samsung-logoAs virtual reality is set to become the next big thing, it also means that other companies need to start making tools to allow people to start creating virtual reality content of their own. In more recent times, Nikon has announced the KeyMission 360 which is a camera that can capture 360-degree video.

Never wanting to be left out, it looks like Samsung could have a similar device in the works. The company has recently filed a trademark for the name “Gear 360” back in South Korea. Based on the Gear branding, it is definitely not a smartphone, and the 360 also seems to suggest that this could be some kind of camera. Read full post →Samsung Could Be Working On 360-Degree Camera Of Their Own

apple_logoThe rumors that Apple could be ditching the headphone port in the iPhone 7 has got a lot of people up in arms over it. So much so that it seems that they have launched an online petition (via Cult of Mac) asking Apple not to ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone port, in which more than 200,000 people have signed since.

According to the petition, it seems that environmental concerns are the reason why they want Apple to maintain the current standard. The petition reads, “Not only will this force iPhone users to dole out additional cash to replace their hi-fi headphones, it will singlehandedly create mountains of electronic waste — that likely won’t get recycled. According to the United Nations, up to 90% of the world’s electronic waste is illegally traded or dumped each year.” Read full post →200,000 People Are Petitioning Apple To Keep The Headphone Port

t-mobile binge onYesterday with the addition of 14 new Binge On partners added to the list, the number of partners T-Mobile had was brought up to 38. This was pretty close to the 50 partners that T-Mobile was aiming for, but it looks like they have just lost one and are now one step further away from achieving that goal.

4Stream.TV, has recently announced (via Android Police) that they will no longer be participating in the Binge On program. Apparently this had to do with T-Mobile CEO’s rant and comments made about the EFF. “In light of recent events and comments made by your CEO, John Legere, we have decided to halt our participation in Binge On and disable our traffic shaping rules for the time being.” Read full post →Binge On Loses One Partner Following T-Mobile CEO’s Rant

iPhone-6-review-12A report by Fast Company yesterday “confirmed” earlier rumors will ditch the headphone port on the iPhone 7. Instead, Apple will rely on the Lightning port to connect headphones and for those unfamiliar, there are several headphones out there that support Lightning. Not many, but there are a few.

Safe to say that this would be quite disruptive for many headphone makers if the rumors proved to be true, but at least one company seems to be taking it in stride. Speaking to Tech Insider at CES, the company’s CEO Dr. Andreas Sennheiser seems to be pretty okay with the idea that the iPhone 7 might not have a headphone port. Read full post →Sennheiser Not Fazed That Apple Could Be Dropping Headphone Port

oculus_rift_toolThe Oculus Rift is currently available for pre-order but the big question is, can your PC handle the virtual reality headset with its current specs? For those who are curious, you’re in luck because there is a tool available via the Oculus website that you can download. The tool scans your computer to check if it is Oculus Rift ready.

As you can see in the screenshot above which I did for my PC, everything seems to be just fine save for the GPU. Now if you have bought yourself a more recent PC with a newer and better GPU, chances are you should be fine as well, but why take the risk when this tool will check your PC for you in seconds? Read full post →This Tool Checks If Your PC Is Oculus Rift Ready

music-piracyVideo game piracy has been around for decades, and made even more prevalent when writable formats like floppy discs and CDs came around and where gamers discovered that making a copy of a game wasn’t that difficult. However could video game piracy be slowly dying? One cracking group seems to think so.

According to a recent post by Chinese cracking forum 3DM, the group’s pioneer “Bird Sister” revealed her opinion on the cracking scene, and how over the years, developers and publishers have made it even harder for groups like hers to crack their games. She even went as far as predicting that in two years’ time, cracking of video games could be dead. Read full post →Cracking Group Believes Game Piracy Could End End In Two Years

future motion onewheelCES is usually a place where we can expect many new product announcements to be made, and new innovative products to be shown off. However during CES 2016, it looks like there was a bit of drama as US Marshals actually raided a Chinese hoverboard maker’s booth, taking away their products, signs, and fliers in the process.

The company in question is Changzhou First International Trade Co., and according to reports it seems that they are being accused by Future Motion for selling off a knock off version of their hoverboard. The company claims that they found out about this last year where they notified that the company was planning to sell their hoverboard for $500, versus the $1,500 price tag of Future Motion. Read full post →US Marshals Raid Chinese Hoverboard Booth At CES

YouTube-subscriptions-springIn photography, HDR (high dynamic range) refers to photos snapped in succession, with each photo sporting a different exposure. The end result when combined is a photo that has a much higher dynamic range compared to a single shot, as the combined exposures will make up for the lack of details in each shot.

Recently there has been talk about HDR videos coming to TVs and if you spend more time on the internet than watching the TV, you will be pleased to learn that during CES 2016, YouTube’s chief business officer Robert Kyncl revealed that YouTube will soon introduce support for HDR videos. Read full post →YouTube Will Soon Support HDR Videos

apple musicIs music streaming here to stay? Could it be the next method in which we consume our music? Turns out that it could be because according to a report from Nielsen (via Engadget), it has been revealed that on-demand music streaming nearly doubled for the year of 2015 to 317.2 billion streams.

Unsurprisingly the report also claimed that downloads and individual song sales actually took a hit, with individual sales dropping by 12.5% and entire albums dropping by 2.9%. Like we said this shouldn’t be surprising. Music streaming is cheaper and it has a flat rate, meaning that for $9.99 a month you can access as much music as you’d like. Read full post →Nielsen: Music Streaming Doubled In 2015

hack_harassmentOver the years we’ve seen online harassment range from a troll-ish comment, all the way to full-on online bullying, and where people have swatted each other. Considering the times we live in, you’d think that people will be able to behave themselves online, but unfortunately that is not the case for some.

There have been some efforts made to curb online bullying and harassment, and recently at CES 2016, Intel has announced that they will be working together with the likes of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, Vox Media, and Re/code to put an end to online harassment, in an initiative that they are calling Hack Harassment. Read full post →Intel & Lady Gaga Want To Put An End To Online Harassment