Bringing more value to wearable technology is the key to making next-generation products more attractive. There are tons of great headphones and earphones out there, and this product category has not seen a lot of innovations in the past decades, except for 3D sound and a few unique designs such as the ORA X that combined headphones with smart glasses.
Customization is also one of the key ingredients to make wearable devices more desirable, without breaking the bank in the process.

A few days ago, I met Danny Aronson, CEO & Cofounder, MeQ, the company behind Even, the “first” earphones tuned to each user’s unique hearing. I have recently seen a similar technology at the HAX Demo Day, with the Nura headphones’ prototype, whose Kickstarter campaign rose over $830K, to date.

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overwatch-lucio-screenshot-003A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Overwatch had overtaken League of Legends to be the most popular PC bang game in South Korea. However it should be noted that back then, the stats were provided by one of the country’s leading PC bangs, and while they do claim a majority share, they still aren’t necessarily representative of all PC bangs. Read full post →Overwatch Is South Korea’s PC Bangs’ Most Popular Game

nintendo_shigeru_MiyamotoWhen it comes to the Nintendo NX, not much is known about the console which is why some analysts have speculated that this is because Nintendo isn’t ready with the console yet, and could miss their planned March 2017 release. However according to an interview with Associated Press (via Nintendo Life), Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto explained why this is the case. Read full post →This Is Why There Aren’t Many Details About The Nintendo NX Yet

google logoHave you ever tried to search for lyrics before, only to be taken to a variety of different websites that seems to contain more ads than lyrics? If you’re worried about malware being installed from these websites on your computer, we suppose it is understandable as some of these ads are pretty shady-looking. Read full post →Google Partners With LyricFind To Display Lyrics In Search Results

Image credit - Martin Hajek

Image credit – Martin Hajek

If you’re looking for more security with your MacBook Pro, you could be getting your wish because according to the rumors, word on the street has it that the upcoming 2016 MacBook Pro refresh could come with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor that has been built into the laptop’s power button, which we guess would almost make it identical to Touch ID on the iPhone’s home button. Read full post →2016 MacBook Pro Could Have A Touch ID Power Button

blackberry-priv-review_ubergizmo_05We know that BlackBerry is working on new handsets and that they are expected to be launched later this year, but the question is when? Prior to this, a certain BlackBerry Hamburg was spotted online but we still did not know when the phone could be announced, or at least until now where we might have a clue as to when. Read full post →BlackBerry’s New Smartphones Could Be Announced Next Month

batman_return_to_arkhamLast month it was announced that Warner Bros. would be remastering the original Batman Arkham games and releasing it as Batman: Return to Arkham. The game was expected to be launched next month but it seems that Warner Bros. has announced that the game will now be delayed. Read full post →Batman: Return To Arkham Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

Despite all logic pointing towards the fact that this year’s Galaxy Note should be called the Galaxy Note 6, recent rumors have confirmed that we can expect it to be called the Galaxy Note 7. Along with the name, some of the handset’s specs have also been revealed, but in case you’re wondering about the software side, don’t worry as there are leaks for that too. Read full post →Video Shows Off Alleged TouchWiz UI For The Upcoming Galaxy Note 7

Right now there seems to be a surge in teaching materials that aims to teach younger children how to code. This might range from online classes, to apps, and even toys that are aimed to capture the younger market where playing with toys might be a better way of getting them interested. Read full post →Project Bloks By Google Will Teach Kids How To Code

Google_Expeditions1Some of you guys might recall that last year Google launched Expeditions. Basically this provided students with the opportunity to go on virtual reality field trips to places they might not normally have the chance to do so, like overseas countries and places that might be hard to access. Unfortunately at that time, it was limited to who could access it. Read full post →Google’s​ ​VR​ ​Expeditions​ ​Now​ ​Open​ ​To​ ​Everyone