There are plenty of instant messengers out there for you to choose from, but if you wanted something a little more unique and interactive, then the Somebody app could for you. Basically instead of delivering messages to someone directly, the app will instead seek out someone near you to deliver the message instead.

Launched artist, author, and filmmaker Miranda July, it seems that the Somebody app is hoping that instead of burying our noses in our phones all the time, this app will help us get out of our phones and into the real world where we can potentially make a new friend by delivering a message to them. Read full post →Somebody App Is A Messaging App That Uses Humans To Deliver Messages

tesla model s hackedElectric cars used to get a pretty bad rep back in the day due to the fact that for the most part, they weren’t as fast as their fuel counterparts, they were expensive, and had poor range. The poor range was also coupled with the fact that charging stations were few and far in between, meaning that it isn’t as easy to find one compared to a gas station.

That being said, it seems that Tesla is hoping to change that. Earlier this year, the company announced plans that they would be building a network of charging stations across China to help facilitate the rollout of electric cars, and now they have confirmed that they will indeed be doing that. Read full post →Tesla Confirms Plans For Massive Charging Station Rollout In China

Back in 2013, Amazon unveiled a pretty awesome idea which is to use drones to make deliveries. This is a great idea because it would mean that some packages could be delivered on the same day that you ordered them. Unfortunately that idea has since been shot down by the FAA.

However it seems that the FAA’s reluctance to allow drone delivery has not stopped others from trying. Google is the latest to make their attempt in what the Google X Labs is calling Project Wing. Similar to other drone delivery programs, Project Wing will make use of a drone to make their deliveries. Read full post →Project Wing Is Google’s Attempt At A Drone Delivery Service

ASUS AT IFA 640x480Just yesterday ASUS pretty much confirmed the name of their upcoming smartwatch, which would be known as the ASUS ZenWatch. Now ASUS is expected to make it official and announce the product in earnest at IFA 2014 which kicks off next week, but in the meantime we’re sure some of you guys are wondering how much will the ZenWatch cost?

Well according to a recent report from Focus Taiwan, it seems that the ZenWatch’s price has been revealed. This was confirmed by ASUS’ CEO Jerry Shen who revealed that the ZenWatch would be priced below $199. This seems to be in line with ASUS’ earlier remarks in the year where they promised to make a smartwatch that would cost less than Samsung’s own smartwatches. Read full post →ASUS ZenWatch Will Cost Under $199, ASUS CEO Confirms

backbeat pro sideview 536x640If you’re the market for a new pair of Bluetooth headphones, you might be interested to learn that Plantronics has recently taken the wraps off a new pair of headphones in the form of the BackBeat Pro. Given that Plantronics has had a pretty decent history of producing Bluetooth headphones and headsets, perhaps these pair of headphones could be worth your time.

The new BackBeat Pro headphones will sport 40mm drives and will also feature active noise cancelling technology. However as noise cancellation can be dangerous in public, Plantronics has included a feature called OpenMic which basically lets the wear hear what’s going on around them with a touch of a button. Read full post →Plantronics Unveils BackBeat Pro Headphones With Noise Cancelling Technology

healthkit 640x383Given how upset some people were at the idea of companies like Apple or Google possibly sharing their location data, we can only imagine how outraged some users would feel if information from iOS 8’s HealthKit were ever to be leaked or shared with unauthorized users. After all there could be sensitive and embarrassing information there that individuals would not care to share with the world.

That being said, a recent report from the Financial Times (via AppleInsider) have found that Apple has made some changes to HealthKit in the latest iOS 8 beta. According to the changes Apple made to iOS 8’s licensing agreement, the Cupertino company has restricted developers from selling or distributing information collected by HealthKit. Read full post →iOS 8′s Updated Licensing Terms Prevents Developers From Sharing HealthKit Data

sony digital paper 640x203Earlier this year, Sony took the wraps off an interesting device called the Digital Paper. It is basically an e-reader/tablet that uses an e-ink display which we have to admit is a pretty unique device given its size. Prior to this, the tablet was only sold through a handful of retailers and was reportedly sold out most of the time.

It seems that Sony has decided that there could be enough demand for the Digital Paper and has since started to offer the device directly via Sony’s website as well as several other licensed resellers. Unfortunately for international customers who had their eye on the device, you would be out of luck as it seems that the sales of the tablet will be limited to the US for now. Read full post →Sony Digital Paper E-Ink Tablet Now Availabe From Sony Directly

nxpOver the past couple of days, we have been hearing several rumors that suggests that the iPhone 6 could come with NFC. The last report we heard was where well-connected Apple blogger John Gruber hinted at the possibility of NFC. Now if you are still skeptical, and rightfully so, another report from the Financial Times (via MacRumors) has “confirmed” NFC as a feature of the iPhone 6.

The report claims that the NFC technology that will be making its way into the iPhone 6 will be provided by Dutch company NXP Semiconductors. NXP is a company that has been known for their NFC chips so we guess it does not come as a complete surprise to think that they could be supplying Apple with the technology. Read full post →iPhone 6 To Sport NFC Technology Supplied By NXP Semiconductors

ex fr10 550x337A couple of days ago, we reported that Casio had an interesting looking camera that could be announced soon. Well it seems that “soon” is true because Casio has since officially announced the Casio Exilim EX-FR10 action camera. The camera has been designed for action so if you wanted something for landscapes or portraits, you might want to look elsewhere.

That being said for those who might our earlier report, the EX-FR10 is an unusual camera in terms of its design. It features a lens at the top part of the camera, and at the bottom it sports an LCD display that can be detached and also used as a remote shutter. In some ways we have to admit it’s pretty clever, but here’s hoping you don’t misplace either component! Read full post →The Casio Exilim EX-FR10 Action Camera Is Official

lg plasma 640x399While plasma technology might have been the go-to technology when it came to making TVs back in the day, safe to say that the technology has since been replaced. Popular plasma OEMs such as Panasonic have announced that they would no longer be making plasma TVs. Well it looks like LG will be hopping on board the bandwagon as well.

Speaking during a media event held in Korea, LG Electronics’ home entertainment president, Ha Hyun-hwoi revealed that they are planning on putting a halt to their PDP production. The question is when, as opposed to if. According to Ha, “We are studying on when we should suspend the PDP business.” Read full post →LG Looking To Suspend Production Of Plasma Displays