youtube 8kWhile the 4K resolution appears to be the new standard in the near future, a lot of displays and televisions being sold at the moment are still marketed as having a Full HD resolution. However to keep up with the times, YouTube recently started to experiment offering 4K video to its users, although this proved to be a rather horrible experience for those whose computers can’t support it.

That being said it looks like if you thought the stutter and load times for a 4K video was bad, it looks like YouTube has upped the ante by introducing support for 8K videos. Yup, this is a resolution that has yet to become fully mainstream but it seems that YouTube plans on staying ahead of the curve rather than play catchup. Read full post →YouTube Shows Its Support For 8K Resolution Videos

If you have been using iOS for a while, you’re probably used to the “shift” button on the iOS keyboard. When the arrow is black, it means that the next character will be an uppercase character, but when it’s grey, it means that the character will be of the lowercase variety. However this isn’t very obvious especially to iOS newbies.

Well Apple has finally done something about it with iOS 9. While it was not announced during Apple’s WWDC 2015 event (and we suppose for good reason since it isn’t particularly groundbreaking), it has been spotted by developers who got their hands on the beta that Apple has made some changes to the iOS keyboard. Read full post →Apple Finally Addresses The “Shift” Key In iOS 9

lenovo-tenaaTENAA happens to be the FCC equivalent over in China, and it is interesting to note that the Lenovo PB1-770N has picked up the relevant certification from TENAA, which means it is very, very near to a release in that part of he world now. So far, very little is known about this particular Lenovo tablet, but we do know that the Lenovo PB1-770N will come with a 6.8 display, which more or less places it in the phablet category.

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spotify-familyApple Music is finally here. Will this be a bigger success than Apple’s somewhat failed iTunes Radio and Beats Music which didn’t really get a chance to take off before Apple acquired the company? So far it seems that Apple Music has everything it needs to compete with some of the more established platforms out there, namely Spotify.

However it looks like Spotify is no where near giving up just yet. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the music streaming company has managed to recently raise a whopping half a billion – $526 million to be exact – in its latest round of funding. Ultimately this values the company at an eye-watering $8.53 billion. Read full post →Spotify Takes The Fight To Apple With $526 Million In Funding

Google’s “Google on Tap” is something that was demonstrated at the recently concluded Google I/O earlier this month, and it is worth the effort to check out just how it works, as over at the SMX (Search Marketing Expo) event in France, here was a demonstration as to how the new Google on Tap situation-aware search works. In the demonstration, it depicted how the search engine is full well capable of understanding context depending on the current location. You can check out the video of the demonstration right after the jump.

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apple_banner_no_ipodIt used to be that one of Apple’s most in-demand items was the iPod, at least until the iPhone came around and proved that you could have an iPod, a phone, and a browsing device all in one. Now it seems that Apple could be ready to call it quits on the iPod, or at least position it in such a way that it will no longer be one of their main focuses.

It has been noted that Apple has actually removed the iPod from the menu on top of their website. In its place it now reads “Music” which takes users to the Apple Music page. That being said this does not mean that the iPod has been discontinued. Users will still be able to shop for the iPod, it’s just no longer prominently placed on Apple’s main website. Read full post →Apple Removes The iPod From Their Website’s Top Menu

overwatch heroesAs it stands Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm features characters from Blizzard’s franchises – StarCraft, Diablo, and Warcraft – but what about Overwatch? Overwatch, for those unfamiliar, is Blizzard’s newest franchise in years and it is an FPS shooter complete with new characters of their own.

So the question is, could it be possible that one day Overwatch characters make their way into Heroes of the Storm? Well if you thought it would be an awesome idea, you will be pleased to learn that it is a possibility. This is according to Blizzard community manager Trikslyr who wrote in the forums, “There will be no addition of an Overwatch hero [in Heroes of the Storm] until the game officially releases. At that point, it can become a possibility.” Read full post →Overwatch Could Appear In Heroes Of The Storm One Day

samsung-transparent-oled01Right now most displays have a black/dark background when not turned on. This is rather common these days but if you’re wondering what the next level of displays could be, Samsung might have the answer in the form of mirror and transparent displays which the company showed off during an event in Hong Kong.

As you can see in the images above and below, it shows off Samsung’s two new display technologies – a display that is almost see-through, and another which is a reflective mirror type of display. While it might not necessarily make its way into your home in the future, Samsung believes that these displays have huge commercial potential. Read full post →Samsung Shows Off Mirror And Transparent OLED Displays

dyson-led-bulbThe Dyson brand has certainly captured the imagination of many people, delivering aesthetically pleasing products that also deliver on the performance front, ranging from bladeless fans to a hand dryer that gets the job done in double quick time, not to mention a vacuum cleaner range that works extremely well. Well, this time around, Dyson has moved on to the world of sustainable lighting, where their own take on the LED bulb has led them to a proprietary model that lays claim to a 37 year life span, courtesy of superior cooling technology that does its bit to add years to the bulbs’ lives.

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moto-x-review-05The world of smartphones certainly moves at a breakneck speed, and whatever is released this month might not necessarily be the top dog in the next month. Having said that, for a smartphone to be two years old in the industry would clearly make it a “grandfather” handset. The first generation Motorola Moto X will eventually hit the 2 year old mark (with a third generation Moto X in the pipeline), but prior to it celebrating the second birthday in existence, it does look as though the device will be on the receiving end of the Android 5.1 Lollipop update. Right now, the once flagship device from Motorola has Android 4.4.4 KitKat as the mobile operating system of choice.

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