usb-malwareEver received USB drives from companies that are filled with information about the company, like photos, production information, videos, and etc.? You might be thinking that this is such a neat way to hand out information, but the next time you think about plugging in a free USB from someone you don’t know, think again. Read full post →American Dental Association Accidentally Mails Malware-Infected USBs

google-android-mascotIf there is one thing you’ve got to love about Google’s search and voice assistant is that it almost feels like you’re talking to a real person. This is thanks to the platform’s ability to be able to understand conversational text, and also give it back to the user so that it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to some cold machine. Read full post →Google Uses Romance Novels To Make Their AI More Conversational

twitter periscopeUnlike YouTube where you can always revisit old videos, the whole point of Periscope to stream live videos on the spot, meaning that if you miss it then that’s just too bad. This is fine we guess if you did not put much effort in your streams, but if you’re a professional who relies on social media applications like Periscope to make a living, then saving your hard work probably makes sense. Read full post →Periscope Testing Allowing Users To Save Their Broadcasts

sign-on-nintendo-company-hqWith games and various software being digitally available these days, it isn’t uncommon to see computer makers sell computers without an optical drive. Plus with cloud storage, physical backup on CDs or DVDs isn’t as common as it used to be. However when it comes to consoles, discs are still very much required. Read full post →More Evidence Suggests The Nintendo NX Will Be Disc-less

It is pretty obvious that kidneys are important to our bodies which is why we need to take good care of them. However sometimes there are medications that can affect and damage our kidneys. For example according to the National Kidney Foundation, heavy/long-term usage of over-the-counter painkillers can eventually lead to kidney disease. Read full post →‘Kidney On A Chip’ Will Help Determine Safer Levels Of Drug Dosage

oneplus-x_ubergizmo_21Several days ago thanks to a trademark filing, it was revealed that OnePlus registered for the trademark “Dash Charge”. Based on the name and the fact that many smartphones these days are packing some form of fast charging technology, it was speculated that maybe OnePlus could be looking to introduce their own brand of fast charging tech. Read full post →Oppo’s Super VOOC Flash Charge Might Make It Into The OnePlus 3

oneplus-2-review-17We have been hearing a fair bit of rumors regarding the OnePlus 3 recently, and thanks to the latest rumor, it has been revealed that the OnePlus 3 will be packing a larger battery than its predecessor, the OnePlus 2, so if battery anxiety is something you suffer from then perhaps this might be worth looking into. Read full post →OnePlus 3 Could Be Packing A 3,500mAh Battery

netflix thumbsWith hundreds to thousands of shows available on Netflix, we suppose sometimes having too much variety can be a bad thing. This means that when you’re trying to decide what to watch, the selections can be overwhelming, and Netflix knows this. According to a recent study they conducted and published on their blog, the company explains how they have designed the thumbnails of shows to appeal to viewers. Read full post →Netflix Knows Which Thumbnails Appeals To Viewers The Most

Backpacks are a dime a dozen and you can pick up one for $50, or you can choose to spend $200 for something better. Of course features matter as well, like whether it has a padded compartment for laptops/electronics, the durability of the material, the locking system and whether it is safe from pickpockets, and etc. Read full post →The Lifepack Is The Backpack For The Modern Day Techie

ehang 184 droneDrones are pretty handy. They can be used for all kinds of things, such as fishing, crowd-watching, crowd-control, and now it looks like the delivery of emergency organs could be one of its uses as well, thanks to a Chinese drone company by the name of Ehang and their 184 drone. Read full post →Drones Could Soon Be Used To Deliver Emergency Organs