Apple single-handedly created what we know to be the tablet category. Before the iPhone was even a darling of the world, Steve Jobs had a vision to create a tablet computer. Of course, as we all know now, Jobs decided to put what would eventually become the iPad on hold to launch the iPhone first.

In 2010, riding on the success of the iPhone, Apple launched the iPad. It received mixed reviews. Critics laughed off the iPad as a really large iPad/iPod touch.

But Apple proved them wrong. Bolstered by thousands of tablet-optimized apps (and iPhone apps that scaled up), the iPad has gone on to become the poster child for the “post-PC” era, a move away from the traditional desktop and laptop PC towards an instant-on, mobile one.

Introduced last fall, the iPad Air is the latest version of Apple’s flagship tablet. With so much competition from Android and Windows, is the iPad Air still the king of all tablets? Read on for my full review.


Everyone uses their devices differently. For the purpose of this review, it’s a good idea for you to understand how I use tablets. I’m a firm believer in using multiple devices. I have a laptop for all my productivity and work, and a smartphone to keep me connected while I’m on the go.

For me, my iPad is my media consuming device. Very rarely do I use it to create content. The most “creating” I’ll do is respond to emails and send off tweets. Maybe edit a picture or two with Snapseed or Photoshop Express and upload it to Instagram or Facebook.

I use my iPad every day. I consider it my “in-between” device. I use it to watch YouTube videos in between TV commercials. I use it to keep up on Twitter and Facebook. I use it to read articles I’ve saved for later from throughout the day. I also use it to play and try out the latest games going viral.

In short, I use it for light work (emails), mostly for reading online content and digital books, and for playing some games. Basically, I use an iPad the way it’s advertised: for a little of everything, but nothing really hardcore.

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