Batman: Arkham Knight is a pretty solid game as long as you’ve playing it on a console, I couldn’t get enough of it on the PlayStation 4, but PC gamers had an entirely different experience. The title was plagued with issues from the get go and Warner Bros., which was reported to have knowledge of the issues months before launch, was forced to suspend sales of the PC version. It has been a long time since sales have been suspended but now it has finally been confirmed when the game will be re-released for PC.

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Halo fans have been anxiously waiting for the franchise’s new title to arrive, Halo 5: Guardians is going to be released for Xbox One in the coming week, and now Microsoft has hinted at the possibility of a Halo 5 PC launch. Initially the title will only be available for the current-generation console but Microsoft is not ruling out the possibility that the latest game in the lucrative Halo franchise might make its way to Windows PC at some point in the future.

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Earlier this week BlackBerry might have jumped the gun as the Priv went on for pre-order only to be pulled, now though the company has officially started taking pre-orders for its first Android-powered smartphone. Naturally there’s a bit of excitement surrounding this device, BlackBerry has never done an Android smartphone before and many are curious to see exactly what the company has done to ensure that customers receive BB-level security that they’ve always expected from the company.

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Samsung and Marvel have a very strong partnership, the companies have been working together for years on projects that promote their products. We’ve seen Samsung tech make an appearance in Marvel films and we’ve seen Marvel team up with Samsung to create accessories and even an Iron Man limited edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge. If a new rumor it to be believed then perhaps the two companies might be coming together once again to create a limited edition superhero model of the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

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sony ps4

It’s not like the PlayStation 4 is underpowered by any stretch of the imagination as opposed to other consoles in the market, it’s up there with the best of them, but it appears that Sony isn’t completely against the idea of making a “high performance” model of the PlayStation 4. That doesn’t mean that the company is going to come out with one, just that it’s not entirely opposed to the idea and if sees some benefit in going down that road, it just might.

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robobeeRobots have definitely captured the imagination of mankind, such as Softbank’s Pepper robot making its way to France to assist in a Carrefour hypermarket, offering suggestions to customers as and when required. Having said that, here is a robot that is not so friendly to humans, but it does have its fair share of practical purposes, too. The RoboBee happens to be a robot that is insect-like in design, being able to fly about in our atmosphere, as well as take to the water like a duck.

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Verizon Wireless subscribers will have a great time looking forward to not just one, but a couple of new Motorola DROID smartphones in the near future, as October 27th is the date that has been set to see the reveal of the Droid Turbo 2 and Droid Maxx 2. The thing is, both handsets have seen their fair share of leaks in the recent past, and it does not matter whether it is the Droid Turbo 2 or the Droid Maxx 2 – most of the leaks do concern the back portion of the smartphone, and thankfully the latest render leak does offer a wee bit of variation – by showing off the front, of course.

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samsung-galaxy-s5-review-001I am quite sure that many of us have heard of this particular adage before – and not only once, but many times over already. “Better late than never” can be applied to the Samsung Galaxy S5 that rocks on the AT&T network, taking into consideration how this particular smartphone is now on the receiving end of the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop mobile operating system at long last. Just in case you were wondering, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the flagship device from Samsung last year, and with Android 6.0 Marshmallow already released for Google’s range of Nexus devices, here we are with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on the Galaxy S5.

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Nexus-6P-Black-01Ah, the Nexus 6P from Huawei – now this is a smartphone not to be trifled with, especially when it is now sold out on the Google Store. After all, with the world’s third largest smartphone vendor backing it up, not to mention having this device arrive with Android 6.0 Marshmallow right out of the box, it does look as though it is going to be a real winner, no matter how you view it. Even better yet is news that this handset has already begun to ship over in the US.

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pandora_main_610x336It is no secret that in the music streaming industry, many are viewing Apple Music as a potential disruptor and it is not surprising why. Given Apple’s success in the music industry with iTunes, their success with Apple Music wouldn’t really be that much of a stretch, especially with industry veterans like Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre on board.

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