Gaming consoles are almost always among the hottest gifts during the holiday season. Countless units are sold during this time as people either pick one up for themselves or as gifts for friends and family. Both Sony and Microsoft have launched their Black Friday deals for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One respectively, both have stuck with the $299 price tag, Sony has followed up with a TV ad that touts the PlayStation 4 as the “Best Place to Play 2015.”

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LG Electronics today announced that significant changes are being made at the very top of the executive ladder in a bid to make the company stronger and more agile as it seeks profits in businesses beyond TV and mobile. Three representative directions will now be leading the company, president and CEO of home appliances Jo Seong-jin, president and CEO of the mobile division Juno Cho and company president and CFO David Jung will be sharing the responsibilities.

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Benson Leung, an engineer at Google, recently started reviewing USB Type-C cables and adapters that are commonly available online to let people know if a particular product is fully compatible with all devices or not. Using cables that aren’t compatible can cause damage to external power supplies or the device itself, so it’s to be absolutely sure about it. Leung singled out the OnePlus USB Type-C cable and recommended that people don’t buy it for any device other than a OnePlus smartphone, and now the company itself has agreed that its USB Type-C cable isn’t fully compatible with other products.

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It has been rumored multiple times over the past couple of weeks that Konami might release a free to play version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 in the near future, and that’s certainly what it’s going to do. It has now been confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 free to play version will go live next month, Konami describes this version of the game as “entry level.”

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The Apple TV is a pretty solid set-top box, the new one provides a completely overhauled user interface with enhanced features like Siri integration and its very own App Store. All these things are certainly great but it has always been a pain to punch in text using the Apple TV’s report, that’s a problem you’ll experience with most set-top boxes actually, but soon Apple TV apps will be able to use Facebook login, thus eliminating the need for users to enter separately enter credentials for each app.

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Billions of dollars will be spent over the next few days as people purchase the things that they need and even the things that they don’t, the discounts tend to be so enticing during this time of the year that we often find ourselves buying things that we don’t need but want. In case you have Microsoft products on your shopping list do check out the Microsoft Black Friday 2015 deals which have gone live today.

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The UK-based Raspberry Pi quickly became popular because of its very cheap programmable computer. Over the years the Raspberry Pi has grown even more powerful and yet remained incredibly affordable for people who like to make stuff. Now Raspberry Pi has yet another nifty little programmable computer for us and this one is the cheapest it has ever made, called the Raspberry Pi Zero, this little computer only costs $5.

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Copyright infringement actions are nothing new, pirates who illegally distribute software and content do get slapped with legal action from time to time with punishments ranging from jail time to fine or both. In this particular case the software pirate is unable to pay so he’s now required to appear in a PSA about his life as a pirate and if that video doesn’t get 200,000 views on YouTube he ends up with a big fine.

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There are some parts of the world that still don’t have 4G LTE networks while on the other hand there are some that are working hard to go beyond 4G and commercially introduce 5G networks within this decade. Japan’s NTT DoCoMo is one of those carriers, it has actually started conducting real-world tests of its 5G network technology in collaboration with Nokia Network.

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If you have ever been inside one of London’s iconic black cabs you might find yourself wondering why most of them don’t accept credit cards or contactless payment services, that’s because the required framework has not yet been put into place, but there has now been a development which makes it quite likely that taxis in London will start accepting contactless payments from next year.

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