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Bing Unveiled As Microsoft’s Secret Weapon

07/25/2013, Google has Google Now, while Apple has led the way with Siri some years back, where this does lead one to wonder – what does Microsoft have to say about the entire situation? Certain folk claim that TellMe, a service which is available on the...

Bing Autosuggest Categories Revamped

07/17/2013, When one wants to search for something on the Internet, it goes without saying that most folks would go to Google right away without thinking twice. It is sort of like you thinking about McDonalds when burgers are mentioned, or Coke if you want a...

Windows 8.1 Smart Search Results Will Display Bing Ads

07/02/2013, Microsoft today announced that Bing ads will be incorporated in Windows 8.1 Smart Search. Advertisers campaigns already participating on Yahoo Bing Network will be eligible for Bing ads in Windows 8.1 Smart Search without any additional setup.

Bing Platform Shifts The Search War To Apps

06/26/2013, Earlier today, Microsoft’s Bing team has presented their latest developer tools at the BUILD conference which brings the Microsoft development community together for a few days in San Francisco. In the “demo app”, Bing engineers showed...

Bing For Schools Program To Bring Ad Free Results For Students

06/24/2013, Bing announced today that later this year it will be starting a new program called Bing for Schools. Under this program, schools in the U.S. will be able to tailor the experience for K-12 students as Bing will offer them ad and adult content free results

Bing News Gets A New Visual Carousel

05/23/2013, A new visual carousel has been added to Bing News which will display relevant information when any notable personality is queried in the search engine.