Huawei-MateBook-white-15Huawei’s entry in the notebook market has been a surprise for many PC industry actors, and the ultralight form-factor chosen by Huawei made a very good impression when it was presented for the first time. It even took some wind out of Samsung which previously impressed with its own ultralight named TabPro S.

We’ve spend time with the Huawei Matebook and this review will go over the design, strong and weak points, along with a realistic assessment of how the Huawei would perform in the real world. How much punch has Huawei packed in this first Windows 10 notebook? Read on.

Configuration as tested

There are a few configuration variants, and here’s ours (with maximum config in brackets):

  • Intel Core m3-6Y30 CPU (0.9 – 1.51GHz) [Core m5 max.]
  • 4GB RAM [8GB max]
  • Windows Home 10 64bit
  • 240 GB SSD (80GB +157GB partitions) [512 GB max]
  • 1.4 lbs (tablet), 2.4 lbs (tablet+keyboard-cover)

How we recommend using this notebook


Portable computers are built with specific objectives and use cases in mind. Gaming, workstations, productivity, ultralights, 2-in-1 — each design has a specific focus, and therefore tradeoffs. With such a design, it is evident that the attention should be on weight and mobility, rather than speed and comfort.

Typical use cases for such computers are for basic productivity tasks and relatively low-frequency usage. This kind of design is best suited for the executives who mostly go from meeting to meeting and quickly reply to emails. It’s also good for light text or slides editing, basic web browsing, presentations, photo review, etc…

It’s not designed to be a “main computer” on which you will work for hours at a time. The ergonomics are not ideal for that. The main goal of this computer is to be light and small in your backpack, and yet, much more productive than a phone or an Android/iOS tablet.  These are the goal we think this notebook should achieve, and that’s with this mindset that we will review it.

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