Asus C720P - left side angle

The Chromebook fits between an iPad or Android tablet and a full-fledged laptop computer. While not quite as portable as a tablet, since it certainly can’t be used one handed, or without a table or at least a lap to rest it on, it does offer the potential for more functionality since it has a built in keyboard. One can of course argue that it’s simple enough to use a Bluetooth keyboard with a tablet, but the Chromebook still offers a larger, better screen, and better connectivity than an iPad due to built in USB ports and an SD card slot. Whether or not a Chromebook in general or the Acer C720P in particular is right for your needs will depend on careful consideration.


Just to provide a little context, I used to be a laptop-only kind of girl, relying heavily on a Fujitsu Lifebook and then on a Sony Vaio Z as well as a Macbook Air. As a manager by day and a writer by night, I mainly used a laptop to crunch numbers, write proposals, and edit photos for my web site. All of that changed when the iPad came around; I use one almost exclusively for my daily computing, except for when my job demands that I use the Dell Lattitude E5530 issued by my company in order to make presentations or show DVDs to my customers.

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