One of the point of having a phone is to communicate, but when your phone loses some of its communication features, wouldn’t that kind of defeat the point? This appears to be happening to some Pixel owners who have suddenly found themselves unable to receive text messages despite undergoing various troubleshooting steps. Read full post →Some Pixel Devices Unable To Receive Text Messages

A lot of phones in this day and age don’t necessarily use technology that is 100% their own. This is because it would be impossible for a single company to own all the pieces of technology inside of a phone, which is why many companies have opted to license patents and ideas from other companies who might specialize in certain technologies. Read full post →Essential Sued Over Alleged Stolen Modular Accessory Technology

The times of when all we demanded from our car’s entertainment system was radio is long gone. Fast forward to today and our requirements for an infotainment system has changed where it needs to have a display, support Bluetooth connectivity, pair with our phones, show maps, and so on. Read full post →CarPlay Becoming A ‘Must Have’ Feature For iPhone Users

One of the upsides of phones that feature dual cameras, like the iPhone 7 Plus, is that it allows handset makers such as Apple to mimic the effects of a DSLR camera with a bokeh-like effect, which for those unfamiliar is where the foreground and background are separated from each other with a blurry effect. Read full post →Samsung Working To Bring Portrait Mode To The Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is still probably a year or so away from being announced. Pretty much nothing about it is known at this point in time (although we have heard that it could feature an under-display fingerprint sensor), but if there is one piece of official confirmation that we know about, it is that Samsung will be improving on the S Pen feature of the phone. Read full post →Samsung To Improve S Pen For The Galaxy Note 9

There is a common perception that Mac computers weren’t designed to play games. While Mac computers do come with some pretty good hardware, let’s face it, it clearly was not designed for the hardcore gamer in mind. Sure, the higher-end iMacs and MacBook Pros can run games decently, but its specs differ very greatly from a PC designed for gaming. Read full post →NVIDIA GeForce Now Beta Is Live For Mac Users

There are many great games out there available on the PC, the PS4, and the Xbox One, and we’re sure that there are many Nintendo Switch gamers who would love to see some of those games arrive for the console. Now if you’re a fan of NetherRealm’s Injustice 2 and would like to see it brought onto the Switch, there might be a glimmer of hope. Read full post →Ed Boon Speaks About Possibly Bringing Injustice 2 On The Switch

So far it has been without fail that every year we can look forward to a new Call of Duty game. This year we’ll be getting Call of Duty: WWII by Sledgehammer Games, so the question is what can we expect next year? According to a report from GameSpot, it seems that next year’s Call of Duty title could be Black Ops 4. Read full post →Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Could Come In 2018

There are a many reasons to sign up for Amazon Prime, such as faster/free delivery, access to a bunch of other services that are exclusive to Prime members, access to videos, music, and so on. However we guess there are some who might not see the need to subscribe due to concerns about cost. Read full post →Amazon Introduces Discounted Prime Subscription For Students

This year we saw Apple announce the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. The latter represents the latest in Apple’s design and technology and can be considered to be a very beast compared to the iPhone 8. This might explain why there have been reports to suggest that the iPhone 8 isn’t doing as well as it could because customers are waiting for the iPhone X. Read full post →iPhone 7 Reportedly Outselling The iPhone 8 In The US