samsung-ativ-book-9-plus-review-007I started to take notice of Samsung as a laptop manufacturer when the company created its Series 9 brand of laptops that were designed to be ultra-thin and yet powerful at the same time. Although the naming has changed to ATIV Book 9 Plus last June, the goal has remained the same, and I was curious to see how Samsung’s top of the line mobile computer would fare in a PC environment that is more competitive than ever.

This is a notoriously difficult business to be successful in, but over time and with a combination of “tech” and “design”, Samsung has made a name for itself in the portable PC space. With its QHD+ touch display (3200×1800), its metallic build, thin profile and power-efficient hardware, the ATIV Book 9 Plus seems to be an ideal Windows 8 system, so I took it on the road for a few weeks and used it as my primary laptop, taking it through thousands of miles of flight travel, airports, trade shows and hotels. I hope that this review gives you a realistic view of how it is to use the Samsung ATIV Book 9+ in the real world.


Before we dive into the review, let me quickly tell you what I do with my laptops and other computers: I have two types of use cases. The first one is that I go to press events for a few hours and I have to file stories and process photos/videos from there. I tend to like 13.3”+ computers because they’re comfy to use, but light at the same time.

When I travel for more than a few days, I like to use a 15” computer that is more comfortable for long-term use and beefy enough to allow for web development etc. Who knows when we may need to fix a site, and reading code on a small screen isn’t so hot. At the office, I use a powerful desktop PC with plenty of RAM, a fast graphics card and 3 displays for a total of 8 Million pixels of desktop space.

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