vigo-headsetNow here is a Kickstarter project that might just capture your fancy – the Vigo headset which intends to make a difference in your life, and a positive one at that. Just what the heck does the Vigo headset do anyways? It basically will be able to send you an alert whenever you start to nod off unconsciously, as well as send a recommendation on just how tired it thinks you are. You will not look too out of place from the rest of the human populace whenever you wear the Vigo headset, as it goes about monitoring actions such as your eye blink patterns.

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emotiv-insight-04The wheelchair might have a rather simple design for the most part, but given the advance in technology, it is not surprising to see advancements made to the design to help those who might be more several disabled. We’ve seen how some wheelchairs have the ability to grow legs and climb stairs, and how some of them can be controlled using their tongue, so what about a wheelchair that can be controlled simply by using our thoughts or facial expressions? That’s pretty much what a Silicon Valley startup called Emotiv is hoping to do. Read full post →Emotiv Launches Designathon To Create A Mind Controlled Wheelchair

xperiazultra-caseA little over a week ago, we reported that Sony might be working on a WiFi-only version of its Sony Xperia Z Ultra device. Like we said at that time, considering that the Xperia Z Ultra came with a whopping 6.44” display, some might feel more comfortable using it as a tablet-ish sort of device rather than a smartphone, so by taking out cellular capabilities, it would transform the device into either a gigantic media player or a small and portable tablet, not to mention the lack of cellular probably saves a fair bit of battery life too. Well the good news is that if you thought along those lines as well, you’d be in luck because it seems that the device might have inadvertently been confirmed by Sony on their website.

The WiFi-only Xperia Z Ultra device has a model number SGP412, and it was recently that Sony added drivers for two new Xperia Z Ultra variants on its website, one of them for a certain SGP412, which more or less confirms the device’s existence. The other drive is for a Xperia Z Ultra whose model number is SOL24 which is essentially a carrier variant in Japan. However since this can hardly be thought of as an official announcement, there still remains the possibility that we could be wrong, but with MWC 2014 around the corner, hopefully we will learn more then. In the meantime what are your thoughts on using the Xperia Z Ultra as a media-only device or a tablet?

google-glass-exploitGoogle Glass is certainly leading the way as far as wearable technology is concerned. Not only is the device becoming more viable commercially, but it has also been designed where it is not a bulky contraption strapped to your head, but a rather elegant solution that caters to those with prescription glasses as well. Unfortunately due to the Glass’ capabilities, namely photo taking and video recording, there are still a lot of places out there who have the right to be worried, such as casinos and movie theaters where owners of such establishments worry that patrons who wear Glass might take advantage of them. Read full post →Man Accosted By FBI Agents For Wearing Google Glass In The Cinema

ps4-bf4-errorIf there’s anything that can really ruin your day it would be loading up a game only to find that your saved files have been saved over by a friend or sibling, or finding that your save files are corrupt which basically means that the hours you spent in the game progressing and collecting gear has been all for naught. Well the bad news is that this seems to be an issue affecting Sony PlayStation 4 gamers who are reporting that their consoles are corrupting their save files, resulting in lost progress and even unplayable games.

This is not a rare occurrence as many gamers have since posted to the forums about this issue, where the forum thread has ballooned to about 34-pages and counting. The error code has been reported as “Error CE-34878-0” and is not limited to a specific game. Gamers complaining about the error come from a variety of games such as NBA 2K14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. For the most part the error means the file has been corrupt, but in rare cases it also renders the game unplayable. So far the remedies for this is to either delete the save file entirely, or get a full console replacement, although Sony has yet to officially acknowledge the issue themselves and provide a solution.

League-of-legends-logoAs you might have heard, the UK will be implementing a porn filter that blocks all porn on the internet by default throughout the entire country. It sounds like it could be a good idea to prevent children from accidentally stumbling across pornographic materials, and the fact that it is an opt-out option, meaning you have to call your local ISP and request the filters be removed, it means that parents no longer have the excuse that they forgot to institute parental controls. Unfortunately it seems that the porn filter is causing havoc on video games as well, such as Riot Games’ League of Legends. It was discovered that when gamers attempted to download the patch for the game, it was denied simply because the patch URLs contained the word “SEX”.

However the word was not “SEX” per se, but rather a combination of words that somewhat ended up having alphabets next to each other that spelt it out. For example the URLs are “VarusExpirationTimer.luaobj” and “XerathMageChainsExtended.luaobj”. This is more of a nuisance than a deal breaker as you can always patch the game by having your friends send you a zip file of the patch itself, rather than trying to download it manually, but this can get pretty annoying in the future and there’s no telling if such coincidences will happen again in the future (we’re guessing it will). Of course you could always turn off the filter but assuming you’re underaged or not the principal account holder, this could prove to be a challenge.

xboxone-362gbWhen it comes to choosing consoles, there are a lot of factors that come into play, such as price, design, online features, and how can we forget exclusive games as well? Exclusives are sometimes enticing enough for a customer to purchase a particular platform. For example with Nintendo we have the Mario and Zelda franchise, just to name a few, and for Sony we have God of War, and for Microsoft we have games like Halo. Well the good news for Xbox One gamers is that if you were looking forward to more exclusive games arriving on the console, you’re in luck because it seems like Microsoft has a few exclusives up their sleeves for you.

In response to a question posed by a fan on Twitter who asked if Microsoft had more exclusives to show, Phil Spencer replied by saying, “We will have announces in 2014, already working on the plan.  I want to have a great E3 this year.” We already know that Halo 5 will be released later this year and that the game is on track, but apart from that we’re not too sure what other Xbox One exclusives Microsoft will have to share with us later this year at E3. Could it be something from Lionhead or Epic Games, perhaps? Either way the good news is that the console will be getting more exclusives, so be sure to check back with us later for more updates!

zelda_link_between_worlds-656x369Gamers without doubt would love it if all their games could run at a silky smooth consistent 60fps. The good news is that the latest Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds, does run at 60fps much to the delight of gamers and Zelda fans everywhere, but if you were hoping that this is a trend that will carry on to future Zelda games, both new and possible remakes, don’t get your hopes up, at least that’s what the game’s director wants gamers to know. Speaking to Game Informer magazine (via Nintendo Everything), the game’s director, Hiromasa Shikata stated that despite A Link Between Worlds featuring 60fps, “This doesn’t mean that all future Zelda titles will run at 60 frames per second.”

Apparently the reason behind the 60fps frame rate in the game is because they wanted it to look “smooth” and “crisp”. According to Shikata, “It’s really the concept of the game that changes whether you want to keep the volume of information in the game low and running at 60 frames per second. We kept it at 60 to make the 3D look smooth, allow the players to clearly see enemy movements, and keep everything moving crisply as with previous games. This doesn’t mean that all future Zelda titles will run at 60 frames per second.” We guess this is somewhat disappointing, but at the same time previous Zelda games did not run at 60fps either and those were just as fun, so here’s hoping that future Zelda titles will be fun enough where players can overlook its frame rates.

satoru-iwata-nintendo-ceoFollowing the announcement that Nintendo would be slashing its estimated Wii U sales by 70%, Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, took to the stage and admitted that Nintendo might have misread the market and that the company is planning a new business strategy, one that might involve mobile devices. It definitely sounds exciting, after all who wouldn’t love to be able to play games like Mario, Mario Kart, and Zelda on their smartphones or tablets, right? Well before you get too excited, it seems that Nintendo’s President has stepped forward again to clarify what he meant the other day, assuring gamers and investors that Nintendo will not cease building consoles.

According to Iwata (via The Wall Street Journal), “The spread of smart devices does not spell the end of game consoles. It’s not that simple. It doesn’t mean that we should put Mario on smartphones.” Instead Iwata believes that the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets can help Nintendo promote its console releases. We reported on this before where Nintendo stated that these mobile apps aren’t designed to be the entire game itself, but at the same time will provide you with the experience that will make you want to go back or purchase a Nintendo console instead. It seems that Nintendo is still stubbornly refusing to release games onto mobile despite many thinking they should. What do you guys think? Should Nintendo start releasing for mobile or do you think that they should hold onto their exclusivity?

spotify-24-million-active-6-million-payingSpotify has a bunch of playlists that listeners can browse. They are separated in a variety of genres, such as Pop, Rock, Dance, Chill, and etc. Of course you can create and share your own playlist, but wouldn’t it be cool if Spotify or any other music service could detect your mood and create a playlist based around that? Well that’s one of the features Spotify would love to implement in the future and they will be relying on your device’s sensors to help create something tailored to your mood. Now we’re not sure how Spotify plans on detecting whether we are happy or moody, but at least based on the accelerometer and other sensors built into our phones, Spotify will be able to detect if we are running, and from there create an up-tempo playlist that will motivate us.

The information collected from the sensors could include anything such as speed and heart rate and possibly body temperature, and from there, an appropriate playlist can be generated. According to Donovan Sung, Spotify’s product manager for discover and recommendations, “Maybe with motion sensors in phones, we can start guessing things whether users are running, biking or driving? Maybe the phone has a temperature sensor, or a heart rate sensor, we could guess whether the user is tense… […] The more we know about you, the better the [recommendation] engine can be.” What do you guys think of this idea? Yay or nay?