Amazon, Page 11 ▼ is an American multinational e-commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is the world’s largest online retailer. The company also produces its own consumer electronics, notably the Amazon Kindle e-book reader, and is a major provider of cloud computing services with its Amazon AWS service.

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Amazon’s Founder Jeff Bezos To Purchase The Washington Post

08/05/2013, What do you do when you have plenty of money sitting in the bank? Why, you do your best to preserve as well as grow your wealth, of course. Word has it that’s founder, billionaire Jeff Bezos, will be purchasing The Washington Post for $250...

Zelda Wind Waker HD Has New Difficulty Mode, Says Amazon

07/31/2013, Right at the beginning of this year, we managed to get word that the highly acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker game that proved to be one of the Nintendo GameCube’s enduring games would be getting a remake, where this particular remake would...

iPhone 5C Cases Listed On Amazon

07/30/2013, There’s no confirmation as yet if Apple really does plan on releasing a budget iPhone this year, though there have been many rumors in favor of that prospect. We’ve heard a number of monikers for this device, iPhone Mini, iPhone Lite and even...

Next Generation Kindle Fire HD Tablets Specs Rumored

07/30/2013, It is already widely believed that Amazon is working on three new tablets that it will launch in the near future. One of these tablets is said to be the replacement for Amazon’s entry level Kindle Fire tablet, whereas the other two are said to be...

Amazon Goes On Hiring Spree, Creates 7,000 New U.S. Jobs

07/29/2013, Amazon announced today that it is going on a hiring spree. The company is creating some 7,000 new jobs so as to cater to its expanding fulfillment network in the U.S. Hiring has already begun, these are full time jobs that, per Amazon, pay 30 percent more...

Nokia Rivendale, HTC Z4, Amazon GLP70 Codenames Leaked

07/17/2013, Just the other day we mentioned that according to a rumor, Amazon could be set to unveil their Kindle Fire HD 2 perhaps in August or September. Of course it is not official at the moment, although thanks to a post by @evleaks on Twitter, Amazon does have...

Kindle Fire HD 2 Sees August Or September Launch (Rumor)

07/15/2013, Amazon has not forgotten that they are still pretty much in the tablet game, where their Kindle range has done pretty well for itself in the past years. In fact, there is a new rumor going around that Amazon could very well deliver a new range of Kindle...

Amazon PS4 And Xbox One Pre-Orders Run Out

07/12/2013, A few days ago we reported that GameStop had reportedly gone through their entire allocated stock of Sony PlayStation 4 pre-orders, and now it looks like if you wanted to get your hands on the console, or maybe the Xbox One, via retailers such as Amazon,...

Apple And Amazon Drop “App Store” Lawsuit

07/09/2013, Apple has filed an agreement that it will no longer pursue action against Amazon in the lawsuit involving the use of the term "app store" by Amazon for its Android Appstore.

Amazon Japan Employs Goats

07/04/2013, Reports coming in from Japan reveal that Amazon has employed goats at its Gifu Perfecture distribution center for mowing the lawn and eradicating weeds.

Amazon To Try Its Luck Selling Fine Art Once Again

07/01/2013, Amazon is reportedly going to start selling fine art once again. Art houses will reportedly be charged $100 a month just to be listed on the biggest online marketplace's fine art section