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BlackBerry Playbook Will No Longer Receive Significant Updates

07/17/2013, So we know that the BlackBerry Playbook will not be getting an update to BlackBerry OS 10, which we’re sure disappointed many loyal customers, and it seems that in addition to that, it seems that apart from possible security and bug fixes and regular...

BlackBerry Reportedly Reduces Q10, Z10 Production By Half

07/16/2013, When BlackBerry announced its quarterly results recently, its share price plummeted. That’s because the company’s figures had completely missed market estimates, and the fact that its latest smartphones hadn’t performed as well as most...

BlackBerry A10 Caught On Video

07/14/2013, An alleged BlackBerry A10 "Aristo" smartphone is showed off on video. This is supposedly the latest upcoming flagship smartphone from BlackBerry.

New Blackberry Bold 9720 Photos Surfaced, Pictured Next To Bold 9900

07/11/2013, A couple of days ago we reported on alleged leaked images of the Blackberry Bold 9720, Blackberry’s upcoming BB OS 7 device. Thanks to the folks at BGR, they have managed to get their hands on additional images of the Bold 9720 and this time the handset...

BlackBerry A10 Specs Rumored

07/10/2013, Some BlackBerry A10 specs have been rumored. Said to be the company's next flagship smartphone, the A10 is expected to be released this fall.