The NBA has announced that it is going to install motion tracking cameras this season in all arenas. This is being done to provide fans, players and coaches with improved stats and data. NBA is using Stats’ SportVU motion tracking system, which basically uses a six camera setup to collect various types of data. All 30 NBA teams will use the system to calibrate and measure movements of all players and the ball on the court.

For targeted and detailed analysis of both teams and players, the system will generate a continuous stream of data that’s based on factors such as ball possession, player separation, speed, and distance. The data will be used by NBA Game Time app, and NBA TV to provide fans with detailed breakdown of every game and to enchance the statistics that the league currently offers. The algorithms that are used to collect data will constantly be refined, they’re already able to identify certain plays as well as defensive rotations. Previously only 15 teams were using this technology, so the database wasn’t comprehensive. Now, the data about every team and every player will be collected every night, thus enabling the NBA to offer a more comprehensive database to both teams and fans alike.

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A couple of weeks ago rumors were circulating that Verizon might finalize a deal with Vodafone to buy the latter’s 45 percent stake. Last week Verizon finally announced that the deal had been reached to the tune of $130 billion. Under the deal, Verizon pays the British telecommunications giant $59 billion in cash and another $60 billion in its stock and other considerations. A lawsuit has now been filed in a New York state court by Natalie Gordon. She claims that Verizon’s shareholders are being “shortchanged” by the purchase of Vodafone’s stake, adding that Verizon has overpaid and that “Wall Street analysts concur.”

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam and 12 directors have been named as defendants in this lawsuit, they’ve been accused of breaching their fiduciary duties. The lawsuit seeks class-action status, the aim is to get Verizon to either improve the terms of this deal, rescind the purchase or compel individual defendants to pay damages. This lawsuit mentions drop in the carrier’s share price on September 3rd, when it was trading for $45.08 a day after the deal had been announced. On August 29th, when it was rumored that Verizon had initiated talks with Vodafone, the share price was trading at a peak of $48.60. This 7.2 percent decline has been defined as “almost 10 percent” in the lawsuit. Executive vice president and general counsel of Verizon, Randal Milch, said in a statement that the lawsuit is “entirely without merit, and Verizon intends to defend itself vigorously.”

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Over the past few weeks we’ve heard a lot of stories about faulty iPhone chargers causing serious damage. A flight attendant in China was electrocuted while charging her iPhone 4S, the incident caused her death. A man in China was also electrocuted which put him in a coma, an iPhone 4S and a charger were involved in this incident as well. It is believed that they might have been using counterfeit chargers. Apple posted a notice on its Chinese website, warning customers that counterfeit chargers were circulating in the market. The latest incident report comes out of Croatia, where a woman claims her iPhone 4S exploded on the bedside table.

According to Ljubica Maric, she had plugged in her iPhone 4S to charge overnight using the charger that came with the device. During the night she received a call, which she wasn’t able to pick up on the first ring. On the second ring something in the iPhone 4S exploded, causing the speaker to blow out and glass to crack. Even though the device was in a case, debris is said to have scattered around the floor and table. No burning is said to have occurred at the electrical outlet and the iPhone 4S is apparently in working condition. It is unclear what might have caused this incident, a counterfeit charger doesn’t seem to be the case. Apple hasn’t issued a statement as yet.

apple fifth avenue

It has sort of become a yearly tradition for a number of Apple enthusiasts to line up outside the company’s retail stores days before a new iPhone is to be released. It started after the first iPhone, which was released back in 2007, became a hit. We’ve seen lines forming up outside Apple Stores all around the world even for new iPads. Apple’s biggest update to its smartphone lineup is expected this year, for the first time ever it is expected to unveil two new iPhones together. Some enthusiasts have already formed a line outside Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue retail store in New York.

The line has formed up two days before Apple takes the stage to officially acknowledge that the new iPhones do exist. That doesn’t mean the new iPhones will be released that very day. These campers might have to wait for more than one week or give up their spots because Apple is expected to start selling the new smartphones 10 days after the announcement has taken place, on September 20th. Even if only four people have lined up right now, we can expect the lines to substantially grow when the release date comes near. If these four hold their places, they’ll be first in and first out with their new iPhones. As they say, the early bird gets the worm. [Image via AppleInsider]

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Apple might be less than two days away from unveiling its brand new iPhones, that doesn’t mean the leaks and rumors are going to stop. Earlier today we picked up on a purported iPhone 5S box that hints at the possibility of it having a fingerprint scanner. Apple is also expected to unveil the iPhone 5C this year, its first ever budget smartphone. The alleged logic board of iPhone 5C has leaked online, it sports minor changes as opposed to the iPhone 5 logic board. iPhone 5C’s internals are expected to be quite similar to the existing iPhone.

Since much of the logic board pictured here is covered by protective EMI cover, the internal circuitry is almost completely hidden. The accelerometer is thought to be repositioned or hidden beneath five connection points used for the speakers, microphone, display and other components. The area where the chip is located on iPhone 5 is said to be identical on this purported iPhone 5C logic board, this isn’t much of a surprise, since Apple is expected to go with the same processor so as to reduce build cost. Apart from these subtle tweaks, not much can be gathered about the upcoming budget iPhone from this part. The new iPhones are expected to be released on September 20th after the announcement on September 10th. [Image via Weibo]

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Rumor has it that Google’s future Nexus tablets might not be manufactured by ASUS. Google’s Nexus tablets have been quite successful in the market, according to Digitimes, they account for a “large proportion” of the overall tablet shipments of ASUS. The company recently unveiled two new Android powered tablets at the IFA 2013 trade show in Berlin. The publication believes that ASUS is pushing its new tablets so as to “get away from Google’s aura.”

The company is already expected to reduce Nexus 7′s shipment proportion to under 50 percent by the third quarter of this year. The proportion will reportedly be down to 20 percent by the end of the second quarter of 2014. Google hasn’t officially said as yet if it will go with another manufacturer for future Nexus tablets. The new tablets that ASUS unveiled last week are seen as a push by the company to promote its own brand. Google’s Nexus tablets have been able to perform well in the market particularly because they were competitively priced. One of the tablets that ASUS recently announced is called an “affordable” Android tablet. With the tablet market heating up as it is, we might see ASUS make an even greater push to increase its market share.

iphone 5s box

In less than two days Apple will finally unveil everything about its upcoming iPhones. The event has already been scheduled and the press invites have already been sent. Nevertheless, the rumors and leaks won’t stop coming in until the official announcement is made. A couple of pictures of a purported iPhone 5S box have surfaced online. The box shows off a redesigned home button, which hints at the possibility of iPhone 5S having a fingerprint scanner. It has been rumored time and again that Apple will add a fingerprint scanner in iPhone 5S, though no concrete proof of that is available right now.

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As per rumors, Microsoft might launch its new Surface tablets later this year. The Surface Pro 2 tablet is expected to have more RAM, Intel’s latest Haswell processor and a refined kickstand. It is now being said that the company may also release a dock for its new tablet. The dock will apparently allow the user to attach Surface Pro 2 to an external display. Attaching keyboards and other peripherals might also be easy since the dock is said to have three USB ports as well. At this point in time it is not known exactly when this dock will be released and what it will cost. One can assume that it will be released alongside the new tablet, or soon after.

The dock will enable customers to have a better and complete desktop experience with the tablet. Rumor has it that this dock will also work with the existing Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. Microsoft hasn’t revealed as yet when it intends on releasing the next generation Surface tablets. The Surface Pro 2 isn’t expected to see any price cuts and it is said to have the same design as its predecessor. Microsoft had said earlier this year that it has no plans to create a dock for its tablets, if these reports are true, then it has evidently changed its mind.

twitter android tablets

The official Twitter app optimized for Android tablets has leaked out. At Samsung’s Unpacked event in Berlin, quite a few people spotted the new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet running a tablet optimized version of the official Twitter app. It isn’t available to the public as yet, however the apk file has been leaked, which can be used by anyone willing to test the app out on their Android tablets. At first glance, one can notice that the app’s user interface is quite similar to the one that Twitter rolled out for its iPad app over a year ago.

While the apk is available online for anyone who wishes to try it out, the app might not offer a smooth user experience for Android tablets out there. However, it does confirm one thing though. Twitter may finally be seriously working on releasing an official client that is optimized for Android tablets. The Google Play Store may be filled with a great amount of apps, not a lot of them are optimized for Android tablets. Those who are willing to try out the app can download it from the source link below. Though keep in mind that its not an official release, Twitter hasn’t said as yet when it plans on officially releasing the app for Android tablets.

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Amazon has a thriving hardware business. It develops and sells some of the most popular e-readers and tablets. The company has long been rumored to be working on a smartphone, not much is known about that device up till now. According to a new report, perhaps Amazon will offer its smartphone free to customers. It isn’t known right now what sort of a catch will be attached to the company’s smartphone, it has apparently contacted wireless carriers about the possibility of carrying its new device. Though it is believed that Amazon will offer the smartphone through its own website. The rumor comes from two former journalists who worked at WSJ.

There’s a possibility that along with the free smartphone, the company might require customers to sign up for Amazon Prime. However, people who are reportedly familiar with the matter claim that Amazon wants the smartphone to be free for customers even if they don’t sign up for any service. Much like the Kindle tablets, the smartphone is said to run on a forked version of Android. Amazon will obviously have to cover up the cost of production, it can’t offer free smartphones out of its pocket to customers. It will have to come up with a plan that’s radically different, the company hasn’t said anything as yet about those plans.