minecraft-35millionGood news Minecraft fans! It seems that apart from invading a variety of platforms, the ever-popular Minecraft title will be made into a movie! This was confirmed by Minecraft’s creator himself, Markus “Notch” Persson on his Twitter account after there were rumors making their way around the a movie was being made.

According to Persson, “Someone is trying leak the fact that we’re working with Warner Brothers on a potential Minecraft Movie. I wanted to be the leak!” However it should be noted that just because a movie is in development doesn’t necessarily mean that it will result in an actual film. Read full post →Minecraft Movie Worked On By Warner Brothers


Nokia might be in the process of wrapping up its devices and services division and getting ready to drop it in Microsoft’s lap, but that doesn’t mean it has been sitting idly by, leaving the market to fend for itself. Earlier this week it unveiled its first ever Android phones, and it is believed that Nokia still has a couple of Windows Phone devices up its sleeve. The Nokia Lumia 630 is apparently one of them, and this smartphone’s purported “product sheet” has been leaked, which points towards a 4.5 inch display and also sheds light on the possible dimensions.

If this product sheet is to be believed, the Lumia 630 will come in at 129.55mm x 66.7mm, with the front being dominated by its 4.5 inch display. If previous specifications leak turn out to be true, it could be a 720p HD display on this smartphone. Apparently codenamed “Moneypenny,” the Lumia 630 was initially expected to be unveiled at MWC 2014.

There may very well be one aspect to this smartphone that will set it apart from all Windows Phone devices, even those from Nokia. It is believed that the Lumia 630 is going to be the world’s first dual-SIM Windows Phone. That’s very much possible, given that Microsoft has already confirmed Windows Phone 8.1 will bring support for dual-SIM phones. Presumably it will be launched in emerging markets at the start, after Microsoft formally unveiled its next major mobile platform update.


With both Samsung and Sony having unveiled their 2014 flagships, all eyes are now on HTC to take the wraps off of what’s supposedly going to be called the All New HTC One. The company has an event scheduled on March 25th in New York and London where it will finally show us the HTC One’s successor. HTC itself has been involved in building a lot of hype for its next flagship, even taking a swing at Samsung for this very purpose. The latest bit about this device comes from an unofficial source, with the new flagship being spotted in all its glory.

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AllCast was one of the first Chromecast applications that aimed to expand the functionality of this $35 dongle. It allowed users to beam local content from their devices to any TV that had Chromecast plugged in, though at the time Google hadn’t opened up the SDK to all developers so it released an update for the dongle which killed this feature. Once the Chromecast SDK went live, AllCast was updated with its core feature and it once again began allowing users to beam any content from their Android devices to the dongle.

Initially though the app didn’t exactly have quite an appealing user interface, but now it does. Developer Koushik Dutta has completely revamped the user interface, its a major redesign, with tabbed browsing of content and even a new slide out navigation menu. The color scheme has been overhauled as well, so the app is now much more easier on the eyes.

Apart from the redesign and the splash of color, Dutta has also added Muzei support. AllCast will now display Muzei extensions as sources for content, the opportunities are boundless since support is quite widespread. The updated AllCast application for Android is live and available for download through the Google Play Store.

moovThe world of wearable technology does seem to be moving away from just a smartwatch or a pair of smart glasses like the Google Glass. In fact, fitness trackers are starting to gain traction and attention as well, with most of them capable of monitoring the amount of movement that you make throughout the day before tabulating just how many calories you have burned so that you can make the decision of whether to wolf down another burger or not. Well, the Moov fitness tracker is easy on the eyes as well as wallet at $59 a pop, where it intends to double up as your personal trainer so that your workout experiences will be improved.

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carbonThe modern day road warrior has a slew of devices that he or she carries around, and these devices need charging on a daily basis – at least the most of them anyways. There are times when we are so overwhelmed with the number of devices that we have to charge, that our memory might fail us. How about ensuring that you have a source of energy to tide you over during emergencies? That is what the Carbon project on Kickstarter is all about. Carbon, by Energy Bionics! happens to be a wearable solar charger which resembles that of a watch on your wrist, and it boasts of the ability to juice up your iPhone, Android and other compatible mobile devices even when you are on the move.

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heart-sensorA heart attack is a silent killer, but are there ways to be able to figure out a preventative step before it happens? Apparently so, as a 3D printed implant might just be able to predict when a heart attack is going to happen. Biomedical engineers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have come up with a custom-fitted, 3D printed implant that boasts of embedded sensors which could very well lay out a rather accurate prediction of cardiac disorders. This could very well lead to a change in the way that heart attacks are treated.

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One can never be too sure about data security in this day and age, security breaches often happen and can result in loss of crucial data. Take the recent Target hack for example, it resulted in personal information as well as credit and debit card numbers of more than 70 million people being compromised. While its no where near that colossal, a security hole may have lead to the personal information of 146,000 Indiana University students being exposed.

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gta-business-updateGTA: Online Business Update looks all set to roll out in good time next week, and as gamers, what can we expect from this particular update? Apparently, the folks over at Rockstar have decided to throw in a trio of new sports cars into the mix, a jet plane as well as another two weapons to help you enjoy the game in a different manner after applying the Business Update. From March 4th onward, those who are rocking it out on GTA: Online will be able to spend their dough at the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R race cars, in addition to a Vestra airplane.

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bing-for-freeIt was not too long ago when there was a brand new Windows 8.1 Update 1 build which leaked onto the Internet, where it was given the label “Windows 8.1 with Bing.” Taking into consideration how Bing SmartSearch happens to be part of Windows 8.1 already, this has led to many people thinking just what this mysterious SKU is all about when the real deal is introduced to the masses eventually. Unnamed sources today mentioned that Windows 8.1 with Bing happens to be an experiment for Microsoft, where the actual SKU sported minor differences from the other versions of Windows 8.1, and it could very well be one way for Microsoft to lay the bait of Bing-related incentives, so that either consumers or OEMs could enjoy free Windows down the road.

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