We’ve heard of phones exploding, we’ve also seen hoverboards catch on fire, and now if you’re the type that gets paranoid easily, you might have to skip this post because it has recently been reported that our wearables could explode as well. In a report from Associated Press (via Gizmodo), a woman in Milwaukee suffered second-degree burns after her Fitbit exploded. Read full post →Woman Sustains Second-Degree Burns After Fitbit Explodes On Her Wrist

Later this year we will finally be treated to Star Wars: Episode VIII, also known as The Last Jedi. This is great news since we’re sure that many are curious about the story following the ending in The Force Awakens. However it also means that we’re just one more movie away from the latest trilogy coming to a close. Read full post →Star Wars: Episode IX Set For Release In May 24, 2019

Update – 9to5Mac has confirmed with Geekbench company’s founder that the screenshot has been doctored and is fake.

When it comes to marketing the iPhone, Apple tends to stay away from the technicals and usually prefers marketing the phone’s features and the lifestyle associated with it. This is why sometimes the iPhone is ridiculed due to its perceived low specs compared to Android. However as we have seen in the past, that’s hardly true. Read full post →Alleged iPhone 8 Geekbench Benchmark Scores Surface [Updated]

Image credit – Florian Kainz

Our smartphone cameras have come a long, long way since the first time cameras were introduced into phones. These days and to a certain extent, smartphone cameras can go head-to-head with some compact cameras, and in some instances even winning thanks to the fact that your phone is with you all the time. Read full post →Google Shows Off Pixel & Nexus 6P’s Nighttime Photography Capabilities

Rockstar has released a new update for Grand Theft Auto 5 which brings the GTA Online Tiny Racers mode for the game’s online component. Tiny Racers is a modified version of stunt races in which the camera is placed overhead in a style that’s similar to GTA games of the past. The update is out now and live for all Grand Theft Auto 5 players.
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It has been a while since Uber revealed its VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) craft plans. The company confirmed that it was working on the idea of flying taxis which will be able to take its customers from one point to the other. The company’s Elevate summit kicked off in Dallas today and Uber confirmed during its keynote that it’s aiming to demonstrate its Elevate Network in 2020. That’s an ambitious goal, to say the least.
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Many Samsung smartphones allow you to quickly launch the camera by pressing the home button twice quickly. You can’t do that on the Galaxy S8 since the device doesn’t have a physical home button. However, Samsung has linked the quick launch camera option with the handset’s power button. Press it twice quickly and the camera should be launched, ideally, but that doesn’t appear to be the case for all users.
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AMD today announced the launch of what it claims to be the world’s first dual-GPU graphics card meant for professionals. The AMD Radeon Pro Duo features two Polaris-based graphics cards packed into one single card. The company claims that this package provides 11.45 teraflops of power. It’s geared towards customers who want a graphics solution to hand professional workload like VR content creation.
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The term fake news has been thrown around a lot over the past few months. It basically refers to the use of online mediums to spread stories that may not be entirely true. Facebook has been working hard to combat the spread of fake news on the world’s largest social network and now the world’s most popular online search engine is taking some steps of its own to combat the menace of fake news.
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Facebook launched Related Articles in 2013 to help users discover news articles that they find interesting about the same topic. Currently, these related articles are shown in News Feed after users have read an article. The social network today announced that it’s testing a new version of this feature which will display several links to fact-checked Related Stories underneath the main linked story.
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