g5 table 640x426As far as computer designs were concerned, the Apple Power Mac G5 had a pretty interesting and almost futuristic look. Heck, even by today’s standards it looks like the design of the computer has held up pretty well, even if its internals haven’t. That being said, designer Klaus Geiger came up with an idea that managed to repurpose old Power Mac G5 computers and turned them into furniture.

As you can see in the images above and below, the old Power Mac G5 computers have been repurposed as furniture, such as desks in which a wooden plank is placed on top of two Power Mac G5 computers. Interestingly enough Geiger has managed to capture Apple’s essence in his design, especially when you think about how Apple Stores are typically furnished using wood, glass, and metal. Read full post →Apple Power Mac G5 Computers Repurposed As Furniture

There have been studies that show that sitting down all day can be detrimental to your health, which is why office workers are encouraged to stand up and take short walks every now and then. This has also resulted in furnitures known as the standing desk in which users stand at their desks to work, as opposed to sitting in front of it.

Well if you’re interested in installing such a desk at your office place or even at home, you might be interested to learn that Swedish furniture maker IKEA has recently hopped on board the standing desk bandwagon with the Bekant. The idea of the Bekant is simple – press a button and the desk rises, press a button and it goes back down. Read full post →IKEA’s Bekant Desk Gets The Standing Desk Treatment

Talk about cassette tapes or tape recorders to younger kids and they might not know what you’re talking about. After all they were the format that music back in the day came on. However talk about more modern mediums like Spotify, then you might see some recognition in their eyes. Well how’s this for a combo – an old school cassette tape player that can be used to play Spotify?

Well that’s what Matt Brailsford did when he created his own Spotify-compatible cassette tape player. Speaking to the folks at CNET, Brailsford mentioned that the idea for his creation came from the iRecorder, which is an iPhone case that has been shaped to look like an old-fashioned tape recorder. Read full post →Old School Cassette Tape Player Modified To Play Spotify

google logo 2011 10 25It is safe to say that many tech companies out there are interested in artificial intelligence. For example in video games where developers are making your computer opponent smarter than before and able to react to your actions/choices a lot better, as opposed to merely following a set of rules or a script.

Well Google is one such company who is looking to expand on artificial intelligence. According to a recent post by Google Europe, they have revealed that the company will be expanding on their artificial intelligence efforts by teaming up with the Oxford University in the UK. Their efforts will be towards better image recognition and natural language processing. Read full post →Google Partners With Oxford University To Advance Artificial Intelligence Efforts

foxconn suicideIf you weren’t quick on the draw and pre-ordered an iPhone 6 Plus when it was first announced, chances are you will be hard pressed to find the handset in stock at Apple’s retail stores or even third-party authorized retailers. We have also heard the reports that Apple has once again readjusted their production to help meet the demand.

Well according to a new rumor, it seems that one of the ways Apple is trying to ramp up production is by offering financial incentives to its partners, such as Foxconn. As it stands, Foxconn stands to make about $20 per iPhone 6 Plus they make and send to Apple. However to help speed things along, Apple is said to have bumped their rates up to $24-25 per iPhone 6 Plus. Read full post →Financial Incentives Used To Motivate Foxconn To Produce More iPhone 6 Plus Units [Rumor]

gta san andreas ios android

It is hard to believe that nearly 10 years have passed since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was first released. Most of us got a bit nostalgic yesterday when rumors started circulating that this title is going to be re-released on the Xbox 360. Rockstar formally confirmed the updated Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Xbox 360 today and it brings full Achievements support as well as improved 720p graphics.

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apple pay 002 640x360

When Apple Pay was unveiled last month the company said that it already had major national banks onboard. At its iPad event last week Apple revealed that since then more than 500 banks, both big and small, had opened up to support its new payments service with more coming soon. Visa and MasterCard have issued lists of banks which will add support for Apple Pay in the near future, so if your bank is on the list, you will be able to use a debit or credit card issued by it in Apple Pay.

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ps4 day one patch

A while back Sony first talked about the PS4 software update 2.0 and all of the features its going to bring. Earlier this week the company unveiled some new features which will be included in the update as well. Surely many PS4 owners out there are now waiting for this update to drop so that they can get to experience all that Sony has been working on for the past few months. Well today the company has finally confirmed the PS4 software update 2.0 release date.

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lg g3 screen 1

Recently a photo reportedly leaked out of South Korea suggested that LG’s much rumored smartphone, which will be powered by its own Odin chipset, carries model number F490 with Liger codename. Obviously that won’t be the final moniker of this device but we may have seen it today courtesy of a new leak which also brings some shots of the actual device in the flesh.

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facebook jail

Facebook Creative Labs announced the launch of a new application today, called Rooms, which simply brings the ability to create and contribute to forums through a mobile device. It is quite different from other Facebook applications because while the rest rely upon your real identity, Rooms allows you to remain anonymous by using different names for different forums, or “Rooms” as they’re called in the app. The app is separate from Facebook so it is not linked to your profile on the social network.

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