android-l-emuMuch has been said and done about the recently announced Android L over at Google I/O 2014, where we do know that Android L will be released soon on select Android-powered handsets. For instance, the Android L Preview system image has already rolled out for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, while those who own the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) will have to wait for a maximum of three months the time of the Android L launch before gaining their hands on it. The question is, if you do not have a Nexus phone or tablet, what are you going to do to satiate your curiosity about Android L? Enter the Android L emulator.

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galaxy-f-leakThe Samsung Galaxy F has been caught in the wild before on a digital camera, but this does not mean it will continue to remain a “secret” to be kept. Touted to be a premium smartphone that comes in a metal-clad frame, @evleaks has just shared with the rest of the world in the form of a press render, an allegedly official one to boot. In fact, it does bear an eerie resemblance to that of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which cannot be blamed since it will be based on the on the existing flagship at the moment.

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peltyNow this is one literally hot speaker – the Pelty speaker that is powered by one of the primal elements, fire. Yup, you read that right, pyromaniacs would definitely love to fork out £160 for the Pelty speaker in order to see how it works, where you can keep this going even in the event of a power cut. After all, you need candles to light up your surroundings, right? So why not use the flame from your candle to keep the Pelty speaker going as it pumps out your favorite tunes for the rest of the household to rock to in pitch black darkness?

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braille-computing-gloveI am a firm believer that the very day in which we stop learning, that is more often than not the day that we die. Learning Braille is definitely not easy at all, especially for someone who has not yet lost his or her sight, and for those who have lost their eyesight and want to pick up Braille, it can be quite challenging, too. There are concepts in the past that might help ease the passage of learning, but none of those seem to be able to hold a candle to this vibrating glove that will be able to let one pick up Braille thanks to the wonders of passive haptic learning.

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cardboard-cloneThey say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but would you really want someone to imitate your hard work, and then make a profit from it simply by offering most of what you can at a far lower price, not to mention they do not need to go through the painful and long hours of research and development? That might be on one end of the extreme, but Dodocase, a company that has come up with iPad covers in the past, is now back in action by offering an unofficial Cardboard kit for just $19.95 a pop.

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usb-charger-warningI am quite sure that we have more or less come across various cases of people being injured and even allegedly electrocuted to death while talking on their charging handsets, either due to a faulty battery that exploded, or the charger used is not an officially recognized accessory. Having said that, one of Australia’s leading consumer watchdogs has teamed up alongside the police to warn folks out there concerning faulty USB chargers that could be fatal, this coming after one of such chargers were cited to play a role in killing a woman who hailed from Sydney, Australia.

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amazon-logo-largeIt seems that France’s Senate has recently approved of an amendment to the “Lang Law”, which so happens to be a 1981 statute that will fix the price of books, in order to prevent online booksellers from coming up with steep discounts for the consumers, or to offer free shipping of books. Both La Cinquième République and Amazon have been duking out over this particular issue for the past eight years, where a Lang Law amendment made last year stopped online discounts that go over the 5% mark as well as free shipping.

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digital-tattooSo, you have gotten yourself a Moto X from Motorola for quite some time already, and are starting to wonder just how many other ways there are to maximize the use of this smartphone? How about getting a tattoo on your forearm? Wait a minute here, do I even know what I am talking about? Apparently, with a digital tattoo that sticks to your skin, you are able to unlock your Motorola Moto X smartphone, now how neat is that? It certainly is a cool trick to pull off in front of family and friends during the upcoming summer gathering, that is for sure.

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putin-iphone5sRussia is a vast country, never mind that it already had many of other smaller countries come out of it when the U.S.S.R. somewhat disbanded. With plenty of natural resources to fall back on, it is a growing country that has its citizens optimistic about the future. Her president, however, is not exactly too popular on the international front at the moment, but Italian luxury brand Caviar/Perla Penna has a strong affection for Putin having rolled out a gold-plated iPhone recently, calling it the Caviar iPhone 5S Supremo Putin.

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rock-simulatorWho would have thought that a game about a goat simulator would actually catch on and be popular? Well, just when you thought that Goat Simulator would be as weird as it gets, along comes word that Strange Panther Games intends to announce the development of Rock Simulator 2014, where this particular title is as self descriptive as it can be. I know, right?

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