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US Navy To Use Kinect Game To Help Address Rape Issues

07/26/2013, It seems that sexual assault in the military has become quite an issue and some law-makers are looking to take the legal recourse out of the military’s hands, and of course this did not sit well with the military and they have since stated that they...

Kinect Used In Sign-Language Research To Great Effect

07/17/2013, With the ability of the Microsoft Kinect device to detect body movement, we have seen it used in a variety of applications that are not related to gaming whatsoever, and now it looks like the Kinect technology has also been used in sign-language research....

Kinect For Xbox One PC Release Expected

05/22/2013, It is being reported that Microsoft will release the new Kinect announced yesterday for PC as well, though additional details regarding this have not yet been given out.