Following the resounding success of Spider-Man: Homecoming, many are excited for its sequel, which if you stayed until the end of the credits of the first movie confirms that a sequel is in the works. However save for Tom Holland expecting to reprise his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, not much is known about the follow-up. Read full post →Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Director Will Return For The Sequel

According to a recent report, it has been suggested that these days, consumers appear to prefer keeping their smartphones updated to the latest OS versus buying a brand new device. This makes sense when you consider that some smartphones are starting to see a rather huge hike in price. Read full post →Google Lists Android Wear Devices That Will Get Oreo Update

Apple’s iPhone X has been heralded by analysts to bring about a new super cycle for iPhone sales, and while we’ll probably have to wait until the official figures are released, so far there is some doubt about whether or not that is happening. According to Apple’s Online Stores in various parts of the world, shipping times for the iPhone X are now listing 1-3 days. Read full post →iPhone X Delivery Times Improve To 1-3 Days

Prior to the launch of the LG G6, most devices had displays with a 16:9 aspect ratio, but the LG G6 came along and changed that by introducing a taller/longer display and had an aspect ratio of 18:9. Samsung shortly followed suit with the Galaxy S8 that had an 18.5:9 aspect ratio, and it appears that trend is expected to continue in 2018. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S9 Expected To Maintain 18.5:9 Display Aspect Ratio

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If you’re looking to furnish your home with multiple smart devices, then you might have done your research and know that for some devices, they require a separate hub to connect them to your home’s network, which means that trying to sync up multiple smart devices can get rather complicated and messy. Read full post →Google Assistant Command Lets Users Sync Smart Home Devices

In this day and age of social media where it is dominated by short-form videos like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, it would have been interesting to see how Vine would have fared. Unfortunately Twitter shut down the service before we could find out, although by the looks of it, we could be getting another shot. Read full post →Vine 2.0 Teased By Co-Founder

If you’re a fan of Capcom’s Street Fighter series and would love to play all of the titles at once in one massive collection, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Capcom has announced the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, which as its name suggests collects various Street Fighter titles under a single release. Read full post →Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Announced

Pokemon is usually seen as a cutesy kind of game, which is why we thought it was a bit odd that a report from a couple of months ago suggested that actors known for their action movies, such as Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson were reportedly being considered for the movie. Read full post →Ryan Reynolds Will Star In Detective Pikachu Movie

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There is a popular conspiracy theory floating about that Apple slows down older iPhones whenever a new model comes out in order to “motivate” customers to upgrade. Recent benchmarks have suggested that this is not the case, but without doubt older iPhone users can probably start to feel the lag. Read full post →Replacing Batteries On Older iPhones Could Improve Performance

We know that many have been waiting a long time for the second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix. The debut season was released in 2015, and early last year it was confirmed that a second season had been ordered, and a report from a couple of months ago also confirmed that it would arrive in 2018. Read full post →Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Confirmed For March 8, 2018