pwcajmMuch of our world now is the science fiction of the past. Lately, to add to the proprietor of technology, Amazon has been experimenting with a new shipping methods; by installing 3D printers into their delivery trucks. Soon, customer would just have to wait a moment passes, as the Amazon’s truck parked onto homes’ curb would print the items that they have ordered online.

This could rapidly change the outlook of purchasing online goods. The e-commerce company has since filed several patent applications for the system which could print goods on demand in “Mobile manufacturing hubs”. Read full post →Amazon Patents 3D Printers In Trucks To Speed Up Deliveries

sony-mwc-teaseMobile World Congress 2015 is all set to kick off in Barcelona, Spain, later at the end of this weekend. Having said that, you can be sure that there will be plenty of new smartphones and other kinds of mobile devices that are in the pipeline, waiting to be revealed in Spain over the course of next week. Sony too, does not want to miss out on the festivities, which is why they have stepped forward to tease the masses by stating that they are on track to reveal something “slimmer, lighter, brighter” at the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

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microsoft-logoIs there yet another economic crisis looming on the horizon? Perhaps, especially when we hear of Microsoft being tipped to shut down not one, but actually a couple of plants over in China – which would end up with 9,000 job cuts along the way. Ever since Microsoft picked up Nokia some time back, the software giant has taken steps to cut jobs all over the place. Not only that, it does look as though Microsoft might be doing the same thing yet again, except that this time around, it will involve a couple of manufacturing plants over in China. Do bear in mind that this round of layoffs reflect notifications made during the cycle of company-wide reductions of 18,000 employees in 2014, and the timing of actual departure was staggered due to local and legal requirements.

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windows-10-surfaceIt looks as though Microsoft has resurrected their WinHec conference, and with the agenda having already gone live, the event would open up new insights into Windows 10, which would be Microsoft’s upcoming unified operating system version. Apparently, in one of the sessions that are being held at WinHec would be known as ‘Enabling New USB Connectivity Scenarios in Windows 10′.

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apple logoWe all know that Apple is one highly successful company, having had their fair share of hits in the past that saw a slew of devices grow from strength to strength. The fully touchscreen iPhone, when it was first released in 2007, certainly met with a whole lot of skepticism by the industry, but boy, how has it survived since then to become the juggernaut that it is today with the iPhone 6 being the latest model. Having said that, a latest report from market research firm Strategy Analytics claimed that the Apple iOS has picked up a record-high 88.7% global smartphone profit share in Q4, 2014, which is a whole lot more than the 70.5% figure they had in Q4 2013.

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onedrive-pinMicrosoft has just introduced a spanking new update to its OneDrive app for Windows Phone – and this means that one would also be able to enjoy several new features that have been long looked forward to, for the very first time. For instance, one is now able to gain access to multiple Microsoft accounts through OneDrive, as well as store details of those accounts within the app, in order to facilitate easy access as well as switch between them later.

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We have learned earlier this morning that the Apple Watch event has been confirmed for March 9th, but before that, you can be sure that the whole world will be looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S6 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones. Well, Samsung has also announced that they will carry a live stream of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge event, as you can view in the YouTube video above.

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fcc-net-neutralityToday is a day of historic proportions, as a cote took place in Washington, D.C. saw the FCC go through a vote to reclassify broadband under Title II, which in turn, will provide the regulatory body the relevant degree of authority to impose rules over broadband providers. The new rules have been specially designed to ensure that the Internet will remain free of blocking, throttling and paid prioritization.

<--more-->In other words, the vote would work in favor of ensuring that the Internet remains free of paid prioritization as opposed to those with large checkbooks who demand better speed and traffic, and at the same time, remove barriers of use for consumers for legal purposes.

A wee bit of irony in all of this – at the turn of the decade, the FCC did make an attempt to pass rules in order to keep the Internet neutral. Verizon sued the FCC then, citing that they were unable to do this, and won. Since Verizon emerged as the victor, the FCC returned to the courts, and realized that if they were to reclassify broadband under Title II, they could then enforce net neutrality rules.

Hence, the FCC did just that, and reclassified broadband so that the organization will have a whole lot more control over broadband regulation compared to what it had on the 2010 rules. One would expect that this ruling will be challenged in court by Verizon as well as the rest, so do expect more courtroom action to happen in due time.

vaio-smartphoneIn the middle of last month, we did learn that there were a couple of devices which were announced by VAIO – the VAIO Z and VAIO Z Canvas, which do seem to shape up to be a pretty decent tablet individually. Having said that, we have received word from the grapevine that VAIO could be making plans to enter the smartphone market with a brand new handset, now how about that? VAIO used to be part of Sony once, but since 2014, they have ended up under the umbrella of Japanese Industrial Partners (JIP).

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lg-g-pad-f-7Sprint subscribers, listen up! Perhaps it is time you have stopped your search for an Android-powered tablet, as when March 13th arrives, you will be able to get your hands on the LG G Pad F 7.0 for free. Yes sir, not a single cent need to be dropped down, as long as you agree to a 2-year agreement and any active Sprint smartphone.

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