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For the longest time since its inception, Reddit usually required users to turn to third-party hosting services if they wanted to upload photos or videos. However last year the company started to allow users to upload photos directly to its website, thus making it easier for users and also make it a less complicated situation. Read full post →Reddit Testing Direct Video Uploads Onto Its Website

One of the ways that you can improve yourself when it comes to video games is by watching professionals play. This is why replays and live streams are quite popular because watching a professional play can give you some insight on mistakes that you’re making, new tactics, perspective on a strategy, and so on. Read full post →Twitch Will Let You Filter Overwatch Streams By Hero

When it comes to royalties being paid for music streaming, it is a bit of a contentious issue as many artists have in the past taken issue with how they are being paid, like back when Apple Music originally did not plan to pay artists royalties during the free trial (they later changed their minds). Read full post →YouTube Music Head Claims They Pay More Royalties Than Other Services

HBO is definitely not having a very good couple of weeks, what with one of their distributors purposely leaking a Game of Thrones episode, and not too long ago it was discovered that the company’s servers had been hacked in which hackers were threatening (and have since) leaked some of the company’s shows. Read full post →HBO’s Twitter Accounts Have Been Hacked

If you grew up playing FPS titles like Quake, then there’s a good chance you might have heard of the latest installment in the Quake franchise in the form of Quake Champions which was announced back in E3 2016, and if you can’t wait to get your hands on it then you might be interested to learn that Bethesda has announced the game’s early access. Read full post →Quake Champions Early Access Kicks Off August 22

Recently it was reported that Spotify had begun to take active steps in removing hate music from its platform after it was discovered and publicized that there were quite a few hate bands on its service. Now it looks like Deezer is also following suit by removing hateful/discriminatory music from its platform as well. Read full post →Deezer Is Removing Discriminatory/Hate Music From Its Platform

The Star Wars movies are probably best known as the batches of trilogies that have been released over the past few decades or so, but in recent times we’re also starting to see Star Wars movies being made that aren’t necessarily part of the trilogy. They are related, but they feature other characters and stories instead, such as Rogue One. Read full post →‘Star Wars’ Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie Could Be In The Works

Earlier this year, YouTube TV was launched but its availability was kind of limited. However over the course of the next few months, we’ve seen the service start to expand to various markets in the US, and now it looks like the expansion has continued because it has since been reported that  YouTube TV is now available in 14 new markets in the US. Read full post →YouTube TV Expands To 14 More Markets In The US

We download a ton of apps on our phones, and sometimes there are apps we download for a specific event or purpose, use it a couple of times, and never bother with it again, which is a waste of time and also it is a rather inefficient use of mobile data and storage space (unless you’re the type that cleans house regularly). Read full post →500 Million Devices Now Supported By Android Instant Apps

Visible watermarks on photos are pretty common, and we’re sure that many of you guys have seen them all over the internet (we watermark our photos in our reviews as well). These watermarks are meant to be an identifier as to who it belongs it, and also to prevent them from being used and claimed as someone else’s. Read full post →Google Shows How Easy It Is To Remove Visible Watermarks On Photos