So Apple released iOS 8.1 today and together with the update, they also released Apple Pay which can be used at a variety of retailers such as McDonald’s and Walgreens, just to name a few. Well Walgreens wants to show just how convenient and quick using Apple Pay is and they have released a video.

The video basically shows that it will take around 44 seconds for a customer who arrives at the cashier to enter their reward card details and make the payment using Apple Pay. We’re not sure if this faster/slower compared to paying by cash, or as a comment in the video has stated, it does not seem particularly faster than swiping your credit card. Read full post →Walgreens Shows How Apple Pay Can Be Used At Their Stores

BLa17 14SK Lo05 640x533Back in 2013, famed audio company Bang & Olufsen unveiled the BeoLab 17 set of speakers. Well if you liked what you saw, you might be interested to learn that Bang & Olufsen have recently given the speakers a makeover, which will now be available in a black aluminum finish which we have to admit looks pretty awesome.

For those who might have missed the announcement last year, the BeoLab 17 speakers will feature a custom 6-inch mid-range driver, a 3/4-inch tweeter, two 160-watt amplifiers that will all be powered by the company’s digital sound engine. The speakers can also be positioned in different ways. Read full post →Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 17 Speakers Get A Black Aluminum Makeover

apple a7With the introduction of the iPhone 5s, Apple also introduced the A7 chip which was the first 64-bit mobile chipset found on iOS devices. Many had initially criticized Apple’s efforts claiming that there was no point, although fast forward to today, we are seeing more manufacturers starting to adopt 64-bit chipsets and using it in their products.

That being said, Apple is hoping to push the 64-bit system and according to a recent post on the Apple Developer website (via AppleInsider), Apple is asking developers to ensure that all their apps have 64-bit support by the 1st of February 2015, which basically gives developers about a little over three months to get their apps updated and ready with 64-bit support. Read full post →Apple Asking Developers To Update Apps With 64-bit Support By February 2015

nexus 6 preorderThe Nexus 6 announced by Google/Motorola is a beast of a device that would definitely give other flagship smartphones a run for its money. It also comes with stock Android which is a huge plus for Android fans, but the question is, when can we expect to get our hands on the device? Read full post →Nexus 6 Pre-Orders To Kick Off 29th October

Nexus 6 Android 5.0 Lollipop Ambient Display edit 614x1024One of the unique features of the Moto X is its Active Display. For those unfamiliar, Active Display basically turns on your phone’s display whenever you pick up the phone, or in the case of the 2014 Moto X, when you approach it. Now interestingly enough it seems that the feature has been integrated into Android 5.0 Lollipop.

According to reports, Android 5.0 will have a similar feature called Ambient Display. The official Android 5.0 Lollipop page also briefly mentioned the feature and described it as, ”Where supported by the hardware, your device will wake up as soon as you pick it up or tap the screen twice.” Read full post →Android 5.0 Lollipop To Feature Ambient Display

As you might have heard, iOS 8.1 has been released and with the release comes Apple Pay, although for now it looks like it will be reserved for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users due to the nature of the technology. That being said if you do own the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you might be aware that McDonald’s is one of the places you will be able to use Apple Pay.

In fact speaking recently with CIO, McDonald’s own CIO Deborah Hall-Lefevre expressed her confidence in the mobile payment system of Apple’s. So much so that the fast food giant has decided not to employ additional safeguards beyond what Apple and the financial payment networks are using. Read full post →McDonald’s Expresses Their Confidence In Apple Pay

ios to android 640x435Back in September with the launch of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and with the release of iOS 8, Apple posted an official guide on its website in which they showed how users of other platforms could make the switch to an iPhone and iOS. Well it looks like Google has decided to fire back with a guide of their own.

If you were to head on over to the Android website, you will find a guide there on how users can get themselves ready to make the switch onto the Android platform. The guide basically shows you how you can bring some of your music over to your new Android device, as well as your photos that you might have stored on your phone. Read full post →Google Launches Guide On How To Switch From iOS To Android

iPhone 6 review 5 640x426It hasn’t been that long since the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released to the masses, and even though the phone has yet to make its way into every single market of Apple’s, it seems that the device is still selling extremely well. This was echoed by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook during the company’s recent earnings call.

According to Cook, it looks like the demand for the new iPhones is so great that it is “far outstripping” its supply. This is despite Apple ramping up their efforts to produce more iPhone 6 Plus units to help meet the demand. As it stands, the iPhone 6 appears to be outselling the iPhone 6 Plus, although this is probably due to the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus has sold out and is supply constrained at the moment. Read full post →iPhone 6 Demand “Far Outstripping” Its Supply

You would think that since it carries the word “launch trailer” in the title, this video clip will be released when the game is actually launched but clearly Activision is thinking ahead. Even though this title is due to be launched on November 4th, it has went ahead and posted the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launch trailer online on its official YouTube channel.

Read full post →Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Launch Trailer Released

driveclub ps4

PlayStation 4 owners have had to wait for Driveclub for over a year since it was delayed back in November 2013. When the game did launch it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. Many of its features rely upon online access since multiplayer is pretty much the essence of this title. Since launch Driveclub owners have been facing many issues when trying to connect to online servers but developer Evolution Studio now says that these issues have been fixed for “majority” of the people that are playing Driveclub.

Read full post →Driveclub Online Issues Fixed For ‘Majority’ Of Owners