For coffee lovers out there, you know that just the smell of coffee brewing or beans roasting is almost as good as drinking the drink itself. This is why back in 2014, designer Joshua Renouf decided to create a device he called the Barisieur, which is basically an alarm clock that will begin brewing coffee to help get you ready for your day when you wake up. Read full post →Wake Up To The Smell Of Coffee With The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

facebook logoAt the moment Facebook already has regular ads that are “shoppable”, which means that users can be taken directly to the product’s page and get ready to purchase it without having to go through multiple layers of the website. Now it looks like those shoppable ads will soon be making its way to video as well. Read full post →Shoppable Video Ads Could Be Coming To Facebook Soon

From time to time, Microsoft pushes out updates to their operating system, and usually these updates tend to install themselves before we shut down our computers at the end of the day, which is fine. However it seems that for Erik Flom, a professional Twitch streamer, Microsoft had other plans for him. Read full post →Windows 10 Updates Hilariously Interrupts Twitch Livestream

firephone email-app-confHow many of us receive emails from work directly, or emails that are related to work even when we’re not working? For example receiving emails on our day off, or during the weekends, or at 8pm when we’re having dinner? For some of us, it’s easy to just ignore them, for others, they might feel obligated to respond or feel stressed that even when they’re not working, they’re working. Read full post →In France, It Is Now Illegal To Email Employees After Work Hours

twitter_spotifyA couple of years ago, Twitter announced a feature called Audio Cards which basically allowed users to embed links that could play within Twitter itself, as opposed to having to launch a separate website. However at that time, the feature was only available for SoundCloud links, but the good news is that Spotify users can now get in on the fun as well. Read full post →Twitter To Enable 30-Second Spotify Clip Previews On Your Timeline

edge office extensionIf you have ever used the Microsoft Edge browser that comes bundled with Windows 10, you know that the difference in your experience of using it compared to Internet Explorer is like night and day. However if there is one drawback to the Edge browser is that at the moment, support for extensions is not built-in yet. Read full post →Microsoft Working On An Office Extension For The Edge Browser

The world of Star Wars is a fascinating one, and you can be sure that this is one pretty tough cash cow to kill off – which is not a wonder at all that Disney has plans to roll out a new Star Wars movie every single year…forever. We could live with that. If you have some loose change to spare, then you might want to check out The Force Awakens soundtrack that arrives in the form of a two LP set.

Read full post →‘The Force Awakens’ Vinyl Soundtrack Boasts Of Holograms

There are many books which are considered to be “classics” and “must reads”, and it’s probably safe to say that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince is one of them. As you might have heard, the book was adapted into a movie but unfortunately Paramount decided to drop the show from its release schedule, although it was not stated why. Read full post →The Little Prince Will Be Headed To Netflix August 5

twitch clipsTwitch streams are great if you enjoy watching people play through video games, but since these tend to be livestreams, it means that the broadcasters can’t be as prepared as someone who has pre-recorded a video, which also means that there are probably a lot of instances where the stream isn’t as exciting as it could be. Read full post →Twitch Now Lets You Share 30 Second Clips From Streams

mirrors edge catalystMirror’s Edge Catalyst will be launched on the 7th of June and it is essentially the second title in the Mirror’s Edge franchise, although some do consider the game to be a bit of a reboot. Regardless of what it is, from the trailers and gameplay videos, the game does look pretty good, but is it good enough to warrant a sequel? Read full post →Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Sequel Will Be Up To The Fans