• expansive curved IPS display
  • sleek industrial design
  • very good sound quality
  • good productivity performance


  • entry-level discreet graphics card
  • inconvenient USB ports placements for frequent reach

Rating and Price

  • Rating: 9/10

The 2017 edition of the HP Envy 34 Curved All-in-One (AIO) is radically different from last year’s model. Although the 2016 design was clean and interesting, this year’s version takes things to the next level with design choices that are both pragmatic and aesthetic. The complete computer (with monitor) weighs 24 Lbs and has dimensions of about 18.5 × 32 x 8 inches. We took this premium computer for a spin, and here’s the full review.

Configuration as tested


In the 2017 HP Envy 34 Curved AiO design, the main emphasis was put on a few key points:

  1. Thin bezels. This is something that has been in extreme demand by users on every kind of monitors, and AiO PCs are no exception. With 10mm bezels, the new Envy 34 looks much better than last year’s.
  2. Higher entertainment quality: this is mainly due to two things, namely Display Quality (more below) and Sound Quality. Because the base hosts both the computer and the sound system, the internal volume available to the speakers is potentially higher. More space means “moving more air,” which translates into better sound quality.
  3. Better design in general: I find the new design to be much classier. While last year’s model could be seen as a very nice computer, the new one uses better-looking materials and feels more “premium.”

HP achieves all those points with ease, and the final product is the most attractive AiO PC in this large-display category. From the front, the computer looks very neat with no visible ports and the large screen provides a very immersive visual experience. The hidden ports are visually a good thing, but I would love to have a couple of USB ports to the side… I had to add an external USB 3.0 HUB to make things more convenient when using USB keys.

The speaker design is low-key. It is not hidden at all, but it is not overly obvious when you just glance at the PC. On the top-right of the chassis, you will find a touch-based volume control interface. Immediately after using it, we could say that it is a really nice feature. It is responsive, very easy to each and visually subtle.

On the opposite upper side of the chassis, there is a wireless charging pad. It is Qi (pronounced “Chi”) compatible and will work with most phones, although you will have to check for the specs of your particular handset if you want to be sure. It is also convenient to just drop your phone there for charging anytime you get back to your desk. Phones like the Galaxy S8 or the U.S LG G6 have compatible integrated wireless charging, so no other accessories are required.

Excellent audio

The audio quality of the HP Envy 34 AiO is extraordinary. When you sit in front of it, the sound volume and “body” is simply better than any other AiO we have heard. If you like to listen to music in your office/room, the audio quality cannot be overlooked. If you already have external speakers, then it might not be as important.

"THE AUDIO QUALITY OF THE HP ENVY 34 AIO IS EXTRAORDINARY"For gaming, this makes a big difference as well. The sound is a very large part of any entertainment experience, whether it is games or movies/videos. Moreover, that is even truer if your content requires deep bass sound, like music clips, or music files. HP’s new design has enough additional internal space to accommodate passive radiators, a speaker design technique that allows the reproduction of deeper bass sounds.

Quality Mouse + Keyboard

Inside the box, you will find a keyboard and mouse. While the mouse quality is not really exceptional, I found the keyboard to be very nicely built. It has a metal chassis, and feels completely solid (won’t bend, twist). I think that many OEMs have been criticized in the past for including low-quality input devices, but the quality of this set is rather high. The keyboard has a compact, laptop-style layout with small arrow keys that may annoy some users (or not). That is up to you decide but wanted to point this out so you can plan. People working with numbers might want a numeric pad.

Overall product rating: 9/10

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