We have been hearing the rumors that HTC could be a mid-level handset in the works known as the HTC Desire 12, and its alleged specs have leaked a couple of times. Now thanks to an image of a retail box obtained by the folks at Android Authority, it looks like some of those details might have been confirmed. Read full post →Alleged HTC Desire 12 Retail Box Confirms Some Of Its Specs

Seeing manufacturers keep the best specs and designs for its flagship phones isn’t uncommon, although sometimes this results in the company’s more budget-conscious shoppers feeling a bit left out. The good news is that Samsung might bring some high-end features to its mid-range lineup, namely the infinity edge display. Read full post →Samsung Could Bring Its Infinity Edge Display To Mid-Range Phones

If the rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+’s prices are true, it seems that Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphones will be pricier than ever. However the good news is that it looks like Samsung might have a way to make things cheaper through a trade-in program that could knock as much as $350 off the price of the phones. Read full post →Samsung Trade-In Deal For Galaxy S9, S9+ Rumored To Be Worth $350

We’re sure that hackers and modders are pretty curious about how hackable the Nintendo Switch is. There are many reasons for this, such as piracy, or the ability to run mods on the system, or just for fun. Recently it looks like hackers were successful because in a tweet by fail0verflow\, they posted a photo of the Switch appearing to run on Linux. Read full post →Nintendo Switch Hacked To Run Linux

snapchat uploadWhen Snap announced that Snapchat would be undergoing a design update, it sounded like a good thing. Unfortunately reality proved otherwise as more than 1 million users have since petitioned the company to revert back to the original design. The bad news is that according to Snap’s CEO, that won’t be happening anytime soon. Read full post →Android Users Can Restore Snapchat’s Old Design If They Wish

When Android was still in the relatively early stages of adoption, one of the apps that helped Android stand out against the iPhone was a keyboard app called Swype. For those who don’t remember or did not know about it, Swype was a keyboard app for Android that lets users compose messages by swiping from letter to letter, as opposed to tapping them one by one. Read full post →Swype For Android Has Been Officially Discontinued

When you think of ride-hailing systems, we’re pretty sure that Sony doesn’t come to mind, but apparently that’s a perception the company wants to change. In a report from Nikkei (paywall; via Engadget), it seems that Sony could be looking to launch an AI taxi hailing system in Japan while teaming up with a bunch of different taxi companies. Read full post →Sony Could Be Looking To Launch AI Taxi Hailing System

One of the problems that some noticed with regards to Apple’s HomePod is the fact that placing it on a wooden surface could result in a white ring staining their furniture. Apple claims that this is due to the oils from the silicone interacting with the wood and have since advised customers to avoid placing the HomePod on such surfaces. Read full post →Industrial Designers Claim HomePod’s ‘White Ring’ Should Be An Easy Fix

When Apple introduced the iPhone X and took away the physical home button, it meant that iPhone users would have to learn how to use their phones again, where certain functions involving the home button would have to be relearnt through new swipes and gestures, which some reviews claim actually makes the phone feel more intuitive. Read full post →Leaked Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Video Shows iPhone X-Like Gestures

At the moment there are pretty much only two ways that internet can be delivered to your computer. One is through WiFi, and the other is through a cabled connection direct to your computer. There are pros and cons of either connectivity method, but the folks at Oledcomm are suggesting another way – through the use of light. Read full post →MyLiFi Uses An LED Lamp To Beam Internet To Your Computer