us connected and social on the go, it has actually led to anti-social behavior around dinner tables and even when out amongst friends. In any case if one were to ignore that unintended consequence, a recent study by ShareThis has actually found that as far as smartphones are concerned, the iPhone has been found to be the most social device. The result of their 30-day study has been posted on their blog and according to their study, they found that iPhone users were the most likely to share content via their smartphone compared to other devices.

According to the numbers, the iPhone racked up 12.4% of users most likely to share while on a device, while the second place went to Android at 7.4%, and third place went to BlackBerry at 6.3%, and interestingly Windows Phone was not part of this study and we have to wonder how it would fare if it were. The numbers were gathered through “social signals” the website received in a bid to better understand sharing patterns. Pretty interesting numbers, but what do you guys think? Does this seem like an accurate conclusion?

ios 7 Activation Lock header 640x480 contentfullwidthThe other day we reported that Apple’s Activation Lock feature would be put to the test. This test would be conducted by San Francisco and New York District Attorneys, George Gascon and General Eric T. Schneiderman. Both district attorneys expressed at that time while it was a good effort by Apple, they believed that it would not be enough to deter smartphone theft and resale in the black market, and instead pushed for companies like Apple to install kill switches in their phones which would permanently disable a device. Well it turns out that Apple’s Activation Lock might have impressed them because at least from Gascon’s point of view, it seems that he was pretty satisfied with what Apple had done, stating that the feature offered “clear improvements” when came to anti-theft measures.

Speaking to the San Francisco Examiner, Gascon was quoted as saying, “I’m very optimistic that they came and were willing to share their technology with us,’”  referring to iOS 7’s Activation Lock and Samsung’s Lojack for Android. Activation Lock was one of the features that Apple debuted in iOS 7 and it basically goes beyond a simple keycode, but rather it requires the user to login with their Apple ID and password if they wanted to reactivate their phone. This is a move to prevent smartphone theft, and also to discourage stolen devices from being sold on the black market.

Hionami 3

Over the past couple of weeks and months we’ve been hearing about a certain Sony i1 “Honami”, an upcoming smartphone by Sony that will feature a larger camera sensor, a phone supposedly that will challenge Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom and Nokia’s recently announced Lumia 1020. Now thanks to the folks at Gadget Helpline, they have managed to get their hands on leaked photos of the upcoming Sony i1 Honami, and if you thought that the images were that of the Sony Xperia Z, we can’t blame you because upon first glance they certainly do look alike,

Of course design will not be the highlight in the Honami, but rather its camera which according to the rumors points towards a 20MP Exmor sensor. While on the surface it shares some design aspects of the Xperia Z, the photos show a larger speaker grill on the bottom of the phone, suggesting that with the Honami, Sony could be emphasizing sound as one of its key features as well. In any case take these leaked photos and specs with a grain of salt for now, but it will be interesting to see how Sony’s offering will hold up against the competition. What do you guys think? Does Sony have a fighting chance?

Bildschirmfoto2013 07 18um133322 zps3badc0f8A couple of days ago we reported on a rumor that Sony could be working on an external camera that could be used together with a Sony Xperia device. At that time the rumors suggested that the device would come with both built-in WiFi and NFC features, presumably to allow for wireless transfer of photos, and also for quick and easy pairing of the camera with the phone. Now thanks to Sony Alpha Rumors we have additional information about the camera, which according to them is a bodyless lens camera-type device (concept pictured above).

There will apparently be more than one choice for customers to choose from. One model, which was what was reported the other day, will come with the Sony RX100MII sensor and will sport a Zeiss lens. The other option is said to sport a 10x zoom lens with a 1/2,3” 18MP sensor, but no mention if this would be a Zeiss lens as well. There’s no word on when Sony will announce these new lenses, but they sound like an interesting concept, but until then take it with a grain of salt!

Nokia Lumia 1020 hands on review 1 640x424When it comes to branding your product, chances are you would sit down and think long and hard about what to name it. After all it will become associated with your company and giving it a good and memorable name will help make it more noticeable. For example Apple has their “i” where they have iMacs, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and etc., while Samsung has their Galaxy brand which denotes their range of smartphones and tablets running on Android. Nokia has their Lumia which is used to identify Windows Phone devices and if you’re wondering how long it took for Nokia to decide on the name it seems that it only took them one day.

According to Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, “Why wait until tomorrow or next week? […] We could make the decision today. And we did.” Interestingly though back in 2011 when it was announced, some translations have found that “Lumia” in Spanish actually translated into “prostitute”, although some found that it wasn’t exactly a widely used term to begin with. In any case we guess given Nokia’s situation at that time, time was indeed of the essence and taking weeks or months to decide on a brand name might not have been favorable.

ioskillianLove or hate the new look of iOS 7, pretty much everyone who has an opinion has shared theirs already. Some love the direction that Apple is headed, and love the modern design, while others claim it’s a step backwards and that the UI is ugly. Well if you think that you could do a better job designing iOS 7, this interactive website will allow you to redesign iOS the way you think it should look like. It’s not a serious website but it does allow you to tweak certain things, such as the color scheme, the icons, the font, shadows, and etc. Most of it is pretty funny but if you’d like to give it a go, head on to the website for the details, and if you want you can share your masterpiece in the comments below!

iOS 7 is the upcoming version of iOS that was announced during WWDC 2013. It features a brand new design ever since iOS was tasked to Apple’s design guru, Jony Ive. It is expected to debut later this year although at this point in time, a specific release date has yet to be announced.

call of duty black ops 2 vengeance 640x358Let’s face it, gamers can be quite passionate when it comes to their games, and anything that messes with that or detracts from their experience, they’ll be sure to let you know about it! This time it has come in a recent patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 where the patch was pretty much standard fare. It included things you might find from typical updates such as some small changes, tweaks, and fixes, and one of them was the adjustment to the damage and rate of fire of the AN-94 weapon, ultimately reducing damage and rate of fire.

Considering that the changes aren’t drastic where it completely nerfed the weapon and where the difference is in fractions of a second, one would think that it’s not that big of a deal, right? Well we guess some gamers have felt differently about it and have taken to Twitter to post death threats directed at David Vonderhaar, the design director of the game. Some of the threats are pretty explicit in nature but they were either to tell him to go kill himself, or they’d find him and then kill him, with some being directed at his daughter as well. This isn’t the first time developers have received death threats and we doubt it will be the last, but what do you guys think? Was this outrage deserved or do you think some gamers are just overreacting?

verizon upgrade two yearsWhile Motorola has built smartphones for other carriers, their relationship with Verizon has been pretty good and together both companies have released a series of Droid devices. Now it looks like that relationship will be taken to the next level as Verizon has confirmed that they have entered into an exclusive partnership with Motorola where the company will be 100% responsible for creating Droid devices for the carrier. This was confirmed by Verizon’s marketing executive, Jeff Dietel, who spoke to the folks at CNET.

This follows the launch of several Droid devices like the Droid Ultra, Droid Mini, and Droid Maxx. Dietel claims that the Droid Ultra lineup will remain Verizon’s flagship smartphone for a while, and that Verizon promised the handset will be given a longer shelf life compared to previous flagship smartphones in the past. Rick Osterloh, head of product management for Motorola, was also quoted as saying, “There are millions of users that are happy with it and loyal to the Droid brand […] Droid is a formula that works very well.”