Netflix is one of the most popular online video streaming services in the world with a vast library of content that includes movies, TV shows, documentaries and much more. It was one of the first services of its kind to start streaming content in 4K resolution. Netflix is only available in a handful of markets but that hasn’t stopped people in unsupported countries from using a VPN to access the service. This doesn’t sit too well with Sony Pictures.
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Even though the two most popular mobile platforms, iOS and Android, provide users with their own mapping services many believe that the Nokia HERE mapping service is actually a pretty good alternative. HERE landed on Android earlier this year first as a Samsung exclusive. We’ve never lost hope for an iOS version and now the company has confirmed that HERE Maps for iOS is going to be released in 2015.
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custom-watch-face-android-wearDo you own an Android Wear device? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you ought to be pleased as punch to find out that there is an update to Android Wear that ought to make your existing smartwatch a whole lot smarter. Google’s update for their wearable platform would bring with it a slew of new abilities, where among them include animated watch faces as well as an undo command so that you can check out the notifications that have been dismissed earlier.

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ipod-classic-discontinuedIt seems that there is no stopping the Apple train, even for Apple devices that have already been discontinued as Apple looks to the future. The iconic iPod Classic has been around for quite some time, before the curtain finally fell upon it earlier this year. Still, who would have thought that a hard drive-equipped iPod classic would actually find a new lease of life on Amazon at a price that is pretty surprising in the first place, after taking into account the age of the device, not to mention it being a second hand item?

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artificial-skinWhile Stephen Hawking has his reservations about AI being the end of humanity, it is still some ways from a Skynet-like scenario methinks. When it comes to bionic body parts, there has been advancements made over the years – but I suppose we can safely say that none of the bionic arm or bionic legs that we have seen in the past can be deemed to be life-like – not at least until they come equipped with “skin” which is capable of feeling.

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All eyes are on the FAA has it drafts rules for small commercial drones. It has already missed a deadline in August and the agency now feels that the delay could cause it to miss the September 2015 deadline for these new rules. A top FAA safety official, Peggy Gilligan, made these comments in front of a congressional House panel today, saying “We all agree that the project is taking too long.”
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These days there is no activity on the jailbreak front by development teams that were on the forefront during the iOS 4.x and iOS 5.x days. Chinese teams have taken the baton and multiple jailbreaks for iOS 8.x have been released by teams based in the People’s Republic. TaiG is one such team that has instantly updated its jailbreak tool to provide users with the required software for iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak.
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blue-charm-noteIt looks like the various pieces of the proverbial puzzle are starting to fit in together – and we are referring to the Meizu Blue Charm Note. What you see above is touted to be a rendering of the supposed logo for the Meizu Blue Charm Note handset, not to mention we have also picked up additional information concerning the possible hardware specifications.

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odroid-c1Ah, the wonders of miniaturization. The Raspberry Pi has done a pretty good job in the world of small, low powered computers, retailing for just $35 a pop although you will need to provide the rest of the parts yourself in order to come up with a full fledged computing device. Having said that, the Raspberry Pi is already a couple of years old – and in the world of computers, this is a very, very long time. Perhaps it is time for a long overdue update in this department? Hardkernel steps in with their ODROID-C1, where this happens to be a quad-core mini computer – and guess what? It carries a $35 price tag.

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samsung logo 5
Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S6 have already started to circulate given that the company is due to unveil its next flagship in the coming months. It was recently rumored that Samsung might release a Galaxy S6 Edge variant which would have a curved display on one side, similar to that of Galaxy Note Edge, but now the source that provided this information in the first place is taking a few steps back.
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