DSC03328 640x426Vietnamese website Tinhte has been pretty good with their leaks and have even uploaded reviews of products that have yet to hit the market, and in a recent forum post, photos of a BlackBerry battery cover were upload that has led to speculation that perhaps BlackBerry could once again be collaborating with Porsche for a Porsche version of a BlackBerry 10 device. According to the description of the battery cover, it is made with genuine leather and even features carbon fiber material on the inside with NFC technology as well, and its design is also somewhat reminiscent of the Porsche P’9881.

Of course it could be a fake, but given that the Porsche P’9881 actually sold pretty well, especially among celebrities, why wouldn’t BlackBerry attempt something similar with a BlackBerry 10 device, right? For those wondering, the Porsche P’9881 was priced at $2,000 and was sold in limited quantities, so we’d hate to think how much a BlackBerry 10 version of the device would cost! What do you guys think? Would you be interested in a Porsche BlackBerry 10 device?

starwars attack squadron 640x360Are you still reeling from the disturbance in the Force when you heard that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm, and with it, word that a seventh film of the Star Wars franchise is in the works? Well, assuming Disney would make a great job out of it, there is hope yet. Still, there is a massive number of Star Wars material to make use of by Disney, be it for games or movies, and the latest bit of news surrounding Star Wars would have something to do with games. Apparently, Disney has already registered a slew of domain names that are related to an upcoming project known as Star Wars: Attack Squadrons.

Who knows, it could very well be a game-and-cartoon movie series tie in, no? The registrations by Disney has more or less covered all possible variations of “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons,” and some of them include StarWarsAttackSquadrons.com, StarWarsAttackSquadrons.org, StarWarsAttackSquadrons.net, SWAttackSquadrons.com, attacksquadron.org, attacksquadrons.com, and attacksquadrons.us among others. Do you prefer it to be a game, movie, or cartoon?

lg bluetooth headsetBluetooth headsets are plentiful in the market, and it is not too often that you see a smartphone manufacturer take the time and effort to allocate some resources for a niche market, working on something that is not their forte. LG, however, has just introduced the LG BTS1 Bluetooth Headset in South Korea, where it is relatively tiny with measurements that would rival that of a matchbox (we are talking about 35.9mm × 50.2mm × 19.2mm) here.

The LG BTS1 Bluetooth Headset is also touted to feature an 8 hour battery life on a full charge, while it sports a built-in clip, support for the aptX codec, and on-board controls for volume, pause and play, the ability to shift through your songs as well as being able to help you carry out a conversation with it without missing a beat. Thanks to Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, this puppy ought to be able to play nice with the likes of compatible smartphones, laptops, tablets and TVs too, especially those that are part of LG’s 2013 line-up. No idea on whether we will ever see the LG BTS1 Bluetooth Headset arrive Stateside, but it is going for approximately $53 after conversion in its home country.

lg g2 quickwindowThe FCC approved LG G2 is one smartphone that has gone through its fair share of leaks and teasers in recent times, and with a rumored October release date, we do look forward to it launching on a global scale with more than 100 carriers reportedly involved. Of course, since then we have also heard that the LG G2 could very well be unveiled this coming August 7th (so much the better), but first things first – how about checking out an accessory of the device that is known as the LG QuickWindow? The QuickWindow will feature a slot that is located right in front, where it will show off part of the LG G2’s display, similar in nature to Samsung’s S View Cover.

All you need to do is slide your finger against the exposed display, and a QuickView user interface will show off important information such as incoming call details, incoming text messages and their content, the time, a weather report, alarm or music player. Expect the QuickWindow to arrive in a bunch of cheery colors including black, blue, mint, pink, purple, white and yellow, where it is tipped to launch simultaneously with the LG G2 itself. [Press Release]

When it comes to fancy and flashy watches that at times require you to crack your brain when telling the time is concerned, you know for sure that the folks over at Tokyoflash have got this “art” down pat. In fact, one of their latest releases, the Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron, will jive with Cylons everywhere thanks to a future forward form factor. In fact, it will even sport a built-in motion sensor that can be set to display the time (or date, should your desk calendar happen to be missing( through a simple action of waving up and down.

Over the course of the next 48 hours (the clock is definitely ticking!), the Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron can be yours for a special price point of $139 a pop. The particular “light show” on the Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron is easily activated through a flick of the wrist, or you can also opt to take the more traditional route by pressing a button. Apart from that, if battery life is not too much of an issue with you, you can always settle for the “always on” mode. The Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron would arrive in black, gold and gunmetal color options for the stainless steel and plastic case, in addition to red, white and blue for the LEDs. Since the battery is USB-rechargeable, juicing it up after a day of “work” should not be too difficult.

targeted ads 640x357Advertising is an industry that works on metrics and the more detailed the information of their target demographic, the better. In fact, you could say that the digital age has brought about a change in the way advertising works, with targeted adverts that are based on your web browsing history becoming an established force online for quite some time now. The thing is, how will the general masses react should advertisers begin to point out one’s habits and interests whenever we are offline? Do you think that this is an invasion of privacy on an unprecedented level?

For instance, you might enter an electronics store to have the nearby TVs show the latest video games line up because you are a hardcore gamer, or how about entering a fashion store to have the latest pair of denims appear because you simply cannot live without jeans? As it is, facial recognition technology has already been implemented in vending machines, so what is there it stop stores of the future from using cameras to scan one’s face before dishing out the most relevant ad at that point in time? Of course, do not expect the accuracy level to be sky high, but rather a generic one, since it can only make out basics like gender, height, weight, approximate age, and other details, but anything deeper than the exterior might be a wee bit more tricky since each of us do come in a unique package.

stealth proWhen it comes to keyboard cases for the seemingly ubiquitous tablet, these are dime a dozen. Are there any other models out there which could change the way we look at this particular hardware genre? M-Edge might have the answer in the form of the Stealth Pro Universal Keyboard Folio, which happens to be an extremely slim as well as versatile universal keyboard case. The case itself will play nice with a slew of 7” as well as 10” tablets, where these will include (but are not limited to) the iPad, iPad mini, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Kindle Fire HD 7 & 8.9.

If you are interested in picking one up, you will have to wait until September 6th, where it should be made available over at T-Mobile, US Cellular, and medgestore.com, with other retailers (Walmart included) also part of the posse. What makes the Stealth Pro Universal Keyboard Folio so slim is the integration of a slim profile alongside the modularity of a detachable magnetic Bluetooth keyboard which allows you to slide it to any position that you desire. This enables it to achieve unlimited stand modes thanks to M-Edge’s patent-pending GripTrack technology, which is a friction-based solution that delivers infinite viewing and typing positions. [Press Release]

geniusbar appt 640x441Do you like dropping by to have a chat with the folks over at the Apple Store, especially the ones by the Genius Bar? Well, we have heard our fair share about the Genius Bar in the past, including the possibility of having double rows at the Genius Bar in Apple Stores to cater for a growing customer base which should result in a better customer and employee experience. Here we are with word from within China itself, that there were instances of profiteers who would completely book the Shangai Apple store’s Genius Bar reservations, followed by selling appointment slots online.

These alleged scalpers happen to place a 10 yuan ($1.60) price tag on each appointment, where upon payment, you as the purchasers would be provided with login information so that you can modify the appointment afterwards according to your needs. It is said that majority of the appointments have already been booked solid each time the reservation system opens at 4AM local time, although we are unable to verify this. How widespread is this remains to be seen, and assuming it does happen daily, who are the people behind it? Is it a syndicate, or just a bunch of folks who are out to make a quick buck?

automated wine 640x385Self-service seems to be the way to go, and human waiters as well as bartenders do seem to be a dying breed in the process as part of the “collateral damage” whenever restaurants and eating establishments deploy food serving robots. Well, a new wine bar that will be opening in the New York area intends to do away with the classic bartender, but rather, would prefer to have their customers obtain their drinks from an automated kiosk using a smartcard.

Known as the Park 112 in upper Manhattan, plans to unveil the self-serve wine bar service in August are already underway, where it will be “manned” (or should we say, machined?) by machines from an Italian company known as Enomatic. These wine kiosks are capable of serving up to eight different bottles simultaneously, where you as the customer would use the LCD touchscreen display alongside an RFID-embedded smartcard to place and pay for your order. Hmmm, it certainly lacks the human element as a bartender would know if you’re too tipsy and ask you to stop, not to mention he will be able to lend a listening ear whenever you have had a difficult day at the office. Guess this is the next step up from unique and weird vending machines, eh?

hacker nes car 640x415Remember James Bond who used a Sony Ericsson handset to control his BMW 750iL in Tomorrow Never Dies? Well, that was clearly something only the MI6 is capable of coming up with in the movies, but what about real life? I guess life is not all that glamorous, where a couple of security experts who happen to work for DARPA have managed to find a way to control a vehicle – and this “hack” is done thanks to the assistance of a laptop as well as an old school NES controller. Yes sir, who would have thought that an controller of an 8-bit video game console would come in handy so many years down the road? As long as the laptop remains plugged into the vehicle’s diagnostic port, one was able to start and stop the engine, in addition to steer the vehicle with the NES controller itself.

We ourselves have seen our fair share of NES controller hacks and modifications, but this one by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek would certainly rank somewhere at the top of our list. I guess the average car is vulnerable enough to be hacked, considering how more and more of them are starting to be more computerized. Be warned, however, that this duo did brick their fair share of cars before getting it right.