zte-grand-2-s[CES 2014] CES is back and roaring, and the folks over at ZTE have decided to introduce a new sequel to the ZTE Grand S that was introduced last year, where it is known as the ZTE Grand S II – how obvious. Its predecessor, the ZTE Grand S did look pretty decent at first glance, not to mention the fact that it was extremely thin, but it came with a 1,780 mAh battery, which isn’t too much at all considering this would mean it offers relatively little battery life, and would be best serving our interests as a featurephone. As for the ZTE Grand S II, it does seem to fare a whole lot better, boasting of a 3,000 mAh battery that pretty much places it on par with majority of the decent performers in the existing generation of smartphones.

Other hardware specifications of the ZTE Grand S II include a 5.5” 1080p Full HD touchscreen display, a 13MP shooter at the back, a 2MP camera in front, a quad-core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and 16GB of internal memory. Android will be the operating system of choice here, and it also comes with its own voice recognition software. No idea on pricing details though, so stay tuned!

SAMSUNG CSC[CES 2014] We’ve seen accessories and gadgets in the past that have been designed to improve the abilities of athletes in their sports, such as golf and basketball, just to name a few, and for the avid tennis player, Sony has something in store for you with the prototype tennis sensor that the company had recently unveiled at CES 2014 during their live press event. For those wondering what it is, it’s basically a small sensor that attaches to the base of the tennis racket which then pairs with a device via Bluetooth.

Through the sensor, it will be able to pick up a variety of information, such as to the type of swing that you’re performing, how hard you’re hitting the ball, and will also be able to tell where on the racket the ball is hitting, so tennis players will be able to get an idea of which part of their play style that they might need to work on. The information picked up by the sensor will then be relayed to a nearby device, whether it be a tablet or a smartphone through Bluetooth in which the player can then review their game.

It sounds like a fun device but unfortunately according to Sony, this is a prototype at the moment and exists more as a proof-of-concept rather than an actual product that you can go out and purchase, but who knows, if the demand is there, perhaps Sony might make it a reality.

SamsungPro_PostCard[CES 2014] Tablets are great devices to bring around as they are large enough to surf the web and watch movies comfortably. To an extent they are great for productivity too although for longer documents and emails, the on-screen keyboard might not necessarily be the best idea or a long-term solution, which is why keyboard cases for tablets are starting to catch on, essentially transforming tablets into a laptop of sorts. Well if you were planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro or the Galaxy Tab Pro, you might be interested to learn that Logitech has a keyboard accessory designed for either tablet in mind with their Logitech Pro keyboard case.

As expect, the keyboard case will pair with either device via Bluetooth and at the same time offer some measure of protection that one might expect from tablet cases. It will also act as a stand of sorts and allow you to prop up your tablet for better viewing angles. Due to Samsung’s tablet offering being of the 12.2” variety (the Galaxy Note Pro), this means that users can look forward to a full, laptop-sized keyboard which should be relatively comfortable to type with. Priced at $130, the Logitech Pro keyboard case will begin shipping to the US come February 2014.

dnapro[CES 2014] Headphones are great for taking with you on runs, waiting while taking public transport, or while traveling, but if there’s one annoying aspect is that sometimes the cables of these headphones tend to get caught on things which can be incredibly frustrating. Now for those looking for a wireless pair of headphones, headphone and cable company, Monster, has recently announced their new pair of DNA Pro wireless headphones (the wireless version of Monster’s DNA headphones), which as the name implies is a pair of headphones that does not require a cable connection, but will instead pair with media devices like smartphones and tablets via a Bluetooth connection.

Designed for the more discerning listener in mind, the DNA Pro wireless headphones will feature embedded AAC and APT-X formats for both iOS and Android devices, which should on paper enhance the listening experience, versus traditional MP3 formats in which certain sound qualities might have been compressed or cut out in a bid to reduce file size. The headphones will feature active noise cancelling and will also come with a USB Direct Digital Audio connection for those who might prefer a wired connection, especially if they feel that some audio qualities might be lost if transmitted wirelessly. The headphones will also be able to “power down” when folded away, thanks to a special hinge built into them.

According to Monster, the DNA Pro wireless headphones will be made available in the second quarter of 2014 and will be priced at $449.95.

diamondz[CES 2014] Back in 2012, Monster unveiled a rather interesting pair of headphones shaped like a diamond. It was admittedly pretty gaudy but it was meant to be more of a fashion statement if anything else, and it looks like Monster is back in 2014 with their new DiamondZ headphones with limited edition colors that include Rose Gold, Chrome, Black Chrome, and Clear Blue. Now for those who think that these headphones are catered towards females, think again because Monster believes that these headphones will be able to appeal to not just women, but to men as well. Since fashion is largely subjective, why not, right? Just like Monster’s other offerings, the DiamondZ will feature the company’s Pure Monster Sound technology which is personally tuned by Monster’s Noel Lee.

The headphones will pack Monster’s ControlTalk Universal cables and will also come with a Monster Cleaning Cloth with Aegis Microbe Shield to help keep those headphones shiny like diamonds for a long time. It will also come with a Touring Case that lets you pack the headphones and take them with you on the go. Unfortunately it looks like inflation might have caught up with Monster as the company’s DiamondZ pair of headphones are now priced at a slightly higher $329.95 versus the $279.95 when it was launched two years ago. So, any takers?

Sony-85X950B-2014[CES 2014]It’s not news that Sony is investing heavily in the 4K content pipeline from end-to-end, meaning that they have solutions that span from when the content is created to when it is watched in people’s homes. In 2014 and with the rise of HEVC (a better compression standard for 4K videos), Sony can push deeper into 4K territory. That’s what the Bravia X line of television has been designed for. Read full post →Sony BRAVIA X Series: Designed For 4K

sony_AS100V_1[CES 2014] While we expect that regular camcorders are more than capable of taking action videos, such as during sporting events, action camcorders might do a better job due to their durability and also because sometimes these action camcorders can be worn, allowing athletes to film their stunts from a first-person perspective. One of those cameras would be the Sony HDR-AS100V which is the company’s latest high-end wearable action camcorder. Read full post →Sony AS100V: Wearable Action Camcorder Reloaded

sony-srs-x7[CES 2014] Sony has announced a new lineup of wireless audio products, including the first wireless speaker to support high-resolution audio. Products in this new lineup include the SRS-X9 high resolution wireless speaker system, SRS-X7 and SRS-X5 wireless speakres adn the CMD-X5CD wireless all-in-one audio system. The company says that each of these products combine rich and powerful sound with a variety of connectivity options in a “Definitive Outline” design. They have been developed in collaboration with Sony Music. They can easily connected to a Bluetooth enabled device, which includes smartphones and tablets. Those who have NFC enabled mobile devices simply need to tap them with the speakers. Select models also feature wireless music streaming through integrated Wi-Fi, which also offers direct access to online radio services like Spotify and TuneIn Radio as well as DLNA and Apple AirPlay. All speakers have built-in USB charging ports and an auxiliary output.

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sony-AX100B[CES 2014] Ever since the FDR-AX1 4K (3840×2160) camcorder was announced, we knew that Sony would eventually put a high-performance 4K recorder in the palm of your hand. The question was “when”, and now we have the answer: “now” (almost). The Sony FDR-AX100 is a compact 4K camcorder that supplements the 4K line up from Sony. The AX1 will continue to exist because its form-factor can cater to professionals, but the AX100 bring many of the same features down to a size (66% smaller), and a price ($1999) that is much more approachable for semi-pros, enthusiasts and consumers. Read full post →Sony FDR-AX100: Semi-Pro 4K HandyCam

W830_black_right-1200[CES 2014] When it comes to zoom cameras, there are a few options available to photographers. They can get themselves a DSLR and a set of zoom lenses which can go incredibly far, but the drawback is that DSLR cameras tend to be bulky and good zoom lenses tend to be extremely expensive. If you have no need to a super zoom lens, perhaps a compact zoom digital camera might suit you better and Sony might have the answer for you in the form of the Cyber-shot W830 compact zoom digital camera.

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