Over the past few weeks we have consistently been hearing rumors about Moto Maker, the online customization tool for Moto X, being opened up to all major carriers in the U.S. When the Moto X was announced back in August, Motorola revealed that Moto Maker will initially be exclusive to AT&T customers. The November 11th date was thrown around quite a lot, it was actually believed that only Verizon will get access to the customization tool on this date. However, Motorola has finally opened it up to Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Just yesterday we saw a leaked screenshot which hinted that these three carriers will be getting Moto Maker access soon. Couple Moto Maker with the recent price cuts the Moto X has gotten on these major carriers, this is perhaps the right time to pick up a Moto X if you’ve been holding off on purchasing it. Through Moto Maker, customers can select custom colors for the device’s front edge and back plate as well as choose from a plethora of accents. Colored peripherals can be purchased as well through the tool, and last but not the least, customers can also add custom engraving on the back of their new Moto X. If you’re enticed enough to head down this road, don’t forget to check out our test run of Moto Maker.

hm-omni10HP is still in the computing game, just in case you were wondering, as they have not resigned themselves to just churning out scientific calculators. In fact, there is a new tablet from the folks over at HP, where it is known as the HP Omni 10, and it has already appeared on the Microsoft Store which presents the HP Omni 10 in all of its Windows 8.1 glory, including a list of hardware specifications. For instance, it will arrive with a Gorilla Glass 3-protected 10.1” 1080p display that will be powered by one of Intel’s most recent and advanced ultramobile SoCs, which is the Atom Z3770 that will be based on the silicon slinger’s Silvermont 22nm architecture.

The Bay Trail chipsets could very well be Intel’s own bid to pave their way into the mobile space, So far, there are preliminary tests of the tablet version of the SoC that has proven itself to be rather worthy in terms of its CPU, although its GPU performance is nothing much to shout about. The Z3770 will arrive in a quad-core configuration that has cores which run at 1.5GHz, although it can be “powered” up to 2.4GHz when required. Other hardware specifications include 2GB RAM, a microSD memory card slot for up to 32GB of storage, an 8-megapixel autofocus camera at the back and a 2-megapixel front facing shooter, a micro HDMI slot, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity. It will retail for $399 for the 32GB model.


Ordering pizza can be a terrible ordeal, especially if you happen to hate to talk to anyone on the phone. Sure – you could use GrubHub or similar services, but sometimes, you just need the convenience of being able to push a button in order for a fresh pizza pie to be at your door in no time. And that’s exactly why PiePal was created. Read full post →PiePal Orders You Domino’s Pizza With A Touch Of A Button

sonoThere are always two sides to a particular coin, and for those who happen to stay in a city, you would know that it has its fair share of perks, although there is also a number of drawbacks such as theft, feeling unsafe in certain segments of the city, as well as noise pollution. Some folks have already gotten used to the noise pollution, but for others, it can be pretty difficult to get to bed with the sound of vehicles all below, party goers who do not know when to stop revelling downstairs, and the ilk. Here is a conceptual device that might come in handy one day – the Sono, where it relies on a technology which is similar to the kind found in noise-cancelling headphones.

You will be able to filter out sounds that you would want to listen to, such as the chirping of birds, or perhaps a passing ice cream truck. The sound preferences can be adjusted thanks to a circular scroll panel that is located on the face of the device. This is a window-mounted device that relies on a high-frequency laser microphone that picks up sounds which trouble you, where it will then send out sounds of its own at 180 degrees, cancelling it before it arrives at your window – and your ears, of course. It comes with a suction cup mount that has an “energy antenna” which has been embedded within to gather electromagnetic activity so that it can be used as power to accompany that of its internal battery.


We’ve seen humans build an entire leg out of LEGOs, and even more amazing, the woman who built the LEGO leg was able to walk on it. Now, it’s the animal’s turn as a turtle has been spotted with an appendage that is LEGO-inspired.

Schildi is a pet turtle that was abandoned, and as a result, lost his leg due to an injury. Due to the surgery, Schildi was left with just three legs, which makes for getting around very difficult for turles. As a result, one of the veterinarians that was observing his recovery decided to build Schildi a prosthetic. Read full post →Turtle Receives LEGO Wheel Prosthetic After Its Leg Was Amputated


Last month, Sony unveiled its Xperia Z1 f in Japan, which is a smaller version of their Xperia Z1 that features much of the hardware included in that device. This is certainly a step in the right direction to what consumer electronics companies should be doing with their “mini” versions of popular devices, instead of throwing in specifications that aren’t quite up to par with the original device. The Xperia Z1 f may have just popped up yet again, this time being called the Xperia Z1s. Read full post →Sony Xperia Z1s Spotted On Sony’s Global Website


Having a bunch of cool tech and gadgets around your home is something many of us are lucky enough to have, but one thing many of us also suffer from is the unfortunate ability to have tons of wires that are supposed to be tucked away in an unsightly location. We’re not all interior decorators who are able to connect our tech while also able to keep things neat, which is why the CableBin may be just the thing you’ve been looking for. Read full post →CableBin Hides Your Messy Cables Inside Of An Attractive Can

Earlier this morning, Sony published quite the unboxing video for its PlayStation 4 which we certainly would like to see done by other consumer electronics companies in the future. Not to be outdone, Microsoft has also published a new video for its Xbox One, although the purpose of the video, called Xbox One: Revealed, is more to show a closer look at the next-generation console’s hardware.  Read full post →Microsoft Takes A Closer Look At The Xbox One In New Trailer


Underwear is such an important piece of clothing we all should probably be wearing on a regular basis, although we know there are some of you who would prefer to live a lifestyle that’s a bit more free than the majority of folks, which means underwear isn’t even in your vocabulary. If you’re a part of the former group, then you know what a pain it can be to spend every week washing your undergarments, but Tamicare has come up with a way to make 3D-printed disposable underwear a reality. Read full post →3D-Printed Underwear Is Now A Reality


If you’re reading this story, we think it’s pretty safe to say that you spend a lot of time on the Internet. Whether it’s casually browsing your social network feeds, watching the latest Epic Rap Battles of History video or playing an online multiplay game, the Internet has become a major part of most people’s everyday lives. But what do people do with their time while they’re on the Internet? Sandvine has released a report that sheds some light on this question. Read full post →Netflix, YouTube Account For Over 50% Of North American Internet Data