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Kinect For Xbox One PC Release Expected

05/22/2013, It is being reported that Microsoft will release the new Kinect announced yesterday for PC as well, though additional details regarding this have not yet been given out.

Microsoft Kinect Hacked To Become A ‘BoobTracker’

04/29/2013, Ever since Microsoft’s Kinect was released, we’ve seen a number of people hack the device to perform a number of tasks such as controlling your PC, turning your body into a music mixer and giving you power over your Roomba. But one hack we...

Video Game Therapy Used To Help Treat Kids With Chronic Pain

04/05/2013, We think with how connected the world has become, parents are probably doing their best to get kids out of the house. One of the biggest reasons why kids stay indoor is probably due to the constant flow of Call of Duty map packs, but what if video games...