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Video On Instagram Introduced

06/20/2013, We’re at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park where Video on Instagram was just announced. The name is pretty self-explanatory, but here are the details that make this news interesting: Instagram for video allows users to snap short clips and combine them into...

Facebook Rolls Out Photo Comments

06/19/2013, Facebook today rolled out an entirely new feature. Called photo comments, this feature allows users add photos to comments.

Facebook Global Outage Is Over

06/18/2013, Earlier today, most folks would have heard a collective cry of screams across the galaxy, one that bellows as a long “NooOOOoOoOooo!”, which has an effect that is far more painful for Master Yoda to feel in the Force compared to when Order 66 was...

Facebook Discusses Potential Partnerships With Samsung

06/18/2013, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with Samsung President Shin Jong Kyun and discussed possible partnerships with between the world's biggest social network and one of the world's biggest smartphone vendor.

Facebook Drops Sponsored Ads

06/14/2013, Facebook did run into some issues concerning its advertisements in recent memory, where some advertisers have already pulled their ads from the social networking giant for reasons of their own. Facebook themselves have decided to also streamline their...

Facebook Keeps Arctic Circle Data Center Running Cool

06/13/2013, We are an extremely data-oriented society these days, and our consumer electronics devices do not seem to plateau where internal memory is concerned. Heck, even our cloud mapping solutions have added plenty more high resolution imagery (like the recent...