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Aio Wireless Gets AT&T 4G LTE Support

06/20/2013, Aio wireless prepaid brand announced today that it is adding LTE support. It hasn't been long since AT&T brought over LTE and HSPA+ support for the GoPhone brand, now Aio wireless gets it.

AT&T’s Blackberry Q10 Begins Shipping For Some Customers

06/20/2013, So the Blackberry Q10 for AT&T is set to be released to the masses come 21st of June, but it seems that some AT&T customers might be getting their orders a wee bit earlier. According to emails sent out by AT&T, some Q10 owners have been...

AT&T BlackBerry Q10 Release Date Is June 21

06/18/2013, AT&T BlackBerry Q10 release date has now been made official. The smartphone will be released on June 21st, it will be available for $199 with a two year contract.

All AT&T Data Plans Now Enable FaceTime And Google+ Video Chat

06/17/2013, Is it just me, or does everyone else think of the same thing – that video is the way forward when it comes to messaging one another? After all, we did hear that Skype Video Messaging has just launched across a variety of mobile platforms earlier...

AT&T Could Announce Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Today

06/13/2013, Just last week Samsung finally put an end to the rumors of the Galaxy S4 Active by officially announcing it themselves, and thanks to a new teaser video uploaded by AT&T, it seems that we might be able to expect an announcement of availability from...