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NEC MGX prototype notebook to run on Android

10/03/2011, In the market for a notebook that’s not only thin but apparently foldable? If you are, the good news is that NEC may be putting into production such a notebook in 2013, and here’s the kicker – instead of running on Windows or going the ASUS...

Dell to unveil new Ultrabooks at CES 2012?

10/03/2011, The MacBook Air is currently one of Apple’s best selling computers. Granted it’s not the cheapest Ultrabook around, but given its specs and its looks, it’s a price that some are willing to pay for. Dell, who is currently the number 3 PC...

Toshiba Satellite L735D is a kid-friendly laptop

09/29/2011, If you’re tired of your kid hogging your computer all day playing games, perhaps this rather affordable Toshiba kid-friendly laptop might be something you could take into consideration.

Grove announces Bamboo Back for MacBooks

09/28/2011, Much like our smartphones, our laptops require some form of protection too. Granted people probably worry more about their smartphones/tablets than their laptops, but for those running MacBooks with the aluminum unibody, Grove has just announced Bamboo...

Thermaltake Massive 23 GT laptop cooler for gamers

09/08/2011, Unfortunately for laptop users, the fans found in laptops certainly cannot be compared to the fans found in desktop computers. This is probably due to size being a limiting factor, not to mention the way laptops are positioned on tables, well it’s just...

Lenovo Ideapad U400, U300 – Macbook Pro Cousins

09/01/2011, The Lenovo U400 is a 14” (1366×768) laptop and the latest addition to Lenovo’s line of thin and light computers. It features a new design which Lenovo calls “book-shaped” that has a shell completely made of Aluminum, hence the “Macbook...

Toshiba Portege Z830 [Ultrabook]

09/01/2011, Toshiba has announced its Portege Z830 ultralight computer which is powered by a ultra low voltage (ULV) Intel Core processor that is at the heart of Intel’s Ultrabook platform. When compared to the previous thin and light from Toshiba, the Portege...

LG announces Aurora Xnote S series laptops

08/26/2011, There have been tons of laptops popping up but if you’re living in South Korea and you’re looking for a “back to school” model, LG’s latest offering, the Aurora Xnote S series laptop could be something worth checking out.

Acer TravelMate Timeline 8481T

08/24/2011, While Intel is still finalizing what exactly determines an “ultrabook”, Acer has recently unveiled their business laptop, the TravelMate Timeline 8481T which is a 14″ laptop that weighs just under 3.7 pounds and is 0.87″ thick.

Apple planning a new Mac computer?

08/22/2011, A while back there were rumors that Apple had plans to launch a brand new Mac, which some had speculated that perhaps it might be an ultra-thin 15” MacBook. As to whether it would be a 15” MacBook Air or perhaps a replacement for the 15” MacBook Pro...

Apple patent suggest antenna hidden under the keys

08/17/2011, A couple of days ago we reported that a prototype MacBook Pro that sported a 3G antenna was seen on eBay, and just a few days after that, an Apple patent was released that suggested something similar, albeit improved upon.

Scosche boomCAN portable media speakers

08/16/2011, Interested in getting your hands on a set of portable speakers? If you are in the market for such a pair of speakers, it appears the Scosche has something that could be right up your alley with the boomCAN portable media speakers.

Dell Inspiron 13z and 14z gets slimmed down

08/11/2011, Dell has been known in the past for creating computers that were not only affordable, but also of relatively good quality, not to mention their superb customer service and delivery times. As of late all those qualities seem to have taken a dive, which...