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The HTC One is a flagship smartphone from HTC Corporation that was launched ahead of Mobile World Congress 2013. It has an emphasis on a very high-end industrial design with a full-aluminum body, 4.7″ 1080p display, excellent loud speakers and the latest Snapdragon S600 processor of the time. Software features include Blinkfeed (news reader), SenseTV (remote/EPG) and Zoe Camera (content creation). Read our complete review of the HTC One.

HTC One Clone Looks Pretty Similar, But Made From Plastic

07/15/2013, Fake phones are a dime a dozen and they can commonly be found in countries such as China, and while many of them are pretty obvious fakes, there are times when their clones can actually pass off as the real thing, as you can see in the photo above which...

Android 4.2.2 Update For HTC One Makes Its Way Across Europe

07/08/2013, Back in June, owners of the dual-SIM HTC One were reported to have received the Android 4.2.2 update, and just last week the update had made its way to folks in Taiwan, HTC’s home. Now according to reports, it seems that the Android 4.2.2 update for the...

Verizon Droid DNA Price Cut To $50

07/01/2013, Verizon Droid DNA price has been slashed to $50. It was rumored two weeks ago that the carrier will run promos to clear inventory of the Droid DNA.

Verizon HTC One Picture Comes Up

07/01/2013, A purported picture of the Verizon HTC One has been posted online. The carrier has said that it will be launching the device, later this summer.