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Nokia Lumia 520 Could Be Headed For AT&T

06/27/2013, Nokia’s Lumia 520 whilst not the most powerful or the most feature-packed Lumia device, is something of a success story, especially in markets such as India where it has been selling out. It is possible that this is due to its affordability, but in any...

Aio Wireless Gets AT&T 4G LTE Support

06/20/2013, Aio wireless prepaid brand announced today that it is adding LTE support. It hasn't been long since AT&T brought over LTE and HSPA+ support for the GoPhone brand, now Aio wireless gets it.

AT&T’s Blackberry Q10 Begins Shipping For Some Customers

06/20/2013, So the Blackberry Q10 for AT&T is set to be released to the masses come 21st of June, but it seems that some AT&T customers might be getting their orders a wee bit earlier. According to emails sent out by AT&T, some Q10 owners have been...

AT&T BlackBerry Q10 Release Date Is June 21

06/18/2013, AT&T BlackBerry Q10 release date has now been made official. The smartphone will be released on June 21st, it will be available for $199 with a two year contract.

All AT&T Data Plans Now Enable FaceTime And Google+ Video Chat

06/17/2013, Is it just me, or does everyone else think of the same thing – that video is the way forward when it comes to messaging one another? After all, we did hear that Skype Video Messaging has just launched across a variety of mobile platforms earlier...