wefeelDo you know how the entire world feels at that particular point in time? Obviously not, but this does not mean that an idea like this cannot be expanded upon. With We Feel, this particular Twitter tool would gather data from the millions of English-speaking folk as it works to construct a real-time map of the world’s emotions.

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real-life-social-mediaThe Wanted Design show in New York City saw a team of students from the School of Visual Arts expend their creativity by showing off a bunch of interventions which encouraged guests to interact with one another. So much for social media remaining in the digital realm – this is analogue social media that we are talking about, where it involves a bunch of communication platforms which the students carried around the show. Known as “MissionCtrl,” students could be seen in white shirts and blue ties, not to mention carrying wooden objects as well.

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twitch-streamingEarlier today, we did bring you word that there is a very real possibility of the Twitch video streaming service being purchased by YouTube according to the tune of $1 billion thereabouts. Twitch happens to be a video streaming service where gamers are able to upload live streams of themselves playing games for everyone to see, with folks even creating an industry out of it, earning a living through the live streaming of their games, offering commentary, while giving 101 classes to newbies. YouTube, being part of Google’s umbrella of companies, should they be successful in their $1 billion (all cash) bid of Twitch, would mean Twitch will also be part of Google. The latest word has it that the acquisition talks “are at an early stage” and the “deal isn’t imminent,” at least according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal has cited a couple of people who seem to be a whole lot more familiar with the entire situation compared to the rest, and one of the sources claimed that Twitch has also explored the possibility of raising additional funding instead of putting up the video game streaming service for sale. Only time will tell whether there will be any more twists to this particular development.

xbox-one-external-hddThere is reason to believe that a future Xbox One system update would see the ability for the Xbox One console to support external hard drives, at least according to an Xbox One developer who prefers to remain anonymous. The developer posted an image that you can see above concerning this functionality, where it was accompanied by a caption which mentioned, “Adding more hype on the list of things to come.”

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outlook-hangoutsGoogle has just revealed a brand new plug-in which will deliver Google video call functionality (Google Hangout) to Outlook as well as Chromeboxes. This particularly new extension would enable Microsoft Outlook users to participate in a Hangout, where those who do not make use of Google’s app suite when it comes to their primary communications needs will be able to do so without having to fork out any more extra dough for a Google Apps for Business account.

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electric-thrusterDoug Foden created history on the Chasewater lake in Staffordshire, UK, as he tested out a brand new handheld electric jet engine device which allows him to travel at a maximum speed of up to 50mph, effectively functioning as an alternative to wind. This unique handheld electric jet engine was developed over the course of two years by 40-year old Adam Contoret of Stoke-on-Trent.

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whatsapp-logo-newIt looked as though the hugely popular instant messaging program known as WhatsApp was removed from the Windows Phone Store over the weekend, with WhatsApp as well as Microsoft remaining mum on any particular reason that it was removed. If one were to perform a search for the app on both Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices, no results could be found, although the listing still remains on the Windows Phone Store website, it is accompanied by a message that reads, “This app is no longer published” – that means, you are unable to install the app on your smartphone.

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paypal-bitcoinWhen it comes to paying for stuff online, there are many options that you could get around doing so. For starters, credit cards always do come in handy, but another avenue would be to make use of a Paypal account. It does seem as though Paypal might eventually feature the Bitcoin currency option, as hinted by the CEO of eBay, John Donahoe.

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wp81-photo-onedriveIt is a no-brainer that those who own the better or higher end Windows Phone 8-powered devices out there will also be able to capture some rather stunning photos, thanks to the hardware included. With the Nokia Camera app, it seems as though only low resolution photos are sent automatically to the backup folder on the Nokia OneDrive, but where Windows Phone 8.1 is concerned, this will no longer be the case.

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Water is one of the quintessential “ingredients” if life were to be sustained, and in its undeniable role in making sure that life continues, there is every possibility that nations in the future might actually go to war over water instead of other resources. Researchers at MIT’s School of Engineering have teamed up with their colleagues at the Pontifical University of Chile in Santiago, in order to increase water harvesting at the Atacama Desert, which happens to be located on the coast of Chile and is touted to be one of the driest regions on Earth. Using a system of mesh structures that have been erected on high ground which remain cloaked in fog consistently, this allows the system to collect fog while converting it into potable drinking water. Of course, such water can also double up as use in agriculture practices.

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