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Microsoft is the company behind software like Windows, Microsoft Office and hardware like the Xbox and Kinect. The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. MS-DOS was the product that propelled Microsoft towards success, but it is Windows and Office that made it what it is today. Microsoft is currently engaged in a number of projects, including Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox, Office and the Azure cloud computing platform. the large majority of desktop computers run on Windows.

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First Look At Outlook 2013 RT [Images]

06/06/2013, We get a first look at how Outlook 2013 RT will look on Windows RT tablets. Microsoft confirmed yesterday that Outlook 2013 RT will be coming to Windows RT tablets later this year.

Microsoft Confirms Windows 8 And Office Price Cuts For OEMs

06/06/2013, A couple of months ago we heard a rumor that suggested that Microsoft could be looking to cut the price on Windows 8 and Office in a bid to attract more OEMs to their platform. As it turns out the rumor was true as Microsoft has confirmed this themselves....

How Windows 8.1 Will Be Rolled Out For Everyone

06/05/2013, Microsoft has detailed plans on how it will roll out Windows 8.1 update for everyone. The public preview of Windows 8.1 will be released at Build conference later this month.

Microsoft’s Xbox E3 Trailer Revealed

06/05/2013, During Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox One a while back, they focused mainly on the hardware, although they did state that they would be focusing more on the games come E3. Well if you’re wondering what sort of games we might be looking...