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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 announced

09/13/2011, Samsung loves releasing variants of the same phone for all the different mobile carriers Stateside, and it is T-Mobile’s turn to see what their version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 will come with. Samsung’s Galaxy S Support Twitter account decided to...

Samsung Galaxy S2 used in Ford e-bike concept

09/13/2011, Electric bikes are handy, especially for those who prefer not pedaling all the way to work and reach all sweaty in the process. Now, if you weren’t a fan of e-bikes back then, perhaps this e-bike concept by Ford may cool enough to convert you.

Samsung Galaxy S2 GPU Tops Benchmarks

09/12/2011, Samsung Galaxy Benchmarks - the Samsung Galaxy S2 which is equipped with an ARM Mali-400 graphics processor (GPU) has been found by independent reviewers at AnandTech to be the fastest smartphone GPU.

Galaxy S2 Review

09/09/2011, Galaxy S2 Review - it is clear that Samsung took it to the next level with the Galaxy S2. The hardware has been improved on many points, including additional horsepower

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 @ Ubergizmo

09/02/2011, Update: our AT&T Galaxy S2 Review is online We have received our AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2, and at first sight, it looks very much like the International (unlocked) Galaxy S2 that we have played with back in July. The AT&T model number is...

Samsung Hercules Preview

08/30/2011, Poor T-Mobile. It’s always eating everybody’s dust and today was no different. While AT&T was busy showing off its Attain and Sprint was touting its Epic 4G Touch, T-Mobile’s Galaxy S 2 – the Hercules was only visible under...

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Preview

08/30/2011, Sprint loves the “Epic” moniker doesn’t it? It absolutely does. We can’t even count how many smartphones have Epic in them anymore. We’ve lost track. But sure enough Sprint’s Galaxy S 2 smartphone is called the Epic 4G...

Samsung Attain Preview

08/30/2011, So you’ve already heard that the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is official in the U.S. For the most part, the devices are pretty much the same except for a few minor differences. Here’s our hands-on with AT&T’s version: the Attain.

Samsung Galaxy S2: Officially in the US. Almost

08/30/2011, “Better late than never” – that’s what those who were eagerly waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S2 must be thinking as the next-generation Samsung handset, which was demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in February of 2011 and...

Samsung DROID Prime coming to Verizon? (Rumor)

08/29/2011, According to BGR, it seems that they have learned from one of their sources that Verizon has plans to launch a new device known as the Samsung DROID Prime. Based on the name we can’t be sure if this has any relation to the Nexus Prime, the third Google...

Samsung Galaxy S 2 US variants pictured

08/26/2011, If you can’t wait until the Galaxy S 2 event next week to find out what the US variants of the Android super phone will look like, you’re in luck. The folks over at Pocketnow have managed to get their hands on a promotional image showing three...

Samsung to unveil LTE Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9 at IFA?

08/26/2011, Just yesterday we reported that thanks to a developer who went snooping inside Samsung’s Unpacked app’s APK, it was discovered that Samsung has plans to reveal three new devices at IFA – the Galaxy Note, Wave 3 and the Galaxy Tab 7.7.