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Google Discontinues The White Nexus 4

07/04/2013, Google has confirmed that the limited edition White Nexus 4 8GB and 16GB models both have been discontinued. They will no longer be available for sale through Google Play store.

Nexus 7 2 Specs Leaked By ASUS Rep? [Rumor]

07/01/2013, It’s been a year since Google launched their Nexus 7, a tablet which was not only incredibly affordable, but came with pretty decent specs at well which was surprising given how much it cost. So the question is, when will Google launch the Nexus 7’s...

Google Working On Video Game Console Of Their Own [Rumor]

06/27/2013, The OUYA gaming console is pretty unique in the sense that it is powered by Google’s mobile operating system, Android. However according to reports, it seems that Google might be interested in developing a console of their own which will also...