google street view appIf you’re looking for directions to somewhere you’re going, Google Maps is a great way to go about it. However what if that location has tons of shops and the one you’re looking for isn’t particularly clear with its signage? That’s when Google Street View comes in handy as you can check out the neighboring shops to get an idea of where it might be in relation to those shops.

That being said, it seems that Google has decided that Street View has stopped being a novelty and has become useful enough to warrant its own app. Yup, if you enjoy using Street View, you might be interested to learn that Google has launched Street View as a standalone app where it more or less functions like how it normally does. Read full post →Google Street View Launched As A Standalone App

facebook summitWe all know Facebook has primarily being a social network. However it seems that the company has other interests as well, and recently it was discovered that together with Summit Public Schools, Facebook has developed an educational software called the Personalized Learning Plan.

Best of all, it seems that Facebook wants to do their part for society by giving away the software to public schools who want to use it. This isn’t so much about students learning particular topics online, which they do, but rather how the education is delivered. Instead of students coming into class for lectures, the content of the class and its assignments are all posted online. Read full post →Facebook Giving Away Educational Software To Schools

waze LAA couple of years ago, Google announced that they would be acquiring Waze. It was an interesting purchase given that Google already had Google Maps, but the idea of crowd-sourced traffic data appeared to be a bit too appealing for Google to pass up. Not to mention there were reports that Facebook was eyeing the company as well.

However it seems that at that time, Waze’s product might have been hyped up the wrong way. Recently Waze has found themselves in hot water when a lawsuit was filed against them by traffic information app maker PhantomAlert. According to the company, they claim that Waze had copied PhantomAlert’s database for traffic light information and incorporated it into their own product. Read full post →Waze Accused Of Stealing Traffic Data Ahead Of Google Acquisition

mega-manIf you have played video games back in the day, chances are Mega Man was one of them, or at the very least you have heard about. There have been some attempts to modernize the game for today’s gamers and it looks like Capcom and Fox have found a way to do so, which is by creating a movie based on the game.

20th Century Fox, Capcom, and Chernin Entertainment have recently announced their plans to make a Mega Man movie. Unfortunately it appears that this movie is in its very, very early stages of development as there have been no writers or directors attached to it yet, so for now you can think of it more as an idea. Read full post →Capcom And Fox Want To Make A Mega Man Movie


The final DLC expansion for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been released today for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and the PC, it comes to this platform after having been exclusive to the Xbox. CoD’s exclusivity deal with Microsoft ends now and it won’t be business as usual with the next title. Today’s DLC, called Reckoning, makes some good additions to the title.

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A few days back Samsung formally announced the Gear S2 smartwatch which it first teased last month, this is the first smartwatch from Samsung that features a round design. During its keynote at IFA 2015 today Samsung talked more about the wearable device and it revealed that the Gear S2 is going to hit shelves starting next month. Even though it’s powered by Tizen and not Android Wear the device is still going to have support for Android devices.

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It has long been rumored that Apple is going to release a 21.5 inch 4K iMac, many have expected that this is going to happen particularly after the company launched its 27 inch 5K iMac in October last year. If this turns out to be true then Apple is certainly going to have a very busy fall because in just a few days time the company is going to show off its new iPhones and possibly even new tablets.

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There were rumors recently that Samsung has an 18.4 inch tablet in the pipeline and seeing what the company teased on stage today at IFA 2015 it seems that there just might be some truth to those rumors. It teased a truly massive tablet today that was introduced as the Galaxy View, not much has been revealed at this point by the sheer size of the thing makes me believe at least that it might be that 18.4 inch tablet. Since it carries the Galaxy branding the tablet is most likely powered by Android.

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Wireless speakers are quite common these days, you can get one that does the job for less than $50 these days, however if you’re looking for a premium sound experience in a product that also has a great design and is fashioned from high-end materials then you can very well spend up to $1,000. That’s how much you’ll be paying for the BeoPlay A6 which is Bang and Olufsen’s new wireless speaker.

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windows 10

Microsoft has steadily been rolling out updates for Windows 10 which bring bug fixes and performance improvements but the company is yet to release the first major non-patch update for Windows 10. It has not yet said when one will arrive but according to a new report the very first major update for Windows 10 could be released by November this year. It was previously expected that this update would arrive in October.

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