nintendo-switch-4Thanks to a recently deleted tweet of the Nintendo Switch’s UI, it was revealed that gamers will be able to swap between multiple user accounts. However exactly how many users the Switch will support was unclear, at least until the folks at Kotaku did a Q&A session with the company in which the number was revealed. Read full post →Nintendo Switch Will Support Up To 8 User Accounts

samsung-gear-vr-2016_usb-c_08If you’re considering getting into virtual reality, there are several options headset options available to you right now. There is the more pricey HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or PlayStation VR, but if you’re after something simple and cheap that will ease you into the VR scene, maybe Samsung’s Gear VR could be worth your consideration. Read full post →Samsung Gear VR 2016 Discounted To $53

playstation_vr360-degree videos on YouTube aren’t new. They’ve been around for awhile now but the good news is that if you wanted to be able to enjoy it on your PlayStation VR, you can now do so. This is according to an announcement on the PlayStation Blog in which Sony announced the support of the feature. Read full post →PlayStation VR Now Supports 360-Degree YouTube Videos

the divisionAhead of the Assassin’s Creed movie’s release, Ubisoft waxed poetic about it and claimed that it would be a milestone as far as video game movie adaptations are concerned. Based on the reviews and ratings, it clearly wasn’t the case but it seems that Ubisoft is willing to give it another shot with The Division. Read full post →Oscar-Winning Director Will Be Directing Ubisoft’s The Division Movie

call-of-duty-infinite-warfareWhen Activision first announced Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the trailer was met with such huge dislikes that some were understandably worried for the game’s success upon its launch. Activision did not think too much of it and said that they were positive that despite the negative impressions, it would perform well. Read full post →Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Tops Game Sales For 2016

windows-10-spamIn an ideal world, Microsoft would only allow Windows users to use Windows-based products, such as the Microsoft Office suite or Internet Explorer/Edge. However that is not the world we live in which is why many users have opted for alternative products, such as Google’s suite of productivity apps, and other browsers like Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera, and more. Read full post →Microsoft Spamming Chrome Users With A Windows Shopping Ad

For those who are colorblind, they see the world differently than the rest of us. For example certain colors show up as different colors, which can be dangerous if you’re trying to identify medicine, food, or traffic lights. Not only is this dangerous, but their day to day lives are impacted and the simple joy of watching TV is also a different experience. Read full post →Samsung Launches An App To Help The Colorblind

tesla_model_x_1One of the claims that Tesla has made about its autopilot feature is that it actually reduces the chances of accidents by as much as 50%. Turns out the company was pretty close because according to the NHTSA, their investigation has found that Tesla’s autopilot feature actually resulted in the decrease of the number of accidents by as much as 40%. Read full post →NHTSA Claims Tesla Crash Rate Down By 40% After Autopilot Feature

mario-kart-switchAs far as we can tell, the Nintendo Switch will be launched with a couple of games: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 1-2 Switch which is a game designed to show off the Switch’s capabilities, kind of like how Wii Sports was used to demonstrate the use and potential of the console’s motion controllers, Just Dance 2017, and Skylanders Imaginators. Read full post →No Video Apps For The Nintendo Switch At Launch

switch-uiWe’re not sure why but Nintendo did not exactly dive into as many details as we would have liked about the Switch durings its pricing and availability reveal. Perhaps they were still tweaking things like its UI, but either way it seems that thanks to a recent tweet by indie developer Nicalis, more details have been revealed. Read full post →Nintendo Switch Dashboard Reveals More Details About The Console