Switches installed on our walls allow us to control various things around the home, like the air conditioning, lights, alarm system, sound, and so on. However it seems that researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research Pittsburgh are exploring the idea that what if we turned our walls into gigantic switches instead? Read full post →Researchers Explore The Idea Of A Touch-Sensitive Wall

Instagram’s Stories has come a long way from when it was first launched. It used to be that users were limited to uploading media that was taken less than 24 hours ago, but that changed. Now in another update to its Stories feature, Instagram is allowing users to upload multiple photos and/or videos at once. Read full post →Instagram Now Letting Users Upload Multiple Photos/Videos To Stories

It seems that in order to comply with new regulations being introduced in Europe, a report from Sky News has revealed that one of the changes that WhatsApp will be making is a new requirement for its users to be at least 16 before using their app. Prior to this and for the most part with regards to online services, it requires users to be at least 13 years old. Read full post →WhatsApp Now Requires Users In Europe To Be At Least 16 To Use It

Last year the folks at Snapchat rolled out a controversial new design. This came on the heels of criticism that suggested that Snapchat had a confusing UI, although ironically enough the ones who ended up complaining about the new design were Snapchat’s current users. The company had previously defended the new design, but now it seems that concessions could be made. Read full post →Snapchat Is Testing Out A Redesigned Stories Interface

In the wake of Facebook’s data privacy scandal, it is not surprising that the scrutiny has also extended to other Facebook products and services, such as WhatsApp. The good news is that if you were wondering about what kind of data WhatsApp collects on you, the company has recently announced (via TechCrunch) a data download tool. Read full post →WhatsApp Will Soon Let Users Export Their Account Information

It’s been confirmed that LG’s upcoming LG G7 will feature a 6.1” 3120×1440 “FullVision” IPS LCD display that can be 1000-NIT bright. LG also says that it does so while consuming 30% less power than the LG G6 IPS LCD display* Read full post →LG G7 Display Tops 1000 NIT Brightness

It was reported that Spotify was planning a new free tier of its music streaming platform. The company already has a free tier that is supported by ads and limits users in what they can do, which in turn encourages them to purchase a subscription to the premium tier that unlocks everything and removes ads. Read full post →Spotify Launches Its New Free Music Streaming Tier

A couple of weeks ago it was reported that Instagram was working on a feature that let users download their photos and videos and profile information. This is handy for those who are looking to backup their Instagram data should their accounts get hacked, the service eventually comes to an end, or if they simply want to get off social media completely. Read full post →Instagram’s ‘Data Download’ Tool is Now Live

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Last year it was rumored that Amazon had more Fire TV devices in the works and now thanks to the folks at AFTVNews, it looks like one of them might have been revealed in the form of the Amazon Fire TV Cube. This information was discovered on Amazon’s email subscription page where users were greeted by a splash page that revealed the existence of the device. Read full post →Amazon Teases Upcoming ‘Fire TV Cube’ On Its Website

Earlier this month it was reported that following the update to iOS 11.3, some iPhone users were discovering that their iPhone displays were failing to respond to touch input. It was later speculated that Apple might have been indirectly behind this where this was an attempt to discourage users from going to non-authorized third-party repair stores. Read full post →iOS 11.3.1 Released With Fix For Third-Party Display Repairs