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HTC One Like Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Expected

06/23/2013, Rumor has it that HTC is working on a Windows Phone 8 variant which is going to be quite similar to the HTC One. HTC is said to announce this rumored device in fall, with it presumably being released around the holiday season.

AT&T HTC One Mini Is Confirmed

06/18/2013, The HTC One Mini has not escaped us at all over the past week (UA Profiles and such), no sir, and we do know that it has been confirmed to be the HTC M4 all this while. Well, there were whispers going around that the HTC One Mini could very well make its...

HTC One Sales Will Reportedly See A Decline In July

06/11/2013, HTC announced their brand new flagship smartphone, the HTC One, earlier this year. Unfortunately the HTC One was not launched with the greatest success with the phone seeing delays which could have possibly cost the Taiwanese company precious time as they...