Samsung-Galaxy-A7The Samsung Galaxy A7, a smartphone that has gone through whatever that the FCC has thrown in its direction, and passed with flying colors, is all set for a release, but before that happens, how about enjoying a leak for one last time? After all, it makes perfect sense in this day and age to see more and more leaks emerge, taking into consideration the kind of hardware that we have that allows us to capture images discreetly. Having said that, the Samsung Galaxy A7 has been spotted in three different model names – and they are the SM-A700S, SM-A700K, and SM-A700L.

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2015 is almost upon us and I for one can’t wait to see all of the great technology and mobile devices that we’ll be treated to in the coming months. Some of the most sought after flagship devices are also due for an update in the first few months of 2014, around the same time one might expect the nascent manufacturer OnePlus to show off its latest device. A retailer based in China has listed what’s claimed to be the OnePlus Two, the successor to this year’s “flagship killer.”

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facebook logoIt seems that the reach of both Facebook and Twitter are farther than I originally thought – in fact, it seems that the Bank of England might actually turn to those two social media channels in an effort to set interest rates. Basically, we have gotten whiff that the Bank of England has set up a special taskforce which will start to go through what is being shared on the Internet, as well as on social media platforms in the guise of Facebook and Twitter as it picks up clues concerning the state of Britain’s economy at any point in time.

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Last year Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann laid out plans for monetizing the popular online service which has been around for over five years now. It was bound to happen since generating revenue is essential for an online service if it wants to stick around. Pinterest launched a beta program in September 2013 under which users were shown promoted pins from a select group of advertisers in search results and category feeds. Following the success of this beta program Pinterest has decided to open up promoted pins to all advertisers.

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Lumia-1030-renderIf you wanted a phablet-sized phone but didn’t want to pay a premium for it, perhaps the Lumia 1320 might be of interest to you, but if you’d rather not pay for technology that’s over a year old, then perhaps the Lumia 1330 might be a better idea. Now the handset has yet to be officially announced but we have been hearing a fair amount of rumors as of late.

Now thanks to a recently leaked photo, we have an inkling of what it could look like. The photo has recently surfaced on Baidu and it basically shows us the back of the phone without its cover, essentially showing off some of its innards in the process. Of course this could be pretty much any phone so take it with a grain of salt for now. Read full post →Alleged Lumia 1330 Photo Leaked Online

jaasta_e-inkDepending on where you’re from, your keyboards will be sold to you either in English or feature characters from your native language. This is usually a choice that users have to make as they would have to decide whether their base language should be English or their native tongue, especially since these characters are pretty much etched onto the keys themselves.

This is unlike virtual keyboards where you can switch languages at a touch of a button. Well if you wanted a similar feature for your regular keyboard, you might be interested in the Jaasta Wireless E Ink Keyboard. As the name suggests, this is a keyboard that uses an e-ink screen behind each individual key. Read full post →Jaasta’s Wireless Keyboard Features E-Ink Keys

hima renderWe have been hearing a fair bit about the upcoming HTC M9, or as it is known by its codename, the HTC Hima, but what exactly could the phone look like? A revamped version of the HTC One M8? Not that it’s a bad thing as the One M8 did sport a pretty sleek design, but we’re sure that customers are after something new and fresh.

Well according to a recent tweet by NWE’s Steve Hemmerstoffer, we could have gotten our first glimpse at the HTC Hima’s design. The tweet reveals what appears to be a concept rendering of the handset. In fact it looks a bit too fancy to be able to tell what exactly the phone will look like in real life, although it does give us a bit of a clue. Read full post →Alleged HTC Hima Render Leaked, Rumored For Early Announcement

samsung galaxy alphaBack in August, Samsung officially took the wraps off the Galaxy Alpha. The device was part of Samsung’s new lineup of smartphones that would feature a metal build. Now the handset is not even half a year old but according to a report out of South Korea from ETNews, it seems that Samsung could already be planning to discontinue it.

The report claims that Samsung plans on discontinuing the device once Samsung’s inventory for its materials runs out. They also go on to claim that Samsung will be taking the recently announced Galaxy A5 to take the Galaxy Alpha’s place instead. Apparently this is part of Samsung’s plan to trim the fat and focus on cheaper devices. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Alpha To Be Discontinued In Favor Of Cheaper Phones [Rumor]

jimmy iovineWith so many music services and mediums in which users can download, stream, and purchase their music, what makes one particular service more attractive than the rest? Well for one exclusivity would be the answer, or at least one of the answers. Apple has tried that with great success with the exclusive release of Beyonce’s album in the past, and it looks like they are going to try that again with several different artists.

According to a report from the New York Post, word has it that Apple’s recent hire Jimmy Iovine is in talks with various artists about the possibility of launching their albums exclusively on Apple’s iTunes. The Beats executive is said to be looking to recreate the success they had with Beyonce’s album which was launched exclusively back in 2013. Read full post →Jimmy Iovine Working On Exclusive iTunes Releases [Rumor]

Rob-Pardo-REVISEDA decade or two ago, the idea of playing video games professionally would have been somewhat laughable, but given how much money is involved and how countries and universities are recognizing the value of professional gamers, safe to say that we have come a very long way.

However are video games that big to the point where they should be introduced in the Olympics? We suppose that is up for debate, but in the meantime former Blizzard executive Rob Pardo seems to think so. Speaking to BBC during their Let’s Talk About Tech podcast, Pardo mentioned that video games are primed to be a spectator sport, claiming that gamers need to be just as agile as traditional sports players due to the need for quick reaction times and decision-making skills. Read full post →Former Blizzard Exec Thinks Video Games Should Be In The Olympics