guardian twitter hack

Recently a number of high profile Twitter accounts have been hacked. Several CBS accounts, 60 Minutes included, were hacked earlier this month. Last week the Syrian Electronic Army had its most high profile Twitter hack, it compromised the official account of Associated Press and sent out a bogus tweet claiming that the White House had been bombed. Now the same group has hacked 11 accounts of The Guardian over the weekend, some of which still remain suspended.

James Ball of The Guardian said that the modus operandi was similar to the attack on @AP, adding that they were “really very good.” The SEA uses phishing emails, which are very cleverly disguised. They have been using this very technique to launch their recent attacks. On the other hand, Twitter is rumored to be testing two factor authentication with several high profile Twitter account holders. Two factor authentication is certainly a lot safer when compared to simple passwords. It is rumored that the folks at Twitter are clamoring to get this security solution out the door as quickly as possible so as to thwart any impending attacks on its users, high profile or not.

os x mountain lion macsThere is no point resting on your laurels unless you want your rivals to step all over your head, right? This is the very reason as to why Apple is working hard to deliver the next version of OS X, which would be version 10.9. 9to5Mac claims that Mac OS X 10.9 will come with an improved multi-monitor experience, something that has been a long time in coming, where users are able to run fullscreen apps on a single monitor, while access other desktop spaces as well as fullscreen apps.

Power users would definitely appreciate such a feature, and it seems that majority of the other additions that are in the pipeline for Mac OS X 10.9 would be the kind that you would not see or notice at first glance, since these tend to be under-the-hood tweaks, so forget about an unforgettable number of new features and user interface changes. Whispers abound that party tricks from iOS such as app switching and pausing might be thrown into the mix to help extend the machine’s battery life, which is always a good thing. All in all, are you looking forward to the next version of Mac OS X 10.9?

Statistics show that the percentage of iPhone ownership in San Francisco is very, very close to the ratio of 1:2, which clearly places it at the highest rate of any major city in the US. This does not come across as a surprise considering how the city’s population has a soft spot towards Apple, and not only that, it would naturally mean that the percentage of iPhone theft in this city would be the highest among all major cities, too. Police in the city have been having a rather tough time in tackling this issue, so the long arm of the law decided that it might be great to try something different – that is, by going undercover and selling boxes of the iPhone which was donated by Apple to those who are interested in picking up “stolen” units.

According to San Francisco Police Captain Joe Garrity, he compared this strategy to cutting the head off of a snake. Garrity said, “If they steal the phone but can’t sell it, there’s no market.” Of course, there will still be howls of complaints of entrapment, mainly from the public defender’s office. What do you think of this strategy, and will it help prevent iPhone thefts?

We’ve seen the box art for something called “Call of Duty: Ghosts“ pop up last week and earlier this morning, it showed up in Spanish retailer’s Xtralife’s product listings where it’s expected to be released on the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U. But when will either Infinity Ward or Activision make the big unveiling of what looks to be their next Call of Duty game?

According to a recently leaked blueprints for a promotional display for Call of Duty: Ghosts, it looks as though we could be hearing about the game on May 1st as the blueprints clearly state its display should arrive by 5/1 and should not be displayed until that date. At this point, it’s unknown what will exactly be revealed on May 1 as Activision can choose to simply officially release the next Call of Duty game’s box art and call it a day. Or, if Activision follows their reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, we could maybe see a trailer on May 1 along with some basic story details.

Either way, Call of Duty fans should circle May 1 on their calendars as being a pretty important day to check the Internet to hear more about Call of Duty: Ghosts.

956893 square enix logo largeTimes are hard for some folks living around the world, as the economies of various countries are not said to be purring across all fronts actually. Some companies do find it difficult to remain afloat in such moments, and more often than not, it is not the “head” that goes, but rather, the “body”, so to speak. Case in point, it seems that Square Enix has confirmed that they will be laying off folks at European as well as UK offices. Just in case you thought that all is fine and dandy at Square Enix, they are not, never mind the fact that titles such as Tomb Raider, Hitman and Sleeping Dogs managed to move their fair share of copies, although those numbers fell short of Square Enix’s expectations.

Square Enix mentioned in a statement, “We are reviewing our business in Europe to ensure we have the right structure, content and skills for the changing entertainment landscape. We do expect changes to the UK office, which will affect personnel. We will update you when the time is right, but our priority right now is for the people within the business.” Hopefully those laid off would be able to get back on their feet, and fast!

angry birds wrecking ball washington dc 587x640

Rovio’s Angry Birds have been known to knock down a number of structures which their sworn pig enemies have built for several years, but one thing we have yet to see is an Angry Bird in the wild knocking real-life structures down. That is, until today.

An Angry Birds wrecking ball was spotted by Redditor bmorschwack on a construction site for an upcoming condominium community called CityCenterDC. Bmorschwack caught a glimpse of the wrecking ball as he was working on the construction site and claims the painted wrecking ball was the work of its operator as he was seen to have a Spider-Man painted hard hat while he was working. Read full post →Angry Birds Wrecking Ball Spotted In Washington D.C. Construction Site

nintendo refurbished 3ds dsi xl

We know there are many of you who are eyeing some of Nintendo’s recently announced Nintendo 3DS bundles that either feature an exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf design or Luigi-themed design. We also know spending hundreds of dollars for a handheld gaming device may not be something you could afford right now, which is why Nintendo has started to sell pre-owned Nintendo 3DS and DSi XL handhelds in its North American online store.

The “authentic Nintendo refurbished products” may feature some “minor cosmetic blemishes,” but Nintendo will provide a one-year warranty with these devices and guarantee them to be technically fully functional as they’ve been “cleaned, tested and inspected to meet Nintendo’s high standards.” The prices for the handhelds are certainly in a range most budget-minded customers could appreciate as Nintendo offers a Metallic Rose or Midnight Blue DSi XL for $99, while $169 will get you an Aqua Blue or Midnight Purple 3DS along with a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Read full post →Nintendo Offers Refurbished 3DS, DSi XL Starting At $99

Ever since Microsoft’s Kinect was released, we’ve seen a number of people hack the device to perform a number of tasks such as controlling your PC, turning your body into a music mixer and giving you power over your Roomba. But one hack we are surprised took this long to create is the BoobTracker.

YouTube user Mizirk uploaded a video last month that showed off his Kinect hack which makes it possible for the device to not only track your chest, but also cover your nipples. In order to use the program, you’ll raise your right hand in order to activate its floating objects which will track and cover your naughty chest region. Lifting your left hand will make the objects completely disappear, while lifting your right hand again will change the type of objects covering your chest that range from cats, to pineapples, even to a face of Sterling Archer. Read full post →Microsoft Kinect Hacked To Become A ‘BoobTracker’

macbook pro air refresh

Apple announced its upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference will start on June 10 and will mainly focus on iOS 7 and improvements to OS X. Even though Apple CEO Tim Cook said the earliest we should expect new Apple devices is September, that hasn’t stopped one analyst from predicting the company is expected to announce a refreshed MacBook Air and MacBook Pro sometime during the conference.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says he believes new Apple notebooks will be unveiled on June 10 and are expected to sport Intel’s new Haswell processors with production of the new MacBook Pro expected to take place next month. Kuo also believes Apple will continue to manufacture the MacBook Pro as he says “the 13″ MacBook Pro remains the most popular product in the MacBook Line.” Read full post →MacBook Pro, MacBook Air Could Be Refreshed During WWDC 2013 [Analyst]

We caught a leak of an iOS version of Google Now last month which was immediately pulled from the Internet, which lead us to believe it would show up sooner or later. Considering that leak took place last month, it’s safe to say today’s release of Google Now wasn’t exactly surprising, but it certainly is extremely welcoming.

Google Now won’t be made available in its own dedicated application like Google’s YouTube and Google+ dedicated apps. Instead, it’ll be included in the Google Search app in an update that’s being released today. The update will make Google Now completely available to iPhone and iPad owners and will bring nearly all of Google’s information cards from Google Now’s Android version. Read full post →Google Now Available On iPhone, iPad As Google Search Update