It recently came to our attention that iMessage is plagued by a bug which causes the app to crash and even the device to reboot if a particular string of text is sent to it. Since the app is used for both instant messaging as well as SMS messaging it can be a nuisance to have to deal with an app that’s constantly crashing. Apple did provide a temporary fix for this problem but a permanent solution is part of the latest iOS 8.4 beta, which does include a fix for the iMessage bug.

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If you’re a Game of Thrones fan you’re going to love the new option that appears to have popped up in Google Maps’ public transit directions. It provides you with a whole new way to get to your destination using public transit, though you might have to fight for that way, given that the last remaining Targaryen isn’t going to give up her dragons that easily. Yes, obviously this is not real and just an Easter egg, but don’t we all love Easter eggs?

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At the end of April, Tesla announced Powerwall, its lithium-ion battery solution for the home. Powerwall can be hooked up to both residential solar systems as well as the conventional power grid. The function of this product is very simple, it stores excess solar power that can be used during off-peak hours when the sun is not out, and hence there’s no natural solar energy for a few hours. Tesla has announced a slight change in plans which is going to offer Powerwall customers more bang for their buck.

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Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows 10 is going to be released for PCs and tablets on July 29th but there’s another version of its new software that many people are looking forward to. The company has not yet confirmed the official Windows 10 Mobile release date but we have plenty of rumors and reports to make do with for the time being. It’s said that the Windows 10 Mobile release has been slated for September this year even though there’s no indication from Microsoft yet regarding the release of the new iteration of Windows for smartphones.

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Microsoft today announced a trio of affordable and portable Dual Chargers that are available in different capacities, these products provide much needed backup power for mobile devices so that users can easily charge their devices without having to locate a power outlet. The new chargers from Microsoft are available in 5,200mAh, 9,000mAh and 12,000mAh capacities.

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Ever check into a hotel and get extremely bored? Well that’s likely to happen, perhaps you might want to remedy that by watching a bit of TV. What if there’s nothing interesting on? Perhaps you may want to fire up Netflix and catch up on the shows you’re following. You can’t do that on the hotel room’s big screen TV though so you have to bust out your tablet or laptop, but where’s the fun in that? Marriott understands that which is why it has inked a new partnership which brings Netflix to guest room TVs.

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There are quite a few OEMs that have committed to supporting Android TV and Sharp happens to be one of them. The first 4K televisions from Sharp that are powered by Google’s platform are now available for purchase. It’s a range of five televisions sets that cover sizes from 60 inches all the way up to 80 inches. Sharp says that these TVs are now “shipping into the marketplace” which means you’ll be able to find them at retailers in the very near future.

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The online TV streaming arena is getting pretty competitive as a host of companies try and break into this nascent market. A few months back Sony launched its online TV streaming service called PlayStation Vue though only in a select few cities in the United States. The company did say that it would provide an app for the iPad and it has followed through on that promise. The PlayStation Vue iPad app has been released, keep in mind though that it will only be available in markets where PlayStation Vue is being offered right now.

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Samsung today announced that it has inked a global marketing partnership with Universal Pictures for the purpose of promoting Jurassic World, the much awaited upcoming movie in the iconic Jurassic Park series from Steven Spielberg. During this promotion Samsung is going to leverage some of its products with content from the film to jointly promote the two in the run up to the release of this movie.

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A couple of days back at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 Apple finally unveiled OS X 10.11, or El Capitan as it likes to call the next major update for Macs. It demonstrated quite a few features of the new software during the keynote but some were obviously left out due to time constraints. One such feature that was not mentioned during the keynote is the ability of Safari in OS X 10.11 El Capitan to beam full screen videos to the Apple TV.

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