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Bing today announced the launch of its Homepage App on Facebook. Bing has partnered up with Discovery to launch a new contest for photographers of all levels. Called Bing’s Hometown Homepage Photo Contest, those interested can make their submissions to the Bing Homepage app on Facebook between today and September 3rd. Images that highlight and capture the beauty of one’s hometown are being sought. Bing will then announce the top ten finalists on September 10th after which it will allow fans to vote for their favorites on Facebook.

The picture that gets the most votes will be named the winner. The picture itself will be showcased on Bing’s homepage on October 1st along with the photographer. That’s not all, the winner will also receive a new Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone, a canvas of the winning photo and free membership of 500px. It doesn’t end here, on the same day Bing and The Nature Conservancy will celebrate the winner’s contribution by hosting a day of service in their hometown. So if you might have snapped a picture once that captures the beauty of your hometown or shows off a special landmark in all its beauty, its definitely worth making that submission. Who knows, maybe your picture might get selected to become Bing’s homepage on October 1st.

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Boasting or showing off online about your illegal activities is certainly a recipe for disaster. Take Cody Hall for example, the teenager who boasted about his reckless driving on Twitter, which ultimately led to a vehicular manslaughter charge against him to being upgraded to murder. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg today announced the biggest gun bust in the history of the city. Authorities arrested 19 people who were involved in selling more than 254 weapons illegally, only because an up and coming rapper thought it would be cool to upload videos featuring cash and firearms at a recording studio in Bed-Stuy to YouTube.

The gunrunners were bringing in guns from North and South Carolina on discount charter buses, the guns were filled in suitcases. Authorities were actually investigating this ring for over 10 months, one undercover office ever made a number of purchases such as a semi-automatic rifle that was concealed inside a suitcase. Matthew Best, the rapper mentioned above, also posted some pictures to Instagram that contained firearms. This evidence coupled with wiretaps led to authorities finally bringing down the ring.The 19 people arrested were indicted on numerous counts of conspiracy, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal sale of a firearm as well as other crimes. [Image via @jdavidgoodman]

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There’s no doubt in the fact that both Apple and Samsung have established a duopoly in the global smartphone market. Their respective platforms, iOS and Android, take up a major chunk of the market. Back in June it was reported that for the first time Samsung had outsold Apple in the U.S., primarily due to the fact that its current flagship, the Galaxy S4, has proven to be a hit. Apple is holding its ground with the iPhone though, and there’s a possibility that the company’s share in the smartphone market may increase once it launches the two new iPhones it is expected to, next month. Still, the iPhone is bringing in significantly more first time buyers who are switching to Apple from another smartphone brand.

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Twitter has been testing a number of interesting new features lately. We’ve already covered the “TV Trending” and nearby events timeline boxes, the former displays tweets and additional information about a TV show that’s trending on Twitter. The latter displays tweets about an event taking place near a user. While the micro-blogging service is yet to roll out both of these features, today it announced the addition of a new feature that will provide context behind a tweet that one can’t usually fit in 140 characters.

From today users will start seeing the “Related headlines” section on tweets that have been embedded on websites. The section will be viewable from a tweet’s permalink page, lists and links to websites where the tweet has been embedded will be displayed. This will make it easier to find out the entire story behind a particular tweet. Twitter gives the example of Jason Collins, the first NBA player who came out publicly. The news obviously spread across media outlets such as MSNBC and ESPN, and they embedded his tweet. Links to their websites are now being displayed underneath Jason’s tweet as they provide additional context that wasn’t directly available on Twitter. Rumor has it that Twitter might turn this into a revenue source as well, charging advertisers if they want their websites to show up in related headlines. Twitter hasn’t said anything about this just yet though.

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A number of recent rumors suggest that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Gear smartwatch alongside Galaxy Note 3 at its event on September 4th in Berlin. The company has long been rumored to be working on a smartwatch, as per rumors the Galaxy Gear will actually act as a companion for the company’s Galaxy lineup of Android powered devices. A recent report from Bloomberg suggested that the smartwatch will have ability to make phone calls. The Verge contradicts this report with one of their own, claiming that their sources say the watch won’t be able to make calls, “the watch is not a phone,” to be precise.

Not much is known about Samsung’s much rumored smartwatch at this point in time. Patents suggest that the Korean manufacturer’s watch might have a flexible display, but we haven’t heard anything about this being the case with Galaxy Gear. A new rumor claimed that while Galaxy Note 3 will be released next month, Samsung will probably release the smartwatch in October. The company itself has not said anything about a smartwatch right now. Its invite for the September 4th event was quite evidently about the Galaxy Note 3, it didn’t contain any hints about a smartwatch. Fortunately, September 4th isn’t far off, so its only a matter of time before we get to see what Samsung has up its sleeve.

navia sgThe city-state of Singapore might be spearheading another initiative to make other First World countries jealous – by the time 2015 arrives, driverless vehicles might not even warrant a second glance as it could very well be deemed as normal in Singapore then, thanks to the Navia driverless vehicle. The Navia happens to be an eight-seat shuttle which might resemble an elongated golf cart (it sure as heck is not going to win any kind of awards with its design), but that does not mean it ain’t a great people mover. Other than not requiring a driver to get you to your destination, the Navia will boast of touchscreen navigation as well as an electric motor.

It is smart enough to park itself on top of its charger when “resting”, and it uses a network of lasers and sensors in order to detect whether anything might be amiss or in the way of Navia, so that it can avoid any obstacles in real time without missing a beat. Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University is set to be the Navia’s very first real-world environment, which would be a great “last mile” solution for Singapore’s ever burdening public transport system. Will it be able to win votes for the ruling party as well during the next elections if the Navia was approved?

nokia world eventDoes anyone know what exactly is Nokia working on these days? Of course, we are pretty sure that they are going to continue with their investment in the Windows Phone platform from Microsoft, but there is more than meets the eye, too, as a number of Russian Windows Phone sites, included, have already received an invitation for an August 28th event. This particular invite should be gleaned over in order to discover whether there are any clues as to what will roll out, but all that was depicted was this particular piano keyboard alongside the words “World Premier” and date written across.

While there has been talk of a new Windows RT tablet by the Finnish smartphone manufacturers, it is also not too far off the beaten path that the August 28th event will signal the launch of Nokia Music, or how about a keyboarded device as well? WP7Forum did point out that it would be rather strange to introduce an accessory as part of a “world premier” event, but then again, stranger things have happened in the past, have they not? What do you think Nokia has in store for the masses this coming August 28th?

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Up till a week ago we hadn’t really heard much about a gold-tone iPhone 5S in the rumor cycle. Over the past week there have been a barrage of reports claiming that gold is going to be one of the color options for Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone. Now a number of major news outlets, who claim to have heard from sources with knowledge of the matter, “confirm” that Apple will indeed be releasing the gold iPhone 5S in the coming months. It is said that demand exists for such a color particularly in markets such as China and India, and that gold is one of the most common choices of people who go for after market paint jobs on their iPhones.

AllThingsD’s source claims that this gold tone will be “elegant,” more like champagne. The iPhone 5S will have a white face with a gold-tone back plate and edges. Other reports suggest that the color wouldn’t at all be tacky or over the top, which most customers are likely to avoid. Furthermore, it is said that gold color is much more easier to anodize on an iPhone as opposed to other colors. Couple that with rising demand and Apple has a reason to make such a color option available. We’ve already seen a purported leaked casing of the gold iPhone 5S, though it is now believed that it might have been fake. As always, Apple is tight-lipped about its future iPhone plans.

tesco tabletTesco has certainly come a long way from being a supermarket that carries just about all kinds of stuff that you need for your home and office, to churning out their very own brand name items. In fact, some of their foodstuff are pretty good, too, and here we are with word that Tesco will be working on a tablet of their own. Of course, this is but a rumor, and needless to say, this particular rumor does not hold much weight at all, considering how details about it have been non-existent to date – either that or Tesco has been pretty good at ensuring details about it did not leak out beforehand.

There is also speculation going around that this particular tablet from Tesco will arrive pre-loaded with video, music and e-books, in addition to apps for Tesco’s online shopping, banking and Blinkbox services. Does it make sense for a company like Tesco to roll out a tablet? Absolutely, as it would be in line with what Amazon and Google have already done in the past, that is, to sell extremely affordable hardware that gets the job done, all the while carrying the other covert nature of its existence, that is, to showcase Tesco’s digital content offerings. Who are we to deny the possibility of a 3G variant that will be powered by Tesco Mobile?

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HTC has launched a number of variants of its current flagship smartphone, the HTC One. There’s the HTC One Mini, the HTC One Google Play Edition and the much rumored HTC One Max. A couple of months back rumors were circulating that the Taiwanese manufacturer might release a Windows Phone powered variant of its popular flagship. Since then we haven’t really heard much about these plans. Given that HTC affirmed its commitment to Microsoft’s platform recently, the rumors have popped up once again.

Last week it was rumored that HTC might give up Windows Phone altogether, given that its WP market share had declined significantly and the fact that Nokia’s Lumia devices are ruling the global WP market. Jeff Gordon, HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager, said that the company is “absolutely dedicated to its Windows Phone lineup.” As per reports, HTC’s Windows Phone powered One will have a 4.7 inch 1080p Super LCD3 display with 2GB RAM, 32GB of on-board storage and Windows Phone GDR3 update, which is the prerequisite for 1080p display support. It is expected that this variant might be released in fall. No additional information has surfaced right now, particularly about the pricing and availability of this device.